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25 January 2015

Plague Zombie Showcase

Nick speaking,

Just a little showcase of a mini I painted up for a buddy of mine from Pink Eye Productions. He is doing a massive Plague Marine Zombie army with one hundred and seventy five Zombies! The wargaming community is helping him out and painting a few of them up for him, which is really great to see. I had this banner guy, so I decided to freehand on a Nurgled up Pink Eye logo for him... 

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22 January 2015

The Year of the Wolf (part 2)

Nick speaking,

With the Year of the Wolf in place for 2015, I have been painting my first unit of ten Grey Hunters in my 13th Company Space Wolves army. I have to say I am really enjoying these guys, and being 13th Company Wolves, I have modelled them all with different parts of Chaos armour. The Space Wolves armour is the Pre Heresy grey, and I have chosen Black Legion and Emperors Children for the Chaos armour sections. So far I have just put down the base coats, so washes and highlights are still to come, pretty happy how they're looking so far though...

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20 January 2015

Transcendent C'tan Cron List

Nick speaking,

I am sure there is no Necron player that isn't a little bit tempted to play this bad boy at some point, and I am no exception! Yes, it is time to get my recently converted Transcendent C'tan into an army list and start having some fun! This will be in no way my standard go to Necron list, as I think my buddies will not play with me for too long if I keep pulling him out of the bag. We don't normally bring Super Heavy type units to the table, but even so, it has to be done...

So yeah, I haven't equipped him with apocalyptic/D weapons, as they are not going to be needed for what I am up against, but even so, he has a lot of destroying power. The rest of the army is all meched up, with two small units of Warriors in Ghost Arks, a couple of Crypteks and an Overlord. Of course, The Veiltek will go into the Night Scythe with the Deathmarks, and the Monolith will deep strike in just in case I need to get the C'tan across the board a little quicker. Here is the final list, let me know what you think...

Transcendent Crons

1x Transcendent C’tan/Transliminal Stride/Seismic Assault/ Cosmic Fire (800)

1x Necron Overlord/Warscythe/Weave/MSS/Phylactery/Labby/Phase (210)
1x Despairtek/Abyssal Staff (30)
1x Stormtek (25)

5x Necron Warriors/Ghost Ark (180)
5x Necron Warriors/Ghost Ark (180)

5x Deathmarks/Night Scythe (195)

1x Necron Monolith (200)
1x Annihilation Barge (90)
1x Annihilation Barge (90)

2000 points

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18 January 2015

Necron Codex Cryptek Edition!

Nick speaking,

I have to admit, this looks pretty cool, sadly it will be too expensive for me to buy...

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