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28 October 2016

Iron Priest Thunderwolf for Wolf-Brother Methos (part 3)

Nick speaking,

I have now finished the conversion on the Iron Priest for Methos from Frost and Fists. From the last time you saw him I have completed the final details, including a green stuff bionic eye and wolf head on the replacement servo army. I also added a few bits from my bitz box to the backpack and added some guitar wire for the cabling. The Thunderwolf and base have been stripped and I have reposed it slightly. I am very happy with him and can't wait to paint him up for Methos

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25 October 2016

The Battle of Scrag Narrative Campaign (Mission #1)

Nick speaking,

Warhammer 40,000 Narrative Campaign
The Battle of Scrag (Dark Eldar Vs Orks)
Five missions. One secret!
Somewhere in the depths of space and in the grim dark future there is a small planet called Scrag. A recent battle on the planet’s surface between Craftword IDIC and the Astra Millitarum saw total devastation in the city. The purple tanks of the Eldar wiped out every single guardsman on the planet. All that is left is a burning city full of smoke and ruined buildings!

The Astra Millitarum were on the planet defending a hidden secret. Know by the Imperial Guard as The Scarg Guard, they had won many battles from their fortified defence platform, but the last battle against an Ork Horde had hit them hard and the Eldar proved too much for them when they struck.

The Eldar did not find the secret though! As before they could finish their search they were
unexpectedly over run by a surprise attack from a returned and much stronger Ork army. No one else really knows what secret lies on the planet, but the Orks are finding it hard to find it as they move in waves of green tides over the cities.

After such a big loss, the devastated Eldar had no choice but to turn to their Dark Kin for help.  Although there is no trust for the Dark Eldar in general, the Webways have recently found a new sect of Dark Eldar called The Kazon Kabal. After much negotiation, the orange armoured Kazon have agreed to send out a small Raiding force to planet Scrag to scan the sector and to discover the secret hidden there...

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22 October 2016

Iron Priest Thunderwolf for Wolf-Brother Methos (part 2)

Nick speaking,

Ok, so continuing on with the Iron Priest that Methos sent me from Frost and Fists to paint and convert. Well, I have had a bit of a disaster. I won't go into to many details, but basically I left the Finecast model in my Biostrip20 paint stripper for too long and the model is ruined! It went all spongy and just fell apart in my fingers! Another reason to hate Finecast, but now I had a problem on my hands that I needed to solve!

This is the original model that Methos sent to me and how it ended up looking! Of course, I wasn't going to leave it at that, so I went about scratch building the model back the best I could, maybe make it even better that the original one!

This is where I have got to so far, I have magnetised both weapons so that Methos can have the Boltgun or Hellfrost Pistol and both the Hammer options. I still have some work to do, including the back pack and servo arm, but I think he is looking pretty good so far...

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19 October 2016

The Battle of Scrag Narrative Campaign (Coming Soon)

Nick speaking,

Coming Soon...

Warhammer 40,000 Narrative Campaign
The Battle of Scrag (Dark Eldar Vs Orks)
Five missions. One secret!

Somewhere in the depths of space and in the grim dark future there is a small planet called Scrag...

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