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20 April 2014

Terrain Square Competition (Final Seven)

Nick speaking,

Going back to the beginning of March and you may remember that I had a Terrain Square Competition over on my YouTube Channel. Well, I had an awesome response to the competition, with thirty three amazing pieces of terrain, all made from a blank 12"x12" board. I seriously urge you to check out this play list and have a look at all the entries for yourself, but it was my job to whittle the field down and come up with the top pieces!

It was a tough job, and I was picking my favourite squares rather than the 'best' pieces, so I had to follow my heart and guts, and in the end, It was these pieces that made it to my top seven entries...

Eldar Bonesinger Diorama by 33claydog

Eldar Webway by Terrain Direct

Ghools Graveyard by Spungemurphy

Chaos Hell Diorama by Jason Prior

Double Sided Diorama by Moddeling Loonie

Space Hulk Scene by GamzaTheEternal

Historical Germanic Tribesmen Diorama by Archaeolas

All I had to do now was somehow sort these out into my top five and finally pick two winners to take the prizes! More to come soon...
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17 April 2014

Orikan Star God Miniature?

Nick speaking,

As many of you already know, I have a three C'tan Shard Necron themed army. My three C'tans are based on the Deceiver, Nighbringer and Void Dragon, which I converted up a while back. The army has been evolving, and I now have Orikan as my HQ choice, he has the nice combo with Worldscape for turn one, but lets face it, he is in the army to give me another mini C'tan when he is empowered!

So what model to use for an empowered Orikan? Step in Ben from Master Crafted Miniatures with his amazing Star God sculpt. Ben is a freelance miniature sculptor and Master Crafted Miniatures serves as an outlet for whatever sculpting he has time to do outside of professional contracts. He is also able to do private commissions, such as custom shoulder pads, but back to the Star God Sculpt...

As I am painting my mini to replace Orkin when he changes, I want to have a feel that he is being empowered. I plan on painting him blue, with a few morphing metal sections. I want the blue to be bright in the middle and gradually go darker on the outer parts. Now I don't own an air brush, so I used a piece of card with a small hole in it and my cans of Army Painter primers to give me the transition I need for the pre-shading...

Now to work on the blue!

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15 April 2014

Everyone need to paint a Spitfire!

Nick speaking,

I think it's not right to have never painted a Spitfire mini! So when I got the chance to paint up this Micro Wings plane for a bit of fun, I jumped at the chance. It's a pretty basic kit, and very small (1:144), but for my first ever plane, I am happy with it...

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13 April 2014

HELP for HEROES 'Salamanders' Salute Footage

Nick speaking,

We had a fantastic day at Salute and we were pretty much selling tickets non stop all day. Here are a few pictures of the stand we had with the army on display, and a video of the footage I managed to take on the day. The winner of this awesome army will be announced here on the Blog soon...  

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