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9 December 2016

Necron Canoptek Acanthrite Conversion Progress #1

Nick speaking,

Back to the three left over Wraiths that I had from my very cheap eBay loot, and as previously posted, I am going to convert them into Forge Wold Acanthrites. It shouldn't be too difficult, as they seem to be just a kitbashed from Wraiths and Spyders. I think it will be fun to do and it's a unit I have never played before that seem to be pretty decent on the table...

First I bent the metal tails about so that when they go onto a flying stand they look like they are floating. I ended up having to pin two sections on each tail, but it wasn't an issue. A nice spiky bit for the tail scythe and that was that done.

Next was the back and gun. I found a gun and back torso in my bitz box and went about cutting a filing the back of the Wraith down so that they fit together. I still need to green stuff in the gaps, but that will come later. I am thinking the sticky out ball at the back of the torso will make a good stabiliser. I know the original has four of them, but I am struggling to get bitz for them and I kinda like the single one I have at the moment...

So, that's how far I have got so far, You may have noticed that I have also cut the Wraith head off, and I plan on adding a Spyder head instead like the original. I think I will also trim down the Wraith back pieces and and them to the spine to beef the model up a little. Before that though, I have just had a delivery of claws from eBay, so I will fix them on and the head and see how they look

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6 December 2016

Eldar Warp Spiders (part 3) Lets find out what all the fus is about!

Nick speaking,

Really starting to get there now with my Warp Spiders. That's the red and purple highlighted. Plus the power blades. I wanted the red to be a little different to the usual orange highlight, so I used a bone colour. First with a 50/50 mix with the base red, and then with a pure bone edge highlight. Finally I glazed all of the red with a red glaze I made up. The purple and power blades were done in my usual IDIC colours...

Next up, to highlight the rest of the gold, do the gemstones and complete the guns and white!

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3 December 2016

How to Repair Broken Necron Wraith Bases

Nick speaking,

As promised in my previous post, here is a tutorial I made on how to repair the old metal Necron Wraith bases with the wired tails. I hope it helps...

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27 November 2016

Eldar Warp Spiders (part 2) Lets find out what all the fus is about!

Nick speaking,

I am really happy how my Warp Spiders are coming along. I have managed to base coat and wash everything, which took some time as I only put the washes in the recesses of the red and purple. I have finished highlighting the Ork head and will tackle the red highlights next, before moving on to highlight the purple and gold. The power blades will get my usual silver to gold blend, which should look pretty cool...

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