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25 April 2015

The Year of the Wolf (part 4)

Nick speaking,

I know I have been posting a lot of other painting projects recently, but The Year of the Wolf is still on, and I am making good progress on the second unit of 13th Company Space Wolf Grey Hunters, here is how they are looking so far, still lots of work to do, but they are starting to take shape...

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22 April 2015

Iron Man Necron Showcase

Nick speaking,

Here is the Iron Man conversion I did all painted up. I didn't put too many hours into him, but I had a lot of fun with this miniature...

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20 April 2015

Necron and Eldar Terrain from Inside Out Terrain

Nick speaking,

As you all know I am a sucker for terrain, I think it's a fantastic side of the hobby, and there is no doubt that great looking terrain enhances the enjoyment of our games immensely. I already have a reasonable amount of terrain, but even so, my table always seems to look the same each time I play. So I say you can never have enough terrain! That is why I was very happy to receive two brand new pieces from Inside Out Terrain, the first piece being an Eldar Webway...

This piece is going to add some narration to my Necron board, with a Webway appearing from nowhere, and it will come out every time I play my Eldar army. As you can see, the piece looks awesome and is very well built and painted, not only that, but this piece would run in at about £15.00, which I think is a bargain!

The second piece of terrain I received was for my Necrons in the form of a Necron forest. I really love this piece, and again, it looks awesome and is very reasonably priced. Inside Out Terrain will make terrain of any side to order, so go and check them out and get a quote. This piece was made from the Crystals that are available from Horizon Creation 3D, and these Crystals are so good that I plan on getting some more for myself.

Inside Out Terrain and Horizon Creations 3D are both on facebook, so please go and check out their pages and give them a like for support and to see all the lovely terrain eye candy that is posted there.

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18 April 2015

HELP for HEROES 'Ultramarines' Spotlight - Wortiger Vanguards

Nick speaking,

Time to spotlight the amazing Vanguard Veterans that we have had done for us by Wortiger, for the HELP for HEROES charity raffle. Tickets are now on sale at only £2.00 a ticket, but there isn't much time left, so go and check out the official homepage to buy your tickets and to have a chance of winning this fantastic unit unit along with the rest of the army...

Vanguard Veterans by Wortiger

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