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26 August 2016

The Webways are Opening! #14 Painting the Army

Nick speaking,

Well, I hope you have enjoyed following me build up my new Dark Eldar army. It's been a lot of fun getting it together, and all for only £50, thanks to some very generous people. Now though, the real hard work begins! To paint the entire force in one month!

Yes that's right, I want to complete this challenge with another challenge of my own, getting the army table top ready in four weeks! Of course, I won't be putting in ten/twelve hours a model like I do with my space wolves! The aim is to have a quick and easy paint scheme that will look good on the table and let me speed paint the army!

This is my first test paint scheme, all painted with Troll Slayer Orange! First I dry brushed over a black primer, then I painted the armour plates, and finally I washed it all with an orange wash. This will be my base for the whole army. Once done, I plan on going in with a bone colour on the weapons and pick out some of the details like the skin and hair.

Even with this easy paint scheme there will be a lot of work to undertake, but it's going to be a lot of fun. I have never painted an army this way before so it will be interesting to do, and I am really looking forward to it. Let the challenge commence!

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23 August 2016

Four Way 40K with The Banter Boys (Necrons Vs Marines, Marines and more Marines)

Nick speaking,

I think it's fair to say that anything can happen in a four way free for all game, and well, look at that pile of tanks! Loads and loads of fun on the table in this battle report where I introduce the Table Top Banter boys to the old 4th Edition Rescue Mission.

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17 August 2016

The Webways are Opening! #13 The List

Nick speaking,

Time to make a Dark Eldar list using all the models I got for my phase one and two £25.00 Army Challenge. I know I don't have the most competitive units available to me, but having only spent fifty pound on this force, beggars can't be choosers.

The Archon will end up with the Bloodbrides to deep strike in as the rest of the army advances forward. The one unit of foot Warriors will probably reserve to walk onto any objectives in my backfield. To be fair, that's about it. Lots of play testing and fun to be had here for sure, but first, I need to get it all painted!

1x Archon/Husk Blade/Webway/Shadow Field/Haywire Grenade (165)

5x Wyches/1x Hyrda (55) 1x Venom/Splinter Cannon (65)
5x Wyches/1x Hyrda (55) 1x Venom/Splinter Cannon (65)
5x Wyches/1x Hyrda (55) 1x Venom/Splinter Cannon (65)
10x Kabalite Warriors/1x Splinter Cannon (95) 1x Raider/Dark Lance (60)
10x Kabalite Warriors/1x Splinter Cannon (95) 1x Raider/Dark Lance (60)
10x Kabalite Warriors/1x Splinter Cannon (95)

15x Bloodbride Wyches/3x Pairs Hydra Gauntlets (210)

9x Scourges/4x Haywire Blasters (184)
5x Hellions (65)

1x Ravager/3x Dark Lances (70)
1x Ravager/3x Dark Lances (70)
1x Talos (120)

1x Haemonoculus (70)
4x Grotesques (140)
4x Grotesques (140)

Points 1999

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11 August 2016

The Webways are Opening! #12 Phase Two Complete

Nick speaking,

Time to show off all the stuff that I managed to get for Phase Two of my £25.00 Army Challenge. Phase One was a huge success for me as I cobbled together twelve hundred points of Dark Eldar for my twenty five pound. Mainly thanks to some very generous donations and some good eBay buys. The original challenge was to get five hundred points with the first twenty five pound and then another five hundred points for Phase Two. Of course, as I smashed that in Phase One, I set my sights on eight hundred points for Phase Two to take me to a two thousand points for the entire challenge!

The Task was always going to be hard, but once again, thanks to some good eBay purchases and some very generous members of the community, I just managed to top my task and got about nine hundred points of spikey goodness for Phase Two! I feel very humbled by the good nature of my friends and have had a lot of excitement in my bidding on eBay to get the task complete and have a new army to paint and play. I will be posting my final 2k list very soon, but until then, here is a look at all the models I got for Phase Two of this Challenge...

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