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25 March 2017

Necron Promethium Pool #1 (Terrain Square 'Corner' Competition 2017)

Nick speaking,

With just a few weeks left of the Terrain Square 'Corner' Competition left, I thought it was time I started posting about the piece of terrain I am building to run along side everyone else's entries. We have two great prizes available for the top pieces from our Sponsors Inside Out Terrain and WarGames and I have put a link to both of them at the bottom of the post, so please make sure you head on over and check them out.

As for my corner, I plan on making a large Necron piece of terrain to go in the corner of the board. I really want to have a go at some water effects, although mine will be green of course! I managed to pick up some Promethium Relay Pipes from WarGames when I went there in January, so I thought that would be a nice addition to the piece to give it more detail

Now I have the basic shape of the piece. Next will be to cut out the Promethium pool and get the pipes built and into the position I want them to go. More to come soon...

Please check out our two awesome sponsors of this years competition...



Inside Out Terrain


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22 March 2017

Geigor Fell Hand Conversion Finished

Nick speaking,

That's the Space Wolves 13th Company Geigor conversion complete. In the end, I decided to magnetise his head to give me both options, a Chaos head for when I use the model in 40k and the actual Geigor head for 30k games. The sword conversion ended up going really well. Turning that metal left handed sword into a right hand one was very tricky, but it came out well and was well worth the effort. Hopefully Abaddon won't be too upset that this guy has stolen his sword!

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19 March 2017

Back to Basics #5 Green Stuff

Nick speaking,

In this series of videos for beginners, I go back to basics and run over all that I have learnt about this wonderful hobby of ours. In this episode we cover Green Stuff!

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Back to Basics #1 The Sprue
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Back to Basics #4 Pinning
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16 March 2017

Geigor Fell Hand Conversion WIP

Nick speaking,

Like most people, I own a couple of Burning of Prospero Geiger models. Mine were given to me by my fellow Legion of Gamza members, Frost and Fists and cruorangelussilicis, so a massive thanks and shout out to them and their YouTube Channels. I started off building one of the models as a standard Geigor Fell Hand, the other one though, I will convert into a 40k 13th company character for my Space Wolves army.

The inspiration to do the conversion was from another YouTube friend of mine, Sam from Emperor's Path, so please also check out his Channel here. I started my conversion exchanging his right leg with a Chaos leg I had and repositioning the model to stand on that leg instead of his left leg. I also repositioned the claw arm and gave him a standard shoulder pad, leaving me room to free hand in my 13th Company symbol. Finally, I made an extra dead wolf to put on his back pack, just for PETA!

All I have to do now is decide on a head and complete his right arm! I have a plan to use Abbadon's sword, I think it will look so cool and it will fit in with my theme very well. Sadly the sword I have is metal and has a left hand on it. I will attempt to cut out the hand and pin the two sword ends onto a different arm/hand. More to come when that is complete...

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