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31 December 2010

New Necron Codex Review - We'll be Back

Nick speaking,

As a Necron player the 'We'll be back' rule is one of the most fun things about Necrons that we still have left. Of course in the old days it wasn't quite as much fun as destroying a vehicle with your strength four Gauss flyer, especially a Land Raider! But it is still rewarding to see your opponent cringe at the sight of most of your models standing up again after being killed in the previous round!

So the question is, what should happen to the WWB rule in the New Codex? 

It is very noticeable that the new round of Codex's are making very good use of the 'Feel no pain' special rule, and the instant reaction would be to just give that to the Necrons!  FNP works in the same way as WWB except you do the re-roll straight after the failed wound, instead of lying the model down until the beginning of your next turn before taking the re-roll, But is that really the way to go?

At the moment, without a Resurrection Orb around, you can get a WWB roll from any type of death except for power weapons and double toughness wounds. Of course with an Orb within six inches you can get it all the time, but fifth edition really doesn't let you do the Orb Huddle anymore, so you have to take your chances.

If we had FNP instead, we would instantly be at a disadvantage! Now we also don't get a re-roll with AP1 and AP2 weapons. Although your Warriors may not get much AP1 & 2 coming in, our overpriced Destroyers will see plenty of that, after all every man and his dog has Melta Guns nowadays!

Adding all this up and combining it with the best thing about WBB, making your opponent wait until the next turn to see if they actually did kill anything. Even if it is a pain in the back lying the models down, WBB is the winner over FNP for me, but what if we had the FNP rule with an added bonus of getting it against AP1 & AP2! Then we would be back to where Necrons should be! Wouldn't we?

So what do you think? WWB? FNP? or something else?

Will we actually get a New Codex in 2011?

We will have to wait and see...

Happy New Year, and thanks for all your support in 2010.
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28 December 2010

IDIC Harlequins Vs Tau Battle Report

Nick speaking,

With a 100% win success rate, the IDIC Harlequins take on Tau for the first time, but will they remain undefeated?

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25 December 2010

Happy Chrismas Space Wolves

Nick speaking,


It was only a matter of time, and what better time than Christmas to start collecting tanks! Yes, as requested, I got some Razorbacks for Christmas...

I am going to use 2011 as a springboard to get my 13th Comapny Space Wolves up to date! Although I have gone for Razorbacks, I am going to make sure they can double up as Rhino's as well. Yes I do want to have a go at the Razorspam lists, but as you have probably noticed by now, I prefer to be able to switch my lists around. One week the Rhino Rush, One week Razor Spam and the next Thunderwolves!

I will still be dedicating the same amount of time for painting my Eldar and Tyranids as I am at the moment, and getting them painted is still my main priority. I just had to give my Space Wolves a little something to look forward to!

Happy Christmas boys...
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23 December 2010

New Necron Codex review - The Void Dragon & The Outsider C'tans

Nick speaking,

I suppose it wouldn't be right if we didn't have a quick look at the two other Star Gods that remain for my New Necron Codex review, The Void Dragon and The Outsider!

There are implications that The Outsider is named so because it is physically outside of something, possibly the galaxy, and I cannot foresee the Outsider ever making it into the new Codex!


We know that the Void Dragon may be on Mars, and that it may be feeding to return to strength! So there is a chance that it could make a HQ slot in the next Necron Codex. The Void Dragon is said to be the most powerful of the four remaining C'tan, so what sort of stats would it have?

It is said that The Void Dragon can control and consumes victims slowly through the use of technological implants and may be able to remotely control technology over vast distances, so it certainly has some interesting points that could be utilised. Maybe it could control your opponent's vehicles in some way? rolling on a chart for the result? A six and it's immobilised? On a personal note, I would love to have a C'tan that can move 12" or at least fleet, or both!

What rules do you think would be good for a new C'tan?
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20 December 2010

Bringing the broods to life - Carnifex Revisited!

Nick speaking,

As I painted my Zoanthropes, I couldn't help but think about my recently painted Carnifex, and how I didn't blend the Scything Talons! I originally opted to give them a basic layering of highlights so that I could get out as many painted bugs as I could. This works fine on the smaller Talons and horns, but the larger Talons were really starting to bug me (no pun intended), they just didn't live up to my expectations and I just had to start blending them.

Here is a picture of the Carnifex with the original basic layering...

I am no blending expert, but I was sure with a little extra time I could get these ok looking Talons looking a bit better! So out came the black paint to start again...

Ok, on with the next Stinger brood, Ripper Swarms...
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17 December 2010

Bringing the broods to life - Zoanthropes

Nick speaking,

More painted Stinger Hive Fleet pictures! Welcome the Zoanthropes...

Next up, Carnifex revisited!
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14 December 2010

New Necron Codex Review - Deceiver

Nick speaking,

The next C'Tan to get a New Necron Codex Review, is the mighty Deceiver. Although the Deceiver is less in points cost to the Nightbringer, he still racks up 300 points, so once again we have to ask ourselves, is he worth it?

I was never really interested in the Deceiver back in forth edition, If I ever thought about sticking a C'Tan into my list, it was always the Nightbringer! But with the way fifth edition has progressed, the Deceiver seems to be able to offer a lot more to our very outdated army and Codex than a Nightbringer can.

Taking advantage of the Deceivers 'Grand Illusion' ability is where we start, baiting your opponent away from your core units with an isolated unit, and then moving it back to your core after deployment, can give you a bit of breathing space, just make sure you only leave one unit isolated, as that is all you can guarantee to move.

The Deceivers special 'Deceive' and 'Misdirect' rules are great for playing mind games with your opponent, and for me, he somehow seems more playable than a Nightbringer at the moment.  Pinning your opponent or forcing them to run as they come in, then using him to tarpit incoming units with Hit and Run when needed, is fantastic. Hit and Run also has the added advantage of giving you some much needed extra movement.

So what will happen to the Deceiver in the New Necron Codex? A points cost reduction? Even more abilities? or will he be totally revamped? What do you think?
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11 December 2010

Last Jetbike Battle

Nick speaking,

One of my current projects is painting up my Guardian Jetbikes. Having recently finished painting the actual Guardians, I am now ready to start painting the Jetbikes themselves. This is the last battle I played against Blood Angels with my IDIC Hann styled list, before the Jetbikes got some paint love...

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8 December 2010

Using Unused Units!

Nick speaking,

So I have previously talked about how playing different scenarios and missions can really change your army, and how Cities of Death really helped my Wulvenkind perform on the table, even with my old Codex. But the best thing about playing something different, is that it can unlock those units that you don't usually play with! And that is what I love about playing Cities of Death...

I have found that it also makes a big difference to my Eldar army as well, allowing me to take advantage of the buildings and scenarios, and getting a different type of list on the table is what it's all about. Here is a peak at my standard 1500 point list for Cities of Death.

1x Avatar
1x Eldrad

5 x Pathfinder Rangers
3 x Guardian Jetbikes/Shuriken Cannon
10 x Guardians/Scatter Laser

10 x Harlequins/Kiss/Fusion Pistols/Troupe Master/Death Jester/Shadowseer
10 x Striking Scorpions/Exarch/Scorpion’s Claw/Stalker/Shadowstrike

1 x Wraithlord/Flamers/Bright Lance/Missile Launcher
3 x War Walkers/Scatter Laser

Normally four of these units would never make it into my standard 40k list, but the Avatar, Scorpions, Warwalkers and Guardians are all perfect for Cities, and it's only because I also have an Eldar Harlequin army, that the number of units I would not normally use isn't eight, with Jetbikes being the only unit I use in my Eldar Mech and Saim Hann lists.

So with the ability to have some fun with units I love but don't usually take, how does the list work?
Well first up the Avatar advances forward to cause trouble, whilst the Wraithlord, Guardians and War Walkers all sit at the back giving out some firepower, with quantity of shots over quality being key in Cities because of all the cover saves. Eldrad hides out of site or joins the Guardians to do what he does best with his Jedi tricks, and to help with wraithsight. Harlequins sit nearby ignoring terrain ready for the counter assault, or to quickly move out depending on the mission.

Striking Scorpions infiltrate in a position to help the Avatar out midfield, or to get into the enemies back ranks taking advantage of move through cover. The Pathfinders infiltrate into a high advantage point to shoot, distract and hold any buildings. A small unit of jetbikes are ideal for reserving, it is small enough to avoid landing on terrain, and can either contest or pop out from behind terrain, shoot the Cannon and then hiding again in the assault phase.

Playing something extra like Cities of Death and the different missions, really does add a different dimension to your army and how it work, and gives you something different to work with...

Do you have any units you never use in normal 40k, but work really well in different scenarios?

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5 December 2010

New Necron Codex Review - Nightbringer

Nick speaking,

The first of the Necron C'Tan's to get a New Necron Codex Review is the Nightbringer. This Necron God is an awesome model with a very spooky name. It is the type of model that should make your opponent quiver in their shoes when you place it on the table! But for 365 points, is he really that scary?

The normal point size when I first started playing 40k was 1,500 points, and it was always difficult to fit him into a list at that level. I did however give him a go in some fun only games, and although he was enjoyable to play with, he was just so slow moving to be worth the points unless you managed to position him in just the right place or more importantly, your enemy likes to come towards you!

In fifth edition he does get the added bonus of being able to run, and with a raise in point cost games as the norm of 1,750-2,000, could there be more room for him in my list? Probably yes, but at the moment I am preferring the Nightbringers golden brother, the Deceiver. More on the Deceiver in another post.

Obviously it goes without saying that in close combat the Nightbringer absolutely rocks, but what do we want for our hardest hitting Necron model in a New Codex?

A points cost drop goes without saying, but what about some form of godly teleportation? I would love to have Deep Strike on him, and if I was really greedy, I would want a 3+ invulnerable save! So what do you reckon of the Nightbringer in the New Codex? How will he change?
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2 December 2010

Mech Eldar Vs Blood Angels

Nick speaking,

This time my IDIC Mech Eldar list takes on Blood Angels...

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29 November 2010

Love your Army!

Nick speaking,

About five years ago, you would hardly ever see my Eye of Terror Space Wolves 13th company on the table, in actual fact if I hadn't put so much time, effort and money into converting them all, I probably would have sold them off by now. With the lack of vehicles and an aging Codex compared to the new shinny editions, I started to lose my enjoyment for them.

Back in those days I was mainly playing against Blood Angels, and that was probably the real reason for my lack of love for these guy's. With their fast moving Jump packs, horrible Death Company and Honour Guard units, it was always hard for me to control the game, especially without any vehicles! When you coupled the BA fast movement with furious charge, close combat was always a problem for me, even though I was a CC army?

So for a while I shelved my Wulvenkind in favour of my Necrons, but when I got my copy of the first GW 'expansion book' Cities of Death in 2006, it occurred to me that my 13th Company could make an ideal army for Cities of Death! With all the buildings around I could avoid being shot at, and so giving me no disadvantage in not having vehicles! So with that inspiration, I got started on my Ruined Buildings terrain...

The Cities of Death Codex was the first inclination of where GW was going with fifth edition, as it was here that we saw Troops only as scoring units for the first time, and this was ideal for my Wulvenkind. I no longer had to take my points heavy ten man units to try and walk across the board, I could take several five man units and sneak them around the heavy terrain claiming objectives!

I suppose the long and short of this post is that different scenarios and missions can have a big impact on your armies ability. Back in forth edition, GW gave us all the extra scenarios for free, but now they sell them to us in the form of  'expansion books'.

I have not gone down the route of  'Planet Strike' or 'Battle Missions' yet, but If you are starting to get a bit fed up with your army for whatever reason, just get a few of your willing buddies to give something else a try instead of the three standard missions, and you may just get some love back for your army again...
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26 November 2010

New Necron Codex Review - Necron Lord

Nick speaking,

So, moving onto HQ units in this New Necron Codex Review series, is the mighty Necron Lord. And lets face it he needs to be mighty, as at the moment apart from the point expensive C'Tan, he's all we've got!

Although I own three foot Lords, which were great to put in amongst your walking phalanx in forth edition. Nowadays I stick to my two Destroyer Lords. Destoyer Lords are great for getting away from huddling around the Necron Orb. Without the Orb and with the freedom of a Destroyer base, all of a sudden the Lord can take on a whole new role.

Join a Destroyer Lord to a unit of Scarabs Swarms and send them out as a delivery system for the Lords still fantastic Wargear. Turbo boost them out on turn one, get into terrain on turn two and pop of Nightmare Shroud on as many units as you can. Use the Scarabs and Lord to draw fire, taking advantage of the 2+ cover saves. Get into the back ranks and de-mech those objective holding tanks with the Lords Warscythe!

Oh and don't forget to ALWAYS take Solar Pulse, with a 33% change of  Night Fight, you just have to have it, there is nothing better than coming on the table edge on turn one in Dawn of War, and shooting you Destroyers at 36" during Night Fight.

So what is wrong with the Necron Lord? Well I have heard rumours of new variants of the Lord with a tiered points cost, and if this is true, then it sounds great. Personally, I don't mind that I only have one Lord to choose from at the moment. But, I would like to see the usual points reduction on it to come in line with current Codex's.

The only thing that I find very annoying with the Lord is his Weapon Skill four! Please, please make him Weapon Skill five so that my Warscythe can get through to actually cause a few wounds!

So what do you think of the Necron Lord? Keep him similar to he is now? Totally revamp him? Add more Lord options?

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24 November 2010

RetributionAngel TAGing YOU Video Response

Nick speaking,

If you haven't seen already, YouTube's RetributionAngel has put up a video for wargamers to start tagging each other. It's a set of twenty questions about Wargaming for you to answer, so that your viewers may gain more insight into you and your hobby. This was my video response...

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23 November 2010

Bringing the broods to life - Carnifex

Nick speaking,

Here is the latest brood in The Stinger Hive Fleet to get a coat of paint. I do plan on revisiting it at a later date to do some blending work on the scything talons, but at this stage, I just want to push out as many painted models as I can...

Next up, Zoanthropes...
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20 November 2010

Mech Eldar Vs Chaos Daemons (not video)

Nick speaking,

After just finishing my additional two Forge World Wave Serpents, it was time to put them to the test. I have been messing around with one Serpent for a while now, but I always knew what I was going to do with my three tanks when I eventually got them done! Banshees, Dragons and Dire Avengers, all maxed out! Just for some fun...

This is what my six tank list looks like in this battle report:

1x Serpent (EML/Star Engines/Spirit Stone)
9x Dire Avengers (Exarch/Twin Cats/Blade Storm)
1x Doomseer with Doom and Runes of Warding

1x Serpent (Shuriken Cannon/Star Engines/Vectored Engines/Spirit Stone)
9x Banshees (Exarch/Executioner/War shout/Acrobatic)
1x Doomseer with Doom, Fortune, stone and Runes of witnessing

1x Serpent (Shuriken Cannon/Star Engines/Vectored Engines/Spirit Stone)
9x Dragons (Exarch/Fire Pike)

1x Falcon (Scatter Laser/Shuriken Cannon/Holo Fields/Star Engines/Spirit Stones)
5x Dire Avengers

2x Fire Prisms (Shuriken Cannon/Holo Fields/Spirit Stones)

We roll off and get Seize Ground with three objectives and pitched battle. I try and manipulate the objectives into the open and heavy on one side as I don't want to be immobilised on terrain, when It comes to contesting. I win the roll off and take first turn so that I can choose the side of the board with no objectives, I want my opponent to hang back near the objectives ready for me to shoot and tank shock. I deploy my two Prisms, Avenger Serpent and Falcon on the left, and the Dragon and Banshee Serpents in the middle ready to cover either side as needed.
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18 November 2010

Beans for Painting!

Nick speaking,

Beans? Yes, but not baked beans, I mean bean bags! Whether you buy or make them, if your painting at a table, these can really help. It usually gets quite uncomfortable resting your hands, elbows or forearms on a table for more than a short period of time, but not any more! With only two beans bags you can get comfort and steadiness all at the same time...

Yes, that is my jetbike you can see, OK so on with the painting...
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16 November 2010

New Necron Codex Review - Pylon

Nick speaking,

So the question is, will the Necron Pylon make it into the New Necron Codex?

Looking at some of the latest Codex's that have come out, I wouldn't be at all surprised if it did! Just look at the Nid Trygon and Blood Angels Storm Raven! But what should be done with the Pylon if it makes it into the new Codex?

At it's current 420 points, I have rarely used my Pylon, I don't get enough time to play larger games, and fitting it into a 1,500-2,000 point game is hard work, unless you are playing just for fun. The Pylon does make a great piece of terrain though, and I have probably used is more as terrain than an actual model!

Speaking from a personal point of view, I would like to see the Pylon in the new Codex without structure points, and at a reasonable points cost, I would imagine about 200 points? At least then I would get to use it more, even if it was only in fun games more than competitive ones!

The Necron Pylon is a great model to have on the table, but will it happen?
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13 November 2010

IDICBeer Plays Man O' War

Nick speaking,

A few weeks back my buddies and I thought we would have a bit of fun, and so we got out my buddies old Games Workshops 'Man O' War' game from the back of his cupboard...

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11 November 2010

Bringing the broods to life - Mycetic Spore

Nick speaking,

After a lot of messing around and trying to make my own Mycetic Spores, I finally decided that the Mega bloks Plasma "Hatchers," were going to be the easiest way to get myself some pods until GW makes us a model. That said I think the Hatchers are so good as Nid Pods, that I might not even bother with the real thing when they eventually come out!

Just in case you haven't heard of Plasma Hatchers, This is what they look like when you buy them...

I have ended up with nine of these Plasma Hatchers, and here are a few pictures of my first finished Stinger Hive Fleet Mycetic Spore...

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8 November 2010

New Necron Codex Review - Tomb Stalker

Nick speaking,

Well, well, I certainly wasn't expecting to have an additional Heavy Support choice to review in my New Necron Codex post run, but the Tomb Stalker is here, and it deserves a review...

Obviously to review something like this requires a few test games, and rather than building brand new lists around the Stalker, I have found that he seems to fit into any list that would normally have three units of Warriors just fine. Dropping one unit of Warriors and taking the Tomb Stalker instead, gives you an extra dimension to lists like the 4th edition 'Wraith Wing' and current 'Capstone' type lists.

I tend to favour the deep strike tactic with the Stalker, and use it to either support your army or to get him into the enemy ranks, depending on how the game is going when he arrives! Just remember not to get disappointed when he dies, always expect that to happen, as long as he can distract/devastate enough before he goes down then he's done his job.

As for his stats, well, I was a bit disappointed in his shooting ability, but then again I am used to the Trygon Primes cheeky twelve shots! But putting that aside, why toughness seven? All it means is that it can't be hit by anything at strength three, and lets face it, not many people would throw a strength three unit at it except maybe Howelling banchees with their dreaded power weapons! Most people will just shoot it out.

I don't know how many points it cost to have toughness seven as appose to toughness six, but I would like to have seen some sort of invulnerable save, even if it was only a 5+, instead of the extra toughness!

So what do you think of the Tomb Stalker? How are you fitting him into your lists? Is he worth the points? Will he make it into the next Necron Codex, and how should his stats be changed from the current experimental ones?
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6 November 2010

Eldar Hornet Announced

Nick speaking,

Forge World announces the Eldar Hornet is available for pre-order...

The Eldar Hornet, is a brand-new addition to the Eldar range. One of several new Eldar units that will feature in the forthcoming Imperial Armour Volume 11, this complete resin kit may be armed with a full range of Eldar weaponry and is supplied with two resin Pulse Lasers, and a plastic Eldar heavy weapon sprue, to allow you to refine its potent weaponry to a specific battlefield role.
The Hornet is a light tank employed by Eldar armoured forces in a fast reconnaissance and raiding role. Piloted by a single crewman, it can be found in the forefront of Eldar aspect warrior assault waves, speeding ahead of heavier Falcons and Wave Serpents and often operating alongside other high-speed attack craft such as jetbikes and Vypers.

Click here to get the experimental rules...

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5 November 2010

Ruined Buildings Insight - Part 2

Nick speaking,

Following on from the first video, this video looks at the rest of my ruined Cities of Death terrain with a bit more insight on how I painted them...

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3 November 2010

Ruined Buildings Insight - Part 1

Nick speaking,

I have had a few requests lately for a closer look at my Cities of Death terrain. Here is the first video I made last year, with a bit more depth and insight into my ruined buildings...

Part two to follow...
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31 October 2010

New Necron Codex Review - Monolith

Nick speaking,

In this New Necron Codex Review, we are going to take a look at the Necron's one and only tank, the Necron Monolith. Lets face it, the Monolith is an amazing vehicle! Armour fourteen all round, no bonus dice roll from weapons like melta, and no reduced armour from Lance weapons.

The Monolith's Power Matrix crystal not only has a nice strength nine ordnance template, but you can choose to teleport qualifying Necron models through it for an extra WWB roll! Even if you do manage to get through the armour, it's almost impossible to destroy the Power Matrix, as a weapon destroyed result just reduces the Gauss Flux arc attacks by one, and it can still be used with Crew Stunned or Shaken results!

The Monolith is also classed as a skimmer that just floats to the ground if it's immobilised, so basically you have to Wreck or Destroy it if you don't want to waste your shots!

Oh and it can deep strike!

Popular Internet wisdom is that you should ignore the Monolith and go for phase out, and they would be right! Of course, we as Necron players have to start taking advantage of this Internet advise! In forth edition I hardly used the Mono, but now in fifth edition, I don't leave home without it!

With only a 24" range the large blast isn't that great, unless you deep strike it in! I tend to give my Monolith a different mission for my army! Either to Deep Strike to contest along with my Scarabs and Destroyer Lord, or as a WWB factory at the back ranks for any downed Destroyers or Warriors.

So what is wrong with the Monolith? Well I remember when the Mono could only be hit in CC on a roll of a six regardless, and this is one big disadvantage at the moment as it can now be hit on 4+, even if it moves. So watch out for those Razorback Power fists!

I would like to see the range of the Blast template at 36", and something that makes your enemy need a six to hit it in CC again. The chances are though, that we will see a points cost drop and a rules nurf. Just look at what they did to the Eldar Falcon! After all if we are going to only have one tank choice, GW will want to start selling more of them, maybe we will end up having squadrons of Monoliths?


Will we get more tank choices in the new Necron Codex?
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28 October 2010

Turn Five Eldar Battle Report

Nick speaking,

Turn five is usually key for my IDIC Hann, Saim-Hann styled army list. Reserving everything and going in for turn five contesting or staying out of trouble for the annihilation mission, are tried and tested Eldar trickery tactics. In this first video battle report against Blood Angels with my newly painted Eldar tanks, it was a different story...

I needed the game to go on...

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26 October 2010

Worst Eldar Unit Poll - Results

Nick speaking,

First up, thanks to all those who voted on this poll, it was the best response on a poll I've had so far. So without further ado, here are the top voted Eldar units to get the title of Worst Eldar unit...

In Third place with 13% of the votes are 'Guardians'

In Second place with 15% of the votes are 'Support Weapons Battery'

In First place with 32% of the votes are 'Swooping Hawks'

Surprisingly, every single unit listed got at least one vote, including arguably the two best troop choices Eldar have, Jetbikes and Pathfinders! Which just goes to show, that everyone has different opinions.

Hot on the heels of the Guardians in fourth place was 'Shining Spears' followed closely by 'Storm Guardians' and 'Wraithguard'. Just below them were 'Dark Reapers' and 'Harlequins'

When you open my two Eldar cases, you will see that I have no Heavy Support Battery or Wraithguard models. The reason for this, is the Battery seems to have no place in the type of lists I go for, and thus I can understand the lack of love for this unit, and the wraithguard models are just too expensive to buy for the occasional times I will use them with their short range guns. Of course, when the next Eldar Codex comes out and we are issued with multi-part Wraithguards, it will be a different story.

Talking of new models, I have decided that my Warp Spyders will be the last thing I paint in my army, as one again, I bet they will be re-done in plastic at some point, and Judging from how many models I have to paint, that means I will not be painting the old ones at all!

So lets talk about the winner of the poll! Swooping Hawks! It's obvious why these guys got the Title of Worst Eldar unit, strength and toughness three, with a 4+ save and a below par strength three gun! Yes I think I may of voted them the worst unit as well. Although for some reason, just from my gaming experience with Eldar, my personal worse unit is Warp Spyders. I never seem to be able to get them to be worth the points, even though I know alot of people have great success with them! It's probably because they know I am never going to paint them!

Anyway, back to the Hawks.

Interestingly, the Hawks are one of my favourite models, and I am sure that before 5th edition and the multitude of mech, they probably would have been quite reasonable on the table, so with the Skyleap ability are they really that bad?

I noticed that Fritz 40k has recently done a Swooping Hawk themed army  consisting of thirty Hawkes, thirty Jetbikes, Baharroth and an Autarch. It looks very interesting and I was wondering if anyone out there is using this list or one similar that may actually be able to redeem the Swooping Hawks name?

Maybe it is time for me to use a couple of proxy models and have a go with a spammed out Hawk list!

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23 October 2010

New Necron Codex Review - Tomb Spyders

Nick speaking,

Next up in the Necron heavy support choice to get a New Necron Codex review, is the Tomb Stalkers little brothers, the Tomb Spyders. Generally Tomb Spyders only make it into my list if I end up with a few points left over after taking all the stuff I want, but these big daddy spyders do have a few good things about them...

With only the Monolith around for all the Las and missiles to shoot at, the next obvious target is going to be your toughness six Tomb Spyders! with only a 3+ save, and no invulnerable save, they can go down pretty quick.

Taking advantage of 5th edition rules for Tomb Spyders is where Spyders are best used, and pooping out a single Scarab Swarm into cover is how you do it. Now you don't have a montrous creature that has to be 50% in cover for a 4+ cover save. You have a toughness six unit, that chooses the Scarab Swarms 2+ cover save!

On a side note, why is it that one of the rolls I can never make, is not taking a wound when pooping a Scarab! For some reason I nearly always roll a one!

Anyway, when the pooping rule gets the nurf hammer, and there is no longer a 2+ cover save from shooting. The Tomb Spyder really is not going to last that long if they stay the same, especially with only two wounds and no invulnerable save. Of course, they do have the ability to extend the distance for the WWB unit coherancy rule. This can be a great advantage if you keep them at the back between your spaced out Warriors, and behind cover, stopping your opponent from wiping out two units who would normally be standing close to each other for the WWB.

So what about these guy's in the new Codex? Will they still poop? How about if they pooped a random amount of Scarabs like the Tyranid Tervigon?  Or had more wounds? Maybe they will get some linked in rules with the Tomb Stalkers to beef them up? Will they change the Spyder enough for a Tomb Spyder spam list?

What do you think?

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20 October 2010

Tyranid Turn Two Win!

Nick speaking,

So I turn up at my mates house for our usual weekly game, having chosen to take my Tyranid Stinger Fleet to face off with his Blood Angels. We set up the terrain and roll for the mission, getting Seize Ground with three objectives and Pitched deployment. I win the roll off and take first turn just as I had planned to...

With two of the three objectives placed on the left side of the board near me, I lined up my two twenty strong poisoned Hormagaunt broods, with the Swarmlord and Tyrant Gaurds between them. I then Lined up a row of  Ripper Swarms at the front, to help the Gaunts with cover saves. I keep the Deathleaper and The Doom of Malan'tai with Mycetic Spore in reserve. I also hold back three broods of Genestealers for the flank, and start looking for a nice secret deployment place for my brood of Ymgarl Genestealers...

I am looking to give the impression that I am trying to hold on to the objectives! In reality I am trying to bait the BA's towards me and the table edge to the left. With the Swardlords 'Alien Cunning' re-roll the flank rule, I can pretty much guarantee the side they come on from...

Blood Angels set up a Heavy Support Missile squad in the middle back area of the board in terrain, along with a Whirlwind, one troops unit and Mephiston around them. BA hold back two five man TH/SS Terminator units for deep striking and two drop pods. One of the drop pods with ten troops and a Teleport beacon to come down on turn one, and the other one with nine Vanguard Veterans in. These are the very same veterans, that wiped out my Seer Council the week before with there 2+ poisoned guns! BA finish off by infiltrating a unit of Scout bikes.

After deployment I roll a six for the Deathleapers 'It's after me!' rule and reduce Methiston's leadership down to seven. I then note down on a piece of paper, the terrain on the right hand side of the board for my Yngarl Stealers to lay dormant. I planned for them to start working on the back ranks when they arrived.

On turn one, Blood Angels fail to seize the initiative and I don't have a lot to do except start to move forward a bit, so that there is some room and cover for when the rest of my army comes on in turn two.

In BA turn two, the Troop drop pod comes down right in the middle of the board, getting ready with the teleport beacon, and the Scout bikes move to the centre ready to shoot my right side Gaunts. Mephiston throws a double six for his move like a Jump psychic test and takes a Perils wound. Everything shoots at the right side Gaunts, but with cover saves from the Rippers I still have about ten left...

On my turn two, everything comes in from reserve except for one brood of Genestealers. Deathleaper deploys on the right side in terrain for the distraction, Doomies Mycetic spore lands next to the group at the back, and Ymgarl Stealers pop their heads up with one unit of Stealers flanking in behind them for support. The other Stealers flank in behind the gaunts on the left, and Swarmlord gives the ten Gaunts furious charge to make a play towards the bike squad.

Doomey uses his Spirit Leech and sucks the brains out of the troops leaving only one power fist guy left. He also reduces the missile guys down to two launchers, and with his LD of seven, Mephiston is downed after throwing a LD roll of fifteen! My Ygnarl Stealers head out and assault the drop pod troop unit, wiping them out, and the ten Gaunts take down the bikes to just one model.

BA reserves sees the other drop pod and one Termy unit come out in turn two. The Vanguard drop pod comes down on the left side of the board, loading up their guns, and the Termies come down behind my lines on the left, but with the teleport beacon gone, the Termies scatter right into my troops and throw the re-deployed next turn result on the mishap table...

At this point my opponent is starting to get a bit frustrated. When it comes to the BA shooting phase, Doomey sticks his hand up for some more Spirit Leech, and takes out the last BA Power Fist guy!

With no Troops left, Blood Angels concedes for a turn two win!

Of course he could have carried on for the draw, but it was easy to see what was going to happen. Vanguard were going to shoot out either the Gaunts or Stealers on the left with their special no cover save bullets, only to be hit back by the last flanking Stealers. From then on I would of had enough troops to have at least claimed one objective, whilst the rest of my army held up the last Terminators when they came in...

All in all, Doom of Malan'tai and Deathleaper make an awesome double act...
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