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29 March 2010

The Wulvenkind Are Preparing to Fight (part 2)

Nick speaking

This is part 2 of my 13th Company video and directly follows on from part 1. It is probably worth watching part one before you watch this

Battle reports to follow...

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25 March 2010

The Wulvenkind Are Preparing to Fight (part 1)

Nick speaking

It has taking me a while to to get used to the idea that my Space Wolves 13th Company army from the Eye of Terror codex is no more! Maybe it's just the Curse of the Wulven? But, my Wulvenkind will not stand for it and they are now preparing to fight once again!

The Wulvenkind are coming....

More to come....
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21 March 2010

IDIC Hann Battle Report

Nick speaking

This is the latest battle report for my IDIC Hann style list....

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17 March 2010

IDIC Hann Eldar List

Nick speaking

Here is my current Eldar Saim-Hann style 1750 List. It is still in the tweaking stages, which I will talk about in a minute. Being Saim-Hann styled I am using the usual Eldar mech trickery of course, with reserving and last turn contesting being the main tactic.

This is the list:

1 x IDIC Farseer Jetbike with Spear/Doom/Fortune/Guide/Warding/Witnessing/Stones (208)
5 x IDIC Warlock Jetbikes with Spear/Destructor (290)

6 x IDIC Guardian Jetbikes with 2x Shuriken Cannon (152)
6 x IDIC Guardian Jetbikes 1x Shuriken Cannon (142)
10 x IDIC Guardians with Shuriken Cannon (85)
1 x IDIC Wave Serpent with Scatter Laser/Stone/Vectored Engines/Star Engines (160)

2x IDIC Vypers with Star Cannon/Shuriken Cannon (160)
2x IDIC Vypers with Star Cannon/Shuriken Cannon (160)

1 x IDIC Fire Prism with Stone/Vectored Engines/Star Engines/ Holofield (195)
1 x IDIC Fire Prism with Stone/Vectored Engines/Star Engines/ Holofield (195)

Points 1747...

Idealy, I would like to have the Shuriken Cannon upgrade on the Serpent, two Prisms and an extra one on a Jetbike. That's 40pts and could be achieved by down grading the Star Cannon's on the Vypers to Scatter Lasers! I would gain more shots in exchange for the AP2! But is the switch worthwhile?

I also would prefer to have Storm Guardians in the Serpent, with my list I can fit 10 of them in with only one upgrade! I am thinking the upgrade would have to be a Fusion Pistol? But again is this a good switch or should I be looking at a bigger change to the list to get a squad of ten with two flamers and a Warlock with Destructor? Of course I have to keep in mind that the squad in the Serpent is only there to make it scoring!

Battle reports for this list to follow...
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13 March 2010

Zoanthropes Stinger

Nick speaking

Strength 10 AP1 Lance! Two Zoanthropes in a Mycetic Spore for 160pts!

Somehow I just cant help but think that I should always have at least one, if not two of these in my list at all times? It's as if the only draw back is conceding 2 or 4 kill points in an Annihilation mission! and even then the kill points lost would or could hand you back an advantage anyway with less tanks shooting at the gaunts and mere distraction!

So am I right or wrong? Are they as worth while in reality as they seem to be on paper?

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11 March 2010

Space Wolves 13th Company

The Wulvenkind are coming...

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7 March 2010

Space Wolves 13th Company Rant?

Nick Speaking

I have 4500pts of 13th Company Space Wolves from The Eye of Terror Codex. I don't know how many people out there took this army up, but since the new Space Wolves Codex has come out, I have felt a bit abandoned! Am I correct in saying that my Eye of Terror army list is now defunct and I can not use it? I know that the new Codex makes provisions for me to make a 13th Company chapter using the said Codex, but this makes a massive change to the army I wanted to play originally! OK, I could take no vehicles and base the army around the fluff in The Eye of Terror list, but where have my scout rules gone? where is my Wulven unit? Why couldn't GW just have made a White Dwarf Update of Eye of Terror armies or something?

Is it just me that feels betrayed?...
What about other 13th Company players? OK, it is great that I can now take vehicles, and yes you can make "cheese" with the new Codex, BUT, do I really want to start investing in more models? I was done and dusted with that army and have moved on to other things! I don't want to start again with them!

I just want to play them!

Sorry for the rant, but I just had to do it!!

So what are you doing with your 13th Company?
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