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30 April 2010

Who is your Nemesis?

Nick speaking,

Who do you hate? Who is your biggest nemesis? Who makes your blood boil the most?


Ork Warlord Ghazghkull Thraka!

Thraka joined to a squad of Knobz is something I face quite often, and having to deal with him is just plain Nasty!

Over time I have built up some tactics to counter him, and it's not all about throwing the hardest unit in your army at him to do the job! Of course expanding on these tactics to deal with any hard hitting attack unit key! But that's for another day....

Who is your nemesis and how do you counter them?
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26 April 2010

Necron Terrain (part 2)

Nick speaking,

Here is the second instalment of my Necron terrain/objective markers video...

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22 April 2010

Necron Terrain (part 1)

Nick speaking,

Here is the first of a two part video featuring all my current Necron terrain and board

Part 2 to follow....
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18 April 2010

Space Wolves 13th Company Vs Orks

Nick speaking

At last The Wulvenkind have arrived for battle! They are in their red away kit, but how will they do without the home advantage?

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14 April 2010

Harlequin Converting and Pinning

Nick Speaking

After buying a few Harlequin boxes to start me off with my eventual 30 Harlequins, I quickly realised that I was going to end up with a lot of fusion pistol models! Switching the legs around so the top halves all had different legs was the easy bit, and of course a few arm bends here and there also makes them look a bit different. Remember if you are going to bend metal then only ever bend it once! Any more and it will weaken too much and eventually break. The next step was to make the excess fusion pistol models into normal Harlies.

First of all you will have to get hold of some Shuriken Pistols (or look a likes)...

These can usually be found in yours or someone elses bitz box, failing that eBay is another great source for bitz. In my bitz box I had some excess Sriking Scorpions whose pistols are ideal for the job. Carefully take a pair of cutters and cut the gun off including the hand. Remember to keep the flat side of the cutters facing the piece of metal that you want to keep to give you a straight edge.

Next is to cut off the two Fusion pistols just below the hand leaving the two cuff bits on the model. You will also have to cut the ribbons on the one that has them joined to the gun. You can either cut them right off or leave some ribbon on and re-shape them with a file later.

Next take a pin vice and carefully drill a hole into the wrist and a hole in the hand with the gun. Use a cut down paperclip and super glue it into one of the holes.

Now all you have to do is super glue the pistol onto the hand with the paperclip giving it some extra strength so that it does not break off in the future.

Job done!

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10 April 2010

Tyranid Mycetic Stinger Fleet

Nick speaking,

The new Tyranid codex has some cool stuff to start playing, and I think most of it looks like great fun to use. For my first 1750 list I opted to have a go with nine Mycetic Spores! Yes nine!  I knew that having nine Nid Drop Pods would limit me to about 150pts for each unit in the pod, so I would have to go the cheap horde route. That's ok, because I built this list for just one reason, to have some fun.  After all, that's what's 40k is all about right?

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6 April 2010

Necrons visit Toy Town

Nick speaking,

What do you use for terrain? Struggling to find any? Don't dispair, there is terrain everywhere!

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2 April 2010

IDIC Eldar Attack Options

Nick speaking

I have been thinking of a new “Attack/Distraction” unit for my Eldar list apart from the usual Seer Council or Banshee Serpent squads.

I have been toying with the idea of taking a full squad of Striking Scorpions in a Wave Serpent with the usual stones, Star and Vectored engines. I would upgrade to an Exarch with Shadow strike and flank them! Probably add in either a Farseer with Doom and Fortune or Karandras, maybe even both?

I can imagine this unit held in reserve known to be coming via flank, would be a concern for my opponent! The options open to you are immense, using the speed of the Serpent to get to almost any position, ready to unload the next turn, giving the rest of your army a bit of breathing space!

Have any of my fellow Eldar players had any success with this unit as the main "attack" unit?
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