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28 May 2010

Bringing the broods to life - Hormagaunts

Nick Speaking,

Although my main current painting projects are my two IDIC Eldar Fire Prisms and Falcon tanks, I just couldn't resist taking a break to starting painting some of my Tyranids. I wanted a paint scheme that was easy to paint en masse, but still looked good and fitted in with the bug theme. Welcome, The Stinger Hive Fleet...

I have had these Tyranids since third edition, but only with the new Codex have I been inspired to actually put paint to model. Based around the Nids in the 4th Edition rulebook, my Stinger Fleet use black as the main colour, and only a five stage yellow highlight to pick out some sections, they made way for a quick paint job. Leaving me with the option to do some freehand work on the larger carapaces, helping even further to enhance the already fun side of painting the bugs.

Here are a few more shots of my first finished brood, The Stinger Hive Fleet Hormagaunts.

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24 May 2010

IDIC Harlequins first battle report

Nick speaking,

First of all I have to give credit to Fritz 40k and all his wonderful inspiration. Thank you Fritz.

It's been a long time coming, so long in fact that I had to go out and buy some cheap old style stand in models from lack of patience, but at long last my IDIC Harlequin army is ready for battle! Here is my first test game with them against the new Blood Angels codex.

Can you hear the laughter...

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20 May 2010

New Necron Codex

Nick speaking,

Just a quick picture of The Soulless Necron Lord holding back the phalanx, as they patiently wait for a new codex...

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16 May 2010

Eldar tanks "Less is more?"

Nick speaking,

The Eldar anti-grav tank is a wonderful piece of machinery, but how are you gearing them up? Not so much as the guns you put on them as we all have our own favourites. I'm talking about the upgrade options like Star engines, Vectored engines, Holo-fields and Spirit stones? Ok, lets forget Spirit stones as everybody takes them, all the time no matter what, right?

I currently have one Wave Serpent, one Falcon and two Fire Prisms and I am still in the process of building up my army with the plan of getting myself two more Serpents in the future. I started off in the usual fashion of just using the models that I had purchased so far and trying out the different combinations of units available.
It didn't take me long to discover that Mech Eldar/Saim-Hann style was the first direction I wanted to go and the rest of my efforts have been to get this style of army up first, followed by a Harlequin list and finally onto a Hybrid style list. As you can probably tell I am the type of person who goes all out, rather than taking a fixed list approach. I just love having all the options open to me to play and have some fun with.

Focussing on a IDIC Hann style Army List, lead me to taking all the options on my tanks that are available. After all, I am going to need to keep them in action ready to contest/control for as long as possible.
Holo-fields (wish you could take these on the Wave Serpent) for durability. Star Engines for the extra speed and for some sneaky Eldar cover save tricks and Vectored engines so that I don't go down after the high speed movement when contesting.

So this brings me on to the whole reason of this post. So far I have been very happy with my very expensive versatile tanks.  I am at a stage now where I am so used to having my geared up tanks, that I am almost afraid to take the upgrades off! But should I be? Am I missing something? Is less, more? After all I could probably get another tank for the cost of the upgrades?

What are your views on Anti-Grav upgrades? Is less More?

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12 May 2010

Necron "Capstone" battle report

Nick speaking,

This is the first battle report with my Necron "Capstone" list

Thraka Who?

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8 May 2010

Cities of Death Terrain

Nick speaking,

Let the city fight begin....

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4 May 2010

The IDIC Eldar "Thinking outside the box"

Nick speaking,

This is one of my "Thinking outside the box" battle reports

My plan....

To win without trying to kill anything?

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