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31 July 2010

More Nid Nastiness

Nick speaking,

This battle report against Chaos Daemons sees my Nids using the first turn advantage tactic to totally dominate the table, leaving little or no choices for my opponent. Of course against almost anyone else the Genestealers would be flanking...

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27 July 2010

Forge World Fire Prism!

Nick speaking,

So the new GW Fire Prism is out and I am sure it is selling very well, after all it is a great looking model and more to the point has no lead weight on top of it! Even so, I have had to convince myself that my Fire Prisms are better! After all I have spent a lot of money and time converting them into Forge World Prisms, and have spent the last few months painting them! I am about 85% complete on the painting and have been taking pictures as I go along to make another painting project video like my Guardian and Vyper video's.

Here is a quick video of my Prisms just before I was ready to start painting them...

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23 July 2010

New Necron Codex Review - Gauss Weapons

Nick Speaking,

Following on from my first post, one of the major differences in 5th edition compared to previous editions is the single vehicle damage chart, and this is where the Necron Gauss Weapon took a big hit. Gauss Weapons get an auto Glancing hit regardless of the armour, but with the new vehicle damage chart that only equates to an immobilised result at best, if you get a lucky roll of a six.

To be fair, that is not bad even in this new world of heavy mech! After all a Glancing hit guarantees that your opponent will not be able to fire next turn and with so many guns around Necrons should be Glancing alot! Also If you are lucky enough to immobilise a vehicle, then that's pretty much your job done. But, it's nothing like how I remember the Gauss Weapon? Lining up for that first turn attack against that IG player....oh that's five tanks I took out on turn one! Ok, that only happened once, but I still remember it :-)

So how should the Gauss Weapon rule look in the new Codex? I have given this a lot of thought and come up with a simple answer! Keep Gauss Weapons the same as they are but throw in a "Plus One" to the Damage Chart rule? Now If we get a lucky six we can Wreck a vehicle!

Add this to some synergy from a new Codex and would this bring Necrons back to where they should be?

Next up, Flayed Ones..

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19 July 2010

Trygon Null List Battle Report

Nick speaking,

Trygon Prime, Trygon or Mawclaw??? I'm not sure yet! but here is my first battle report with a Trygon Prime heading up my Null Deployment list Vs Tau...

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15 July 2010

Saim-Hann @ 1000pts

Email in:

I have just started an Eldar army myself and decided on a Saim Hann theme. Can you recommend an army list of 1000 pts against Blood Angels?

Reply out:

Nick speaking,

I would keep my thoughts towards a more general list rather than a dedicated anti BA list. I would suggest something like this:

1 x Wave Serpent (90) Shuriken Cannon (10) Spirit stone (10)
10 x Storm Guardians (80) 2x Fusion Pistol (12)
1 x Farseer (55) Fortune (30) Runes of witnessing (10)

6 x Guardian Jetbikes (132) 2x Shuriken Cannon (20)

6 x Guardian Jetbikes (132) 2x Shuriken Cannon (20)

1 x Fire Prism (115)

2 x Vypers (90) Scatter Laser (30) Shuriken Cannon (20)

2 x Vypers (90) Scatter Laser (30) Shuriken Cannon (20)

Points 999

These are the type of Saim-Hann units you will need to start practising with to see how they all work together. Remember that winning is not about how many models you can kill, it is about being in the right place at the right time, and a fast move Eldar army has every chance of doing that.

Good luck

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11 July 2010

New Necron Codex Review - Warriors

Nick speaking

New Necron Codex? Well yes, one day we will get one and I am still holding out for sometime in 2011. Necrons were my first army and when I started playing them, around the time that 3rd edition was coming to an end, and Chapter Approved had the experimental assault rules published, they were great fun to play with.

Of course time has passed and now we are on 5th edition and the Necrons have a few problems. So what is going to be in store for them when they eventually get a new Codex? Judging from the current direction GW are going, with more models, lower point costs and bigger gribblies on the table, they should get a most welcome boost? Hey, even the Necron Pylon might become a Heavy Support choice?

With a New Codex somewhere on the horizon, I thought it would be nice to have a series of posts looking at each Necron unit and give my views on what I would like to see in the future. So what would it take to bring them up to a similar standard to when the first Codex came out? In this first post, I will take a look at the Necron Warrior.

The Necron Warrior is currently the only Troop choice available, and I am sure that will be changing, but more about that later. Currently Warriors have one major problem compared to previous years. They just can't hold up in the assault. With their Initiative two and one Attack, they have never been an assault unit, but with their Leadership of ten and We'll be Back rolls, they had a great chance of holding most units up a couple of turns. This was greatly increased if you had a big squad with a Resurrection Orb close by!

At eighteen points a model and a minimum unit size of ten, The Necron Warrior has been hit pretty bad by the 5th edition assault rules! With only one attack each they will hardly ever win an assault and with the Leadership reduction rules for losing an assault, they are always going to run! Even worse, with Initiative two, they are always going to be wiped out by the sweeping advance, and of course that means the downed Warriors who would normally get there WWB roll also get wiped out!!

In addition, Warriors and all Necrons that shoot with Gauss Weapons have lost the benefits of the Gauss Weapon special rule, but I will cover that in a separate post.

So what do we want for the Warriors in the new Codex? Well I say a few points less would be nice per model, and something to make them last longer in the assault! Maybe fearless? but no, I think they would be better of with the Stubborn  special rule? I have heard rumours of Toughness five Warriors, of two Wounded Warriors, but I think just a minor tweak would do the job depending on the synergy of the rest of the army?

So what do you think the Necron Warrior needs in the new Codex?

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7 July 2010

IDIC Harlequins Vs Chaos Daemons Battle Report

Nick speaking,

This battle report sees my IDIC Harlequins facing Chaos Daemons...

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3 July 2010

Not really a Drop Pod

Nick speaking,

So the Tyranid FAQ is out!! Here is a link just in case you missed it?. Of course we all know the reason this came out so quickly. Mr Doom! So it's official the Doom of Malan'tai's Spirit Leech does not work on units inside a vehicle. Good, debate over, OF COURSE IT DOES NOT! and that's how I always played it! For me the real interest is the Tyranid Mycetic Spore!!

When I first got hold of the current Nid Codex, the one thing that got me excited was that we had Drop Pods! Well sort of, they had a different name and were MC, but hey it was a Drop Pod right? With no GW model available the race was on to fill the gap, and I couldn't wait to field my 9 Mega Blok Plasma Hatcher Drop Pod list. Oh I was probably going to lose, especially in Annihilation, but boy was I going to have some fun! Now with the new updates it has become very clear that these Mycetic Spores are NOT Drop pods!

No IC can join a unit and arrive via the Pod? Why not! OK the Tyranid Prime is the only choice, but hey my Warriors like being led by a Tyranid Prime! And now we can not deploy the unit in the Pod normally and Deep Strike the Pod separately like the Marines can? Damn, another tactic down the drain!

Oh well, I guess that's why it's called a Mycetic Spore and not a Drop Pod! Still for a while there, I had DROP PODS in my list :-)

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