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11 July 2010

New Necron Codex Review - Warriors

Nick speaking

New Necron Codex? Well yes, one day we will get one and I am still holding out for sometime in 2011. Necrons were my first army and when I started playing them, around the time that 3rd edition was coming to an end, and Chapter Approved had the experimental assault rules published, they were great fun to play with.

Of course time has passed and now we are on 5th edition and the Necrons have a few problems. So what is going to be in store for them when they eventually get a new Codex? Judging from the current direction GW are going, with more models, lower point costs and bigger gribblies on the table, they should get a most welcome boost? Hey, even the Necron Pylon might become a Heavy Support choice?

With a New Codex somewhere on the horizon, I thought it would be nice to have a series of posts looking at each Necron unit and give my views on what I would like to see in the future. So what would it take to bring them up to a similar standard to when the first Codex came out? In this first post, I will take a look at the Necron Warrior.

The Necron Warrior is currently the only Troop choice available, and I am sure that will be changing, but more about that later. Currently Warriors have one major problem compared to previous years. They just can't hold up in the assault. With their Initiative two and one Attack, they have never been an assault unit, but with their Leadership of ten and We'll be Back rolls, they had a great chance of holding most units up a couple of turns. This was greatly increased if you had a big squad with a Resurrection Orb close by!

At eighteen points a model and a minimum unit size of ten, The Necron Warrior has been hit pretty bad by the 5th edition assault rules! With only one attack each they will hardly ever win an assault and with the Leadership reduction rules for losing an assault, they are always going to run! Even worse, with Initiative two, they are always going to be wiped out by the sweeping advance, and of course that means the downed Warriors who would normally get there WWB roll also get wiped out!!

In addition, Warriors and all Necrons that shoot with Gauss Weapons have lost the benefits of the Gauss Weapon special rule, but I will cover that in a separate post.

So what do we want for the Warriors in the new Codex? Well I say a few points less would be nice per model, and something to make them last longer in the assault! Maybe fearless? but no, I think they would be better of with the Stubborn  special rule? I have heard rumours of Toughness five Warriors, of two Wounded Warriors, but I think just a minor tweak would do the job depending on the synergy of the rest of the army?

So what do you think the Necron Warrior needs in the new Codex?


  1. Stubborn would make a ton of sense and solve the issue nicely. But then, so would making the Warriors actually an interesting unit to field (with, say, some unit options apart from Disruption Fields.)

  2. I'd go with T5.

  3. Warriors
    T5 4+ save
    same WBB

    T5 3+ save
    WBB on 3+, do not require same type of unit close by

  4. With the Warriors it's clear that some of the basic rules for the Necrons need to be changed. I think that the best way to get past the losing assault problem is to make not just the Warriors "Fearless" but every infantry unit the same. That's what everyone knows they should be! It's also being debated that WBB should be changed to FNP. I certainly wouldn't complain if that happened especially with Sweeping Advance now ruining any Necron players day.

  5. WBB needs to stay. BTW, that is one thing in 5th that changed. It no longer specifically says that Sweeping Advance disallows WBB, therefore as given in the 5th Ed FAQ, Codex rules and a Tomb Spyder can rebuild them if it is within 12" and another unit is on the board...

    Slimy, cheesy, whatever, it is the RAW.

    I haven't studied enough to figure the points, but they will probably drop (since WBB is balanced by other special rules for other MEQ) some. Other ideas include making Gauss the same as AP1 only for vehicle penetration (-1 on Armor kill table, so 1/6 chance of vehicle kill on roll of 6 autoglance hit). Relentless would be a good thing to add for all Necrons, but not S&P and would beef up the Warriors especially, giving them an 18" rapid fire range and 30" single shot range. Not too bad.

  6. Necrons need: Fearless
    Feel No Pain (instead of WBB)
    Rending for Gauss weapons

  7. WBB should absolutely stick around. One possibility I have not heard brought up is to potentially add the Eternal Warrior special rule along with stubborn to the entire Necron infantry Not only would this eliminate the threat of Sweeping Advance, it would also allow necron units to become the truly resilient race that they were meant to be by becoming immune to the instant death of a double toughness attack. Even if the Eternal Warrior special rule is modified (say, still gets no saving throw, but WBB on next turn is still permitted), a WBB roll would almost always be allowed and free up Necron players to tactics other than spamming warriors and huddling in that magic 6" Rez Orb bubble. Now tell me if that doesn't beat FNP!

    P.S. Doesn't "Necron Special Rule: Eternal Warrior" just sound like it fits anyway?

  8. Eternal Warrior, does sound good for Necrons, but sadly I can't see that they will be given it


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