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30 August 2010

Lord with an Orb

Nick speaking,

In this post, I would like to share with you my experience with the Necron Resurrection Orb, and hopefully shave some time of your learning curve. If your new to Necrons, then you probably are doing exactly what I did when I first started playing them. Take two units of Warriors and a Lord with a Resurrection Orb as the base and then working the rest of your army around the 6" Orb range?

Before 5th Edition, Necron Warriors had the ability to Hold up most units in the assault quite well with their high leadership and WWB rolls. In those days Troops were not scoring and it was quite feasible to throw in a unit of Warriors to hold up the enemy ready to teleport them out and leave the enemy stranded for the rapid fire. Of course with a Resurrection Orb Lord nearby to give WWB rolls on those power weapons really made a difference.

Things have changed now with 5th edition, and with the new losing assault/sweeping advance rules, the Necron Warrior will not hold up in the assault regardless of having an orb around or not. Over the years of playing Necrons and using the Orb I almost became dependent on it, and the one most biggest thing I have learnt recently is not to take an Orb! The Orb restricts your thinking so much, and not having it, frees you up for so much more. No more huddling around the Orb meant that I could start thinking in the 4th dimension when it came to the new 5th edition missions and going out to contest objectives.

The Orb doesn't just give you a WWB roll with power weapons, but also with instant death weapons as well. If someone does decide to shoot those Lascannons and Missiles Launchers at your Warriors as oppose to your Destroyers or Monoliths for some reason, just make sure you get cover saves using terrain or other units as best you can, and don't forget you can go to ground as well for a 3+ cover save. The other option is to reserve your Warriors, cutting down on a couple of rounds of shooting.

Nowadays, I mainly use a Destroyer Lord joined to a unit of Scarabs Swarms as a delivery system for the still fantastic Necron wargear. Being free to move around the board distracting my opponent and splitting the units if needed, is so much better than the Orb Huddle, and gives you so much freedom.

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Worst Eldar Unit? - Poll

Nick speaking,

So what do you currently consider to be the worst Eldar unit? Which Eldar unit do you think sucks the most? I have my views and I will expand on them in the future, but first I want to know what you think!

Please take the time to vote on my latest Poll (found to the left), and feel free to give your reasons in the comments section.

More to come when the results are in...

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28 August 2010

New Necron Codex Review - Pariahs

Nick Speaking,

So the last Elite choice to get a New Codex Review, is the ever talked about Necron Pariah! Unfortunately my Pariahs never make it out of the case these days, and that's a shame because I love the model, but at thirty six points each they are just way too over priced for what they can do!

Ok, they have good shooting ability and a Warscythe, but with just one attack at Initiative three and no WWB, they just don't cut it. Out of all the Necron units the Pariah are probably in need of the biggest changes.

How will GW correct them? Two wounds each? Initiative four? Two plus save? Or a massive points reduction? Personally, I don't mind paying the points if they are worth it, but lets face it, if anyone is going to take a unit of ten, then a points reduction is definitely needed.

So come on, lets have your say. What should GW do to sort out the Necron Pariah?

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26 August 2010

The Enemy is Gathering...

Nick speaking,

IDICBeer has been on a reconnaissance mission. Luckily all went well, and as requested by neverXmoor (thanks for your comments), I have managed to capture some pictures of the enemy gathering for battle. I can now reveal the pictures I took of my buddies Daemon army...

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24 August 2010

The Soulless Necrons Vs Tyranids

Nick speaking,

Having gotten into my New Necron Codex Review posts, when I was asked to play a small 1000 point game, I just had to get The Soulless Necrons out! I grabbed my standard 1000 point list which is as follows...

1x Destroyer Lord (Scythe, Solar Pulse and Phylactery)
8x Scarabs
10x Warriors
10x Warriors
3x Destroyers
3x Destroyers
1x Tomb Spyder

Tyranids had:

1x Hive Tyrant
20x Hormagaunts
10x Genestealers/1xBroodlord
10x Genestealers
10x Genestealers
10x Genestealers
3x Ravanar

Basically it was a case of, could I shoot the Nids out before they got the assault off?

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20 August 2010

IDIC Seer Council

Nick speaking,

I have been waiting a long time for GW to give me Warlocks on a Jetbike! Of course, it's probably not going to happen until a new Codex comes out, and when will that be? So, I finally took the plunge to make my own Seer Council. I figure that there will be a new jetbike design sometime, and that I will use those new bikes for my Seer Council in the future, making them stand out from my normal Guardian Jetbikes.

For now though, I decided to go down the anti-grav platform route!

First up, my Sexy IDIC Farseer...

And her IDIC Warlocks...

The Warlocks are not quite finished as I have to add a few more shuriken catapults to some of them, but they are all magnetised so that I can have them on foot as well...

Now to get them painted!

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16 August 2010

New Necron Codex Review - Immortals

Nick speaking,

So next up in my New Necron Codex Review is the Necron Immortals. Currently the best Elites choice we have. Toughness five and armed with a Gauss Blaster these dudes have always been core units for any Necron army. But now with 5th edition mission objectives and the GW push for more models on the table, these guy's are just too expensive!

Ideally you need to max the Immortals out to a unit of ten and at twenty eight points a model, they don't come cheap! Especially if you consider that these guy's will fail in the same way as Warriors in close combat with their Initiative two. Immortals are still pretty good and with some synergy from a new Codex I don't think they need much of a change?

I would say reduce the points cost slightly and give them the Stubborn special rule and it's job done? Of course that's just my thoughts! What do you think a future Immortal should have?

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12 August 2010

Thunderwolf Disaster

Nick speaking,

I have gradually been working towards playing a bit more with my Space Wolves 13th Company. Having got over the disappointment of losing my Eye of Terror Codex, I have started to experiment with the new Codex. Of course a few stand in models have been needed, and my Wulven models have been relegated to proxy Thunderwolfs.

This is my current 1750 point list:

1x Logan
1x Rune Priest (Lightening/Jaws)
5x Wolf Guard Termies (1x Cyclone)
5x Wolf Guard Termies (1x Cyclone)
5x Thunderwolf (tricked out for wound allocation)
5x Thunderwolf (tricked out for wound allocation)
5x Thunderwolf (tricked out for wound allocation)
1x Predator

So I turn up at my buddies house for a show down and get ready for a blood bath against his Orks!

The result is not nice!!

Will I have better luck next time, or do I need a better list?

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8 August 2010

How much time? - Poll

Nick speaking,

After seeing the amazing work of the Warmaster Black Matt and his recent articles of painting armies in a week. I got thinking about how much time I put into my 40k hobby! To be honest, even if I went a whole week without sleeping, I don't think I would be able to paint an entire army in a week, so I take my hat of to the Warmaster for that.

I have a wife and family to consider and I would say that on average I get about an hour a day to spend on painting! Of course I try to get more time if I can, but life has it's limitations! It took me a year to build and paint all of my Cities of Death terrain, and so far I am on five months for painting my three IDIC Tanks! Maybe I am slow, or too fussy? Or maybe my technique lets me down? Chances are though, it's because half of my Eldar colour scheme is WHITE! Why did I choose Purple and white! Oh yeah, because it's a great colour scheme and looks fantastic.

So for interest sake, I have put up a couple of new polls, found to the left. How much time do you spend painting per week? Of course life circumstances change peoples time dramatically so there are two polls, one if you are "Single" and one if you are a "In a Relationship" (married, living with partner, have children etc.)

Please take the time to vote.
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4 August 2010

New Necron Codex Review - Flayed Ones

Nick speaking,

In this post I want to have a look at the Necron Flayed Ones and what could be in store for them in the future. To start with it has to be said that painting wise, the Flayed One model is such a relief for a Necron collector. There is nothing better than skin and blood after painting sixty silver Warriors! If you are planning on starting a Necron army then please, please do not paint the flayed Ones first!

Flayed Ones have had a lot of rumours about them, and the main one being that they will be a troop choice in the new Codex! This is probably the most believable rumour. After all, what troop choices do we have at the moment? Just one! The very undynamic Necron Warrior.

Why would Flayed Ones make a good Troops choice? Well If the stats of them stay the same and they keep the Infiltrate special rule, then there is your answer! A half decent assault unit that have the option to Flank, Infiltrate or Deep Strike, and can also take objectives!

So what else do we want from them? Well, whenever I look at taking them I always want to have the Disruption Field upgrade, but at three points a model that starts to get expensive. I would like to have the model come complete with Disruption Fields for the points, or a lower base cost per model to compensate for the Codex creep.

Of course if they do become a troops choice, that will leave a gap in the elites choice! Maybe there could be two Flayed Ones options and the elite version could have some extra abilities just like in the Nid Codex where you have Genestealers as Troops and Ymgarl Genestealers as Elites?

So what do you think will happen to the Flayed One?

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