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8 October 2010

Fritz's 750pts Challenge!

Nick speaking,

Fritz 40k wrote:

"So what is the 750 point challenge? Right…

Write up a 750 army list and send me a battle report to post on up here at the blog. Send me those armies lists with your thoughts on the how, what, why you are thinking at 750 points. Pictures, pictures, pictures or it didn’t happen!"

I have played many games at about 800 point before, but I have only ever played 1750 points with The IDIC Harlequins! My Harlequins were totally inspired by Fritz and his PDF, so much so, that the PDF made me go out and buy any models I could get my hands on, so that I could start fielding an army as quickly as possible. So with that said, I will happily take on Fritz's challenge, and make it my own personal challenge for my Harlequins...

First up, my list:

1x Farseer (Doom/Fortune/Spirit Stone) (130)
5x Pathfinders Rangers (120)
5x Pathfinders Rangers (120)
8x Harlequins (kisses/Jester/Fusion Pistol/Shadowseer) (222)
1x Wraithlord (B.Lance+EML) (155)

747 Points

My aim was to keep the army working together in much the same way as it had to in bigger games. First I had to lose Eldrad! Dropping down to a basic Farseer was inevitable, but I felt that I had to keep the Spirit Stone with Doom and Fortune to give the army any chance. Who knows what I would be up against, and being able to use both powers was going to be key.

Next was Troops, and I only had Rangers or Pathfinder Rangers to choose between. I new from past experience that I wanted the Pathfinders, somehow I think that the 2+ cover save will be even more important in a smaller game than ever. I know I could take normal Rangers and go to ground for the 2+, but I need these guys to be shooting and pinning every turn.

Obviously the Harlequins had to be in the list, and I put in the usual trickery models. Shadowseer for Veil of Tears, Death Jester for his mid range strength six/pinning shots, and one Fusion Pistol just in case a tank rolls up next to them. Of course, the Harlequin kisses were also going to be essential to help in the assault.

Last but not least, the Wraithlord is in there for the long range de-meching/pinning shots, and to help out the Harlequins in the counter assault.

The IDIC Harlequins master Jedi plan in objective missions will be to park one unit of Pathfinders on an objective, with the Harlequins and Wraithlord nearby to de-mech and counter assault. The Farseer joins the Pathfinders and does what she does best with Doom and Fortune, whilst the other Pathfinder squad flanks/reserves depending on the situation. When the time is right the Harlequins will move out and assault, hit and run and contest any objectives. Annihilation tactics are pretty similar except I will hold back everything and just pick of the kill points.

Game One: IDIC Harlequins Vs Blood Angels

The roll off gives us Annihilation/Pitched battle, and I end up winning first turn. I deploy the Farseer and Pathfinders on the right, backed up by the Harlequins and Wraithlord, all in terrain. I then decide to deploy the other Pathfinders in terrain on the left to try and syphon off any incoming units. I needed to stop the whole of the BA force coming at me all at once, after all I only had one unit of Harlequins!

BA deployment sees a Razorback deploy loaded with five Vanguard Veterans, and a unit of scouts infiltrate in the centre of the board with some sort of teleport beacon! They keep two Jump Pack squads and a Chaplain in reserve

On turn one I Fortune the Wraithlord and Doom his Scouts, I know the Scouts will make light work of the Wraithlord with their auto wounds on 4+. Death Jester, and both Pathfinders shoot at the scouts and take out half of them, even with them going to ground, giving the Wraithlord some breathing space. Wraithlord shoots at the distant Razor and fails to hit. BA moves the Razorback at some crazy top speed and pops smoke next to the pathfinders on the left, and the scouts stand back up.

With the Vanguard ready to pop out and shoot next turn, turn two sees me fortune the Harlequins. Wraithlord immobilises the Razorback and destroys the heavy bolter, whilst the rest of my army shoot at the scouts, leaving only the teleport guy left standing. All of the BA reserves come on in turn two and both Jump Pack units and chaplain deploy next to the teleport guy about 12" in front of me. Vanguard get out and go for the easy target Pathfinders on the left, wiping them out, but splitting there forces. One kill point for the Blood Angels.

In turn three I have to make a choice with the Harlequins, I use Doom and Fortune and go for the the Jump pack Chaplain unit shooting my guns in before the assault. the Farseer and Pathfinder look to be in trouble from the other Jump pack unit as they shoot out the last Scout for the kill point. Wraithlord pounds the Razorback wrecking it for another kill point.

Harlequins takes out the Jump pack guys in the assault and stay locked in combat with the Chaplain with one wound left. Perfect, now my Harlequins can't be shot at.

In BA turn three the Vanguard get thrown into the Harlequins to help out the Chaplain, but my Harlequins wipe them and the Chaplain out. My Farseer uses his Jedi powers and the Jump pack squad fail the rough terrain test to assault the Pathfinders with a double one! Five kill points to me...

In my turn four, the Harlequins move over and wipe out the last Jump Pack squad. Game ends with a total wipe out.

Sending the Vanguards into to the Harleqiuns was the BA main mistake, they had a good chance to take out the Wraithlord with their 2+ poisoned guns and then force me to choose who to assault next turn. Of course if the Jump pack guy's had passed their rough terrain test it could have been a different story...

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