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20 October 2010

Tyranid Turn Two Win!

Nick speaking,

So I turn up at my mates house for our usual weekly game, having chosen to take my Tyranid Stinger Fleet to face off with his Blood Angels. We set up the terrain and roll for the mission, getting Seize Ground with three objectives and Pitched deployment. I win the roll off and take first turn just as I had planned to...

With two of the three objectives placed on the left side of the board near me, I lined up my two twenty strong poisoned Hormagaunt broods, with the Swarmlord and Tyrant Gaurds between them. I then Lined up a row of  Ripper Swarms at the front, to help the Gaunts with cover saves. I keep the Deathleaper and The Doom of Malan'tai with Mycetic Spore in reserve. I also hold back three broods of Genestealers for the flank, and start looking for a nice secret deployment place for my brood of Ymgarl Genestealers...

I am looking to give the impression that I am trying to hold on to the objectives! In reality I am trying to bait the BA's towards me and the table edge to the left. With the Swardlords 'Alien Cunning' re-roll the flank rule, I can pretty much guarantee the side they come on from...

Blood Angels set up a Heavy Support Missile squad in the middle back area of the board in terrain, along with a Whirlwind, one troops unit and Mephiston around them. BA hold back two five man TH/SS Terminator units for deep striking and two drop pods. One of the drop pods with ten troops and a Teleport beacon to come down on turn one, and the other one with nine Vanguard Veterans in. These are the very same veterans, that wiped out my Seer Council the week before with there 2+ poisoned guns! BA finish off by infiltrating a unit of Scout bikes.

After deployment I roll a six for the Deathleapers 'It's after me!' rule and reduce Methiston's leadership down to seven. I then note down on a piece of paper, the terrain on the right hand side of the board for my Yngarl Stealers to lay dormant. I planned for them to start working on the back ranks when they arrived.

On turn one, Blood Angels fail to seize the initiative and I don't have a lot to do except start to move forward a bit, so that there is some room and cover for when the rest of my army comes on in turn two.

In BA turn two, the Troop drop pod comes down right in the middle of the board, getting ready with the teleport beacon, and the Scout bikes move to the centre ready to shoot my right side Gaunts. Mephiston throws a double six for his move like a Jump psychic test and takes a Perils wound. Everything shoots at the right side Gaunts, but with cover saves from the Rippers I still have about ten left...

On my turn two, everything comes in from reserve except for one brood of Genestealers. Deathleaper deploys on the right side in terrain for the distraction, Doomies Mycetic spore lands next to the group at the back, and Ymgarl Stealers pop their heads up with one unit of Stealers flanking in behind them for support. The other Stealers flank in behind the gaunts on the left, and Swarmlord gives the ten Gaunts furious charge to make a play towards the bike squad.

Doomey uses his Spirit Leech and sucks the brains out of the troops leaving only one power fist guy left. He also reduces the missile guys down to two launchers, and with his LD of seven, Mephiston is downed after throwing a LD roll of fifteen! My Ygnarl Stealers head out and assault the drop pod troop unit, wiping them out, and the ten Gaunts take down the bikes to just one model.

BA reserves sees the other drop pod and one Termy unit come out in turn two. The Vanguard drop pod comes down on the left side of the board, loading up their guns, and the Termies come down behind my lines on the left, but with the teleport beacon gone, the Termies scatter right into my troops and throw the re-deployed next turn result on the mishap table...

At this point my opponent is starting to get a bit frustrated. When it comes to the BA shooting phase, Doomey sticks his hand up for some more Spirit Leech, and takes out the last BA Power Fist guy!

With no Troops left, Blood Angels concedes for a turn two win!

Of course he could have carried on for the draw, but it was easy to see what was going to happen. Vanguard were going to shoot out either the Gaunts or Stealers on the left with their special no cover save bullets, only to be hit back by the last flanking Stealers. From then on I would of had enough troops to have at least claimed one objective, whilst the rest of my army held up the last Terminators when they came in...

All in all, Doom of Malan'tai and Deathleaper make an awesome double act...


  1. Sounds like a fun game. Seems like you have a killer list when it goes to plan.

  2. Were you coming in on a two plus turn two?

  3. I had a +1 from the Swarmlords Alien Cunning rule, but I managed to throw a 3+ for everything except a single brood of stealers :-)

  4. Sounds like your opponent didn't have enough troop choices for an objective battle, which leads me to believe that he was trying to go for the wipe out on you as well. I think even though he couldn't win after you killed all his Troops, he should have carried on for the draw or just to inflict as much damage as possible!

    But your double act of deathleaper and the doom is nasty!! I have never heard of meph going down that easily before. Normally he wades through units and monstrous creatures alike.

  5. Yeah... Not convinced.

    Your opponent didn't seem to have much luck, or play that well. While you seem to have pretty good idea about what to do with your bugs.

    I've never understood deep striking assault units. Land... Do nothing... Get smashed! Tell him to take the points and invest in deep striking firepower.

    Also, and I might be wrong, doesn't the Hive Tyrant have an upgrade that gives +1 to reserves? Maybe you can save some points on the Swarmlord. Unless your going for fluff then rock on.

  6. Yes the Hive Tyrant does have the +1 as well, and I do use him in other lists I have, but the Swarmlord has a few different abilities including being able to re-roll the flank roll!

  7. That was a good set-up. It seems like your doing a fun game. I think this one needs a good strategy and technique of you want to win in this game.


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