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20 November 2010

Mech Eldar Vs Chaos Daemons (not video)

Nick speaking,

After just finishing my additional two Forge World Wave Serpents, it was time to put them to the test. I have been messing around with one Serpent for a while now, but I always knew what I was going to do with my three tanks when I eventually got them done! Banshees, Dragons and Dire Avengers, all maxed out! Just for some fun...

This is what my six tank list looks like in this battle report:

1x Serpent (EML/Star Engines/Spirit Stone)
9x Dire Avengers (Exarch/Twin Cats/Blade Storm)
1x Doomseer with Doom and Runes of Warding

1x Serpent (Shuriken Cannon/Star Engines/Vectored Engines/Spirit Stone)
9x Banshees (Exarch/Executioner/War shout/Acrobatic)
1x Doomseer with Doom, Fortune, stone and Runes of witnessing

1x Serpent (Shuriken Cannon/Star Engines/Vectored Engines/Spirit Stone)
9x Dragons (Exarch/Fire Pike)

1x Falcon (Scatter Laser/Shuriken Cannon/Holo Fields/Star Engines/Spirit Stones)
5x Dire Avengers

2x Fire Prisms (Shuriken Cannon/Holo Fields/Spirit Stones)

We roll off and get Seize Ground with three objectives and pitched battle. I try and manipulate the objectives into the open and heavy on one side as I don't want to be immobilised on terrain, when It comes to contesting. I win the roll off and take first turn so that I can choose the side of the board with no objectives, I want my opponent to hang back near the objectives ready for me to shoot and tank shock. I deploy my two Prisms, Avenger Serpent and Falcon on the left, and the Dragon and Banshee Serpents in the middle ready to cover either side as needed.

Daemons decide to seize the initiative and does so with a lucky roll of a six. On the Daemons turn one, the half of the army they want come in, and a Soul Grinder is deployed at the back near one objective opposite my Fire Prisms. A large unit of Daemonettes and the mask deploy at the back in the middle of the table, and nine Flamers come down about eighteen inches in front of all my tanks ready to use their breath of chaos next turn.

On my first turn I Doom the flamers to put a stamp on the power of my guns, and wipe out the nine flamers with two Serpents and Falcon, the Serpent on the left moves fast and then Star Engines in front of the middle Serpents for cover saves.  I combine beams of the Prisms on the Grinder, but the twin link doesn't help as I get two huge scatters and miss.

After seeing his Flamers go down, when the rest of his army comes in on turn two, all is deployed at the back. A large unit of twenty Blood Letters on the right side toward an objective, and a Daemon Prince, Screamers and a Herald at the back in the middle. Soul Grinder shoots one of my tanks but misses.

Now that all the daemons are out, I fortune the Banshee Serpent and move it to the far right, I plan for the girls to take on the Blood Letters in a couple of turns. Not so much to wipe them out, but more to reduce the numbers down, or to move them off any objectives. I am in range to Doom the Screamers and shoot them down to two models, taking a few Daemonettes with them on the Prisms scatters. This time I leave the Grinder to the Falcon, but rolling fours to hit doesn't happen and the Grinder survives.

Daemons turn three does no damage to me, but sees the Blood Letters move up to the objective in the middle of the table on the right. On my turn three I fortune the Banshee Serpent again and move it to the other side of the board behind the Blood Letters. I try to tempt them to assault my Serpent, but make sure that they can't surround me so my Banshees can get out, or are in range to assault them next turn.

At this point I am planning for the end of the, and decide the objective the Soul Grinder is on is the weakest, and that was the one I would capture, whilst I will contest the other two. With that said, I move the Dragon Serpent with Star Engines next to the Grinder ready to take him out next turn. I don't want to give my game away and keep my scoring units at the back in the middle, and shoot out a large junk of Daemonettes and the last Screamers.

In the Daemon turn four the Soul Grinder does his best to take out the Dragon Serpent, but only manages a weapon destroyed and crew shaken result. The large unit of Blood letters go for my bait and move off the objective towards my Banshee Serpent, immobilising it in the assault, with the Daemon Prince close behind. The Herald stands on the middle objective and shoots my tank with no result.

In my turn four, I unload the Dragons and destroy the Soul Grinder, moving the empty Serpent out of the way, leaving room for a scoring tank to move in next turn. Farseer Dooms the Blood Letters and Fortunes the Banshees  who take the Blood Letters down to seven models, leaving only one of my girls left. Everything else in my army shot at the Mask and Daemonettes, killing the Mask and reducing the Daemonettes down to about eight models.

Daemons turn five, and the Daemonettes head toward an objective, whilst the Prince takes out my immobilised Serpent. The Blood Letters finish off the assault and head toward the other objective. I move my Falcon fast to take the objective the Grinder was on, and move the Avenger Serpent to the right objective unloading the Dire Avengers to Blade Storm the Blood Letters to death. The Farseer in the destroyed Serpent heads over to the Daemonettes and assaults them away from any objectives, and the Prisms kill off the Herald.

One objective to me and none to the Daemons, but the game goes on...

In turn six the Daemons can't really do anything and I end up getting the Dire Avengers back in the Serpent, moving over to take the centre objective, whilst the two Prisms contest the last objective on the right for good measure.

With the empty Dragon Serpent ready to contest if needed, the game ends on turn six with two objectives to Eldar and none for Daemons...

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