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8 November 2010

New Necron Codex Review - Tomb Stalker

Nick speaking,

Well, well, I certainly wasn't expecting to have an additional Heavy Support choice to review in my New Necron Codex post run, but the Tomb Stalker is here, and it deserves a review...

Obviously to review something like this requires a few test games, and rather than building brand new lists around the Stalker, I have found that he seems to fit into any list that would normally have three units of Warriors just fine. Dropping one unit of Warriors and taking the Tomb Stalker instead, gives you an extra dimension to lists like the 4th edition 'Wraith Wing' and current 'Capstone' type lists.

I tend to favour the deep strike tactic with the Stalker, and use it to either support your army or to get him into the enemy ranks, depending on how the game is going when he arrives! Just remember not to get disappointed when he dies, always expect that to happen, as long as he can distract/devastate enough before he goes down then he's done his job.

As for his stats, well, I was a bit disappointed in his shooting ability, but then again I am used to the Trygon Primes cheeky twelve shots! But putting that aside, why toughness seven? All it means is that it can't be hit by anything at strength three, and lets face it, not many people would throw a strength three unit at it except maybe Howelling banchees with their dreaded power weapons! Most people will just shoot it out.

I don't know how many points it cost to have toughness seven as appose to toughness six, but I would like to have seen some sort of invulnerable save, even if it was only a 5+, instead of the extra toughness!

So what do you think of the Tomb Stalker? How are you fitting him into your lists? Is he worth the points? Will he make it into the next Necron Codex, and how should his stats be changed from the current experimental ones?


  1. A friend of mine has a necron army and I have suggested to him that he picks up 1-2 of these for a bit of cc support for the warriors and immortals. Keep them lurking behind the main line and assault/counter assault anything coming your way. They could also be useful as a deep striking 'bodyguard' for some destroyers as they flit about causing havoc.

    As for the future codex, the tomb stalker should definately be one of the new units that makes it in. I think his toughness should either be lowered to 6 with a 4+ invulnerable (phase shifter would be appropriate given his movement rules) or kept at 7 with the save as an upgrade. His firepower should be upgraded to 2 gauss cannons (not twin linked) and upgrades to make them into heavy gauss cannons or whatever new guns they make for the codex. Given the recent codexes new weaponry, I think a gauss melta lance wouldn't be out of the question!

    However, in my opinion, the main thing the necrons need right now are improved gauss rules (maybe rending?) and some more plastic models for their elites (immortals/flayed ones especially!).

  2. No, not worth it. takes heavy choices which are desperately needed for heavies, as they are are olnly anti tank and its the same price of 3 heavies, also it be tough to get them cover and with only a 3+ theyll get shot to hell, real fast. Should have been elite, or had meltas,

  3. Definitely worth it. I made 2 out of K'nex, and they do really well along side my Monolith and a C'Tan. It gives the enemy 4 targets that if not neutralised, will do a lot of damage.

  4. Cool, I would like to see your K'nex conversions


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