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31 December 2010

New Necron Codex Review - We'll be Back

Nick speaking,

As a Necron player the 'We'll be back' rule is one of the most fun things about Necrons that we still have left. Of course in the old days it wasn't quite as much fun as destroying a vehicle with your strength four Gauss flyer, especially a Land Raider! But it is still rewarding to see your opponent cringe at the sight of most of your models standing up again after being killed in the previous round!

So the question is, what should happen to the WWB rule in the New Codex? 

It is very noticeable that the new round of Codex's are making very good use of the 'Feel no pain' special rule, and the instant reaction would be to just give that to the Necrons!  FNP works in the same way as WWB except you do the re-roll straight after the failed wound, instead of lying the model down until the beginning of your next turn before taking the re-roll, But is that really the way to go?

At the moment, without a Resurrection Orb around, you can get a WWB roll from any type of death except for power weapons and double toughness wounds. Of course with an Orb within six inches you can get it all the time, but fifth edition really doesn't let you do the Orb Huddle anymore, so you have to take your chances.

If we had FNP instead, we would instantly be at a disadvantage! Now we also don't get a re-roll with AP1 and AP2 weapons. Although your Warriors may not get much AP1 & 2 coming in, our overpriced Destroyers will see plenty of that, after all every man and his dog has Melta Guns nowadays!

Adding all this up and combining it with the best thing about WBB, making your opponent wait until the next turn to see if they actually did kill anything. Even if it is a pain in the back lying the models down, WBB is the winner over FNP for me, but what if we had the FNP rule with an added bonus of getting it against AP1 & AP2! Then we would be back to where Necrons should be! Wouldn't we?

So what do you think? WWB? FNP? or something else?

Will we actually get a New Codex in 2011?

We will have to wait and see...

Happy New Year, and thanks for all your support in 2010.
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28 December 2010

IDIC Harlequins Vs Tau Battle Report

Nick speaking,

With a 100% win success rate, the IDIC Harlequins take on Tau for the first time, but will they remain undefeated?

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25 December 2010

Happy Chrismas Space Wolves

Nick speaking,


It was only a matter of time, and what better time than Christmas to start collecting tanks! Yes, as requested, I got some Razorbacks for Christmas...

I am going to use 2011 as a springboard to get my 13th Comapny Space Wolves up to date! Although I have gone for Razorbacks, I am going to make sure they can double up as Rhino's as well. Yes I do want to have a go at the Razorspam lists, but as you have probably noticed by now, I prefer to be able to switch my lists around. One week the Rhino Rush, One week Razor Spam and the next Thunderwolves!

I will still be dedicating the same amount of time for painting my Eldar and Tyranids as I am at the moment, and getting them painted is still my main priority. I just had to give my Space Wolves a little something to look forward to!

Happy Christmas boys...
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23 December 2010

New Necron Codex review - The Void Dragon & The Outsider C'tans

Nick speaking,

I suppose it wouldn't be right if we didn't have a quick look at the two other Star Gods that remain for my New Necron Codex review, The Void Dragon and The Outsider!

There are implications that The Outsider is named so because it is physically outside of something, possibly the galaxy, and I cannot foresee the Outsider ever making it into the new Codex!


We know that the Void Dragon may be on Mars, and that it may be feeding to return to strength! So there is a chance that it could make a HQ slot in the next Necron Codex. The Void Dragon is said to be the most powerful of the four remaining C'tan, so what sort of stats would it have?

It is said that The Void Dragon can control and consumes victims slowly through the use of technological implants and may be able to remotely control technology over vast distances, so it certainly has some interesting points that could be utilised. Maybe it could control your opponent's vehicles in some way? rolling on a chart for the result? A six and it's immobilised? On a personal note, I would love to have a C'tan that can move 12" or at least fleet, or both!

What rules do you think would be good for a new C'tan?
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20 December 2010

Bringing the broods to life - Carnifex Revisited!

Nick speaking,

As I painted my Zoanthropes, I couldn't help but think about my recently painted Carnifex, and how I didn't blend the Scything Talons! I originally opted to give them a basic layering of highlights so that I could get out as many painted bugs as I could. This works fine on the smaller Talons and horns, but the larger Talons were really starting to bug me (no pun intended), they just didn't live up to my expectations and I just had to start blending them.

Here is a picture of the Carnifex with the original basic layering...

I am no blending expert, but I was sure with a little extra time I could get these ok looking Talons looking a bit better! So out came the black paint to start again...

Ok, on with the next Stinger brood, Ripper Swarms...
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17 December 2010

Bringing the broods to life - Zoanthropes

Nick speaking,

More painted Stinger Hive Fleet pictures! Welcome the Zoanthropes...

Next up, Carnifex revisited!
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14 December 2010

New Necron Codex Review - Deceiver

Nick speaking,

The next C'Tan to get a New Necron Codex Review, is the mighty Deceiver. Although the Deceiver is less in points cost to the Nightbringer, he still racks up 300 points, so once again we have to ask ourselves, is he worth it?

I was never really interested in the Deceiver back in forth edition, If I ever thought about sticking a C'Tan into my list, it was always the Nightbringer! But with the way fifth edition has progressed, the Deceiver seems to be able to offer a lot more to our very outdated army and Codex than a Nightbringer can.

Taking advantage of the Deceivers 'Grand Illusion' ability is where we start, baiting your opponent away from your core units with an isolated unit, and then moving it back to your core after deployment, can give you a bit of breathing space, just make sure you only leave one unit isolated, as that is all you can guarantee to move.

The Deceivers special 'Deceive' and 'Misdirect' rules are great for playing mind games with your opponent, and for me, he somehow seems more playable than a Nightbringer at the moment.  Pinning your opponent or forcing them to run as they come in, then using him to tarpit incoming units with Hit and Run when needed, is fantastic. Hit and Run also has the added advantage of giving you some much needed extra movement.

So what will happen to the Deceiver in the New Necron Codex? A points cost reduction? Even more abilities? or will he be totally revamped? What do you think?
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11 December 2010

Last Jetbike Battle

Nick speaking,

One of my current projects is painting up my Guardian Jetbikes. Having recently finished painting the actual Guardians, I am now ready to start painting the Jetbikes themselves. This is the last battle I played against Blood Angels with my IDIC Hann styled list, before the Jetbikes got some paint love...

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8 December 2010

Using Unused Units!

Nick speaking,

So I have previously talked about how playing different scenarios and missions can really change your army, and how Cities of Death really helped my Wulvenkind perform on the table, even with my old Codex. But the best thing about playing something different, is that it can unlock those units that you don't usually play with! And that is what I love about playing Cities of Death...

I have found that it also makes a big difference to my Eldar army as well, allowing me to take advantage of the buildings and scenarios, and getting a different type of list on the table is what it's all about. Here is a peak at my standard 1500 point list for Cities of Death.

1x Avatar
1x Eldrad

5 x Pathfinder Rangers
3 x Guardian Jetbikes/Shuriken Cannon
10 x Guardians/Scatter Laser

10 x Harlequins/Kiss/Fusion Pistols/Troupe Master/Death Jester/Shadowseer
10 x Striking Scorpions/Exarch/Scorpion’s Claw/Stalker/Shadowstrike

1 x Wraithlord/Flamers/Bright Lance/Missile Launcher
3 x War Walkers/Scatter Laser

Normally four of these units would never make it into my standard 40k list, but the Avatar, Scorpions, Warwalkers and Guardians are all perfect for Cities, and it's only because I also have an Eldar Harlequin army, that the number of units I would not normally use isn't eight, with Jetbikes being the only unit I use in my Eldar Mech and Saim Hann lists.

So with the ability to have some fun with units I love but don't usually take, how does the list work?
Well first up the Avatar advances forward to cause trouble, whilst the Wraithlord, Guardians and War Walkers all sit at the back giving out some firepower, with quantity of shots over quality being key in Cities because of all the cover saves. Eldrad hides out of site or joins the Guardians to do what he does best with his Jedi tricks, and to help with wraithsight. Harlequins sit nearby ignoring terrain ready for the counter assault, or to quickly move out depending on the mission.

Striking Scorpions infiltrate in a position to help the Avatar out midfield, or to get into the enemies back ranks taking advantage of move through cover. The Pathfinders infiltrate into a high advantage point to shoot, distract and hold any buildings. A small unit of jetbikes are ideal for reserving, it is small enough to avoid landing on terrain, and can either contest or pop out from behind terrain, shoot the Cannon and then hiding again in the assault phase.

Playing something extra like Cities of Death and the different missions, really does add a different dimension to your army and how it work, and gives you something different to work with...

Do you have any units you never use in normal 40k, but work really well in different scenarios?

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5 December 2010

New Necron Codex Review - Nightbringer

Nick speaking,

The first of the Necron C'Tan's to get a New Necron Codex Review is the Nightbringer. This Necron God is an awesome model with a very spooky name. It is the type of model that should make your opponent quiver in their shoes when you place it on the table! But for 365 points, is he really that scary?

The normal point size when I first started playing 40k was 1,500 points, and it was always difficult to fit him into a list at that level. I did however give him a go in some fun only games, and although he was enjoyable to play with, he was just so slow moving to be worth the points unless you managed to position him in just the right place or more importantly, your enemy likes to come towards you!

In fifth edition he does get the added bonus of being able to run, and with a raise in point cost games as the norm of 1,750-2,000, could there be more room for him in my list? Probably yes, but at the moment I am preferring the Nightbringers golden brother, the Deceiver. More on the Deceiver in another post.

Obviously it goes without saying that in close combat the Nightbringer absolutely rocks, but what do we want for our hardest hitting Necron model in a New Codex?

A points cost drop goes without saying, but what about some form of godly teleportation? I would love to have Deep Strike on him, and if I was really greedy, I would want a 3+ invulnerable save! So what do you reckon of the Nightbringer in the New Codex? How will he change?
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2 December 2010

Mech Eldar Vs Blood Angels

Nick speaking,

This time my IDIC Mech Eldar list takes on Blood Angels...

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