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26 February 2011

Dark Harlequins!

Nick speaking,

Now that the dust has settled on the recently released Dark Eldar Codex, some strange things have been happening! I have noticed a small warp portal opening up around The IDIC Harlequins, it seems like the dark side is calling them...

Well I do have thirty Harlequin models already, so going over to the dark side and trying out a Dark Harlequin army, isn't going to be too difficult. As you can see from the picture above, some of my Harlequins are old school models that I picked up cheap from my local hobby shop. They are just making up the numbers until sometime in the future, when I will get myself some more of the new models.

All the units in my Harlequin army work together so well. You can't target the Harlies at a distance from Veil of tears, so you are left shooting at the Pathfinders with their 2+ cover save, or the three strong toughness eight Wraithlords, and then throwing in Eldard with all the re-rolls from guide, fortune and doom to finish up. When the time is right it's fairly easy to get the Harlequins across the table by ignoring terrain from their flip belts, and then using their hit and run ability.

Now, how to make my thirty Harlequins have as much success with the Dark Eldar Codex as I have had with the Eldar Codex?

Can it be done?


  1. If I build dark Eldar I was planning on running two squads of harly's (mainly because I want to paint them) So I am curious what you end up with.

  2. I probably wouldn't run more than twenty of them (2x10), as you want to use that last Elite slot to shore up your anti-tank in all likelihood and Harlequins are pretty expensive anyways. But I think they're a pretty excellent unit and especially so if you can have them steal a ride from some Wracks or dive out of a Webway Portal. They're also one of the better countercharge units in a static DE list and are excellent portal-bearers thanks to being hard to shoot at long ranges.

  3. I am running 2 squads of harlequins currently in my Dark Eldar army using a dual portal list. It's really a shame they can't take Venoms (those *are* in the old Harlequin pdf codex, and if I remember correctly were originally Harlequin exclusive vehicles) so portals are really one of the best ways to get them into HTH. I don't really know of any static DE builds where you can hold them back for countercharge, and with everything in the DE codex being so fast I'd say you probably shouldn't walk them either.

    However, I will probably be swapping them out for blaster trueborn in venoms once the venom models come out. The Elites slot is precious in DE and there are other means of getting nasty CC units.

  4. I also plan to use Dark Harlequins but up untill now I only use them as a "safe" portal delivery system.

    Hopefully someone out there willl use them more offencively and tell us all about it.

  5. I am currently building an ALL harlequin count-as army with the DE rules (see my blog, Unfortunately without help from pain tokens or something like fortune in the craftworld book, real harlequin units die way too fast to be effective. they are expensive, and not as good in combat as other elite choices.

    I am running a single squad of halrequins to hide one of my two portals (the other is in a venom). so far they have worked very very well for me. I go in expecting them to drop a portal and possibly die, so I keep them cheap. but then sometimes the wreck a squad or two on top of delivering my whole army, and that is icing on the cake.

    I don't think > 10 harlequins is viable, but one squad brings somethign to the table, especially for a webway force. if you're using raiders, you can just forget about them, they won't be worth the points...


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