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1 July 2011

IDIC Harlequins - Time for Mauggy!

Nick speaking,

If you have been following my Blog, you will know that my IDIC Harlequin Eldar list is totally based around the tactical Harlequin PDF done by Fritz. I love the whole Harlequin themed army idea, and I have had some great fun with them. The army has two variants based around two HQ's, with either Eldrad or Maugan Ra heading up the army. Eldrad is generally the preferred choice, giving a boost to your Harlies with Doom, Guiding your Wraithlords and Fortuning the Pathfinders so they can keep hold of any objectives...

The main disadvantage of the Eldrad list, is that pretty much every man and his dog now has some way to shut down Eldrad's psychic powers! Lets face it, Eldar are no longer the psykers they used to be and with said powers being shut down, Eldrad almost becomes redundant. Of course he does bring other things to the table like Divination and Runes of Warding, and if you get lucky with an army without any psychic defense, or manage to take it out, then the Eldrad list still stands very strong.

Both lists rely on just two troop choices, two units of five Pathfinders. After you have paid for the thirty Harlequins and three Wraithlords that you need to make the list work, that's the only troop choices you can afford. That's OK though, as the whole army is designed around that fact and has so many tricks in it to make it work.


Having a fortuned troop choice sitting on an objective, with a re-rollable, two plus cover save, backed by thirty Harlequins that you can't target, is a pretty tough nut to crack, but what about all the weapons out there that ignore cover saves? Tau marker lights, Blood Angels flanking flamer Baals, Blood Angels horrible Sternguard bullets that either drop pod or Storm Raven in (I won't mention their 2+ poisoned bullets!) Ork Snikrot rear flanking Commandos with flamers etc etc. I know there are a few tricks that can help out the Pathfinders, like reserving, baiting and bubble wrapping, and it is fair to say that even when the Pathfinders have been wiped out, I have still held on to a draw with the Harlies and Wraithlords contesting. So with all that said, I am now starting to think that it maybe time for me to start using the Mauggy list!

So what does Mauggy bring to the army?

Well, Mauggy has a bit more of an offensive roll than Eldrad, and although he has no invulnerable save, he does bring something different to the army. Using his thirty six inch ranged Muagateer, whilst being protected by a Harlequin unit with Veil of Tears, is going to start to be annoying to your opponent. With his Crack Shot ability you will be getting four strength six, rending shots, that ignore cover saves and hit on a two plus. With the ability to ignore smoke on rhinos, or cover saves on fast moving skimmers helps bring your opponent out on foot. Add to this his Fast Shot ability, an extra shot for when your opponent hasn’t or can’t pop smoke or is out in the open, plus acute senses for night fight and Dawn of War. When Mauggies Harlequin unit finally hits for the assault, he brings support with his high initiative, good number of attacks and a strength six power weapon to boot. No invulnerable save does suck, but at least he has Internal Warrior to slightly compensate for it!

I am not thinking or saying that adding Mauggy is going to change how my opponent deals with my scoring Pathfinders, but at least he may add a bit more pressure on them to deal with his unit, whilst my Pathfinders reserve and try not to draw attention to themselves! Although Mauggy will mean I no longer have any psychic protection myself without Eldrad's Runes of Warding, and I could potentially miss out on the the boosting powers of Eldrad, I think he will make me play my Harlequins a bit more aggressively than I do at the moment, and I am looking forward to see the results.

So with my Mauggy list in hand, it's time to take him into battle...

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