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9 October 2011

Termagant Troubles!

Nick speaking,

Now that I have my first Tervigon completed, I need to have a look at Termagants! I currently have forty of them, but if I'm going to end up with five Tervigons, I know that I will need a lot more. This doesn't worry me, as I am sure I will be able to beg, borrow or steal more of them, or worse case scenario, just get them from eBay! I have a nice and simple colour scheme as well for my Nids, so I am not even worried about painting up one hundred plus Gants!

The only trouble I see is how to distinguish the many different Termagant broods that will end up on the table? I have been thinking long and hard about this and the most obvious way is to paint up lots of eighteen strong broods in different colour schemes! Eighteen models is the maximum amount a Tervigon can spawn in one turn. But that would mean on a lower spawn count of say, twelve models, six Termagants would be wasted? I suppose if I the spawned a small brood of six or less later in the game I could use them, but I am thinking you will end up with a lot of odd numbers and a bit of a miss match.

I hope I am making sense? I don't really want to have a load of Gants that can't be used, after all, I need so many to make it all work in the first place anyway! Maybe I am worrying about nothing, but if I painted all one hundred plus Gants all the same, like I would like to, how would the broods be distinguished? It was bad enough when I played with only forty unpainted Gants, I even had one brood facing backwards to highlight the brood on the table!

It's fair to say that I have never played, or seen being played, a game with five Tervigons and a ton of Gants, but I am sure there would be a lot of confusion on the table. I know that the Gants will be shot down or killed in the assault during the game, and they can then be recycled, but you can't rely on that. The last thing you want to do is run out of Gant models on a good spawning day!

So does anyone out there use a Tervigon heavy list and have any experience with this problem? Do you have any advice or answers that can help me with my Termagant troubles?


  1. For my Necrons I just use different colours on the rim of the bases to distinguish between squads.

  2. I also use different base-rim colors to differentiate my Termagant squads- I usually make them in batches of 15, since it is incredibly rare to roll higher than that on a Tervi (and if you do it means you're no longer spawning anything else.)

  3. Batches of fifteen sounds like a good idea thanks. It will mean that with the forty models I currently have, I can make two broods of fifteen and have ten left over so that I can have a brrod to unlock a Tervigon as Troops :-)

  4. I use Toxin Sacs (Adrenal Glands work just as well) with different colors. This allows me to keep the same overall scheme but have the squads easily distinguished on the tabletop (I generally have the colors be bright and easily distinguished from my scheme as well). I've done them in batches of 2x10 (starter squads), 2x12 and 2x14 with a smaller squad of 8. Whilst there generally are a few Termagants which don't get used it does give me flexibility in using the squads (i.e. I roll an 11 and thus only have one 'wasted' gant rather than say five) and I rarely need more than four extra spawns anyway (average being three for two Tervigons).

  5. That is a great idea, I never thought about making different sized batches. I can see that working really well, thanks for that :-)

  6. I've got a Leviathan army with two Tervigons in my 1850 list, As I didn't want the Termagents to look four different colours and preferring all my bases to have same coloured rims I decided to use about 6 hues of purple for the armour, each using the same leviathan wash, but lighter base coats that are obvious from player perspective whilst remaining the same colour scheme (Trying to simulate the chitin having less time to harden)...

  7. That sounds like it is working well, thanks for sharing. In the end I painted up the tails all different on mine


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