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28 November 2011

New Necrons - The Next Stage

Nick speaking,

My first new Necron Codex list went up against a nice and friendly Tau army. It was just a fun game where we got to see some of the new rules in action. In case you didn't get to see the battle report, we played Capture and Control, where I put my Stormlord, Lychgaurd and six units of Immortals and Warriors on my objective, sent out my Scarabs and Spyders up the middle, with Wraiths a C'tan on either flank. Tau ended up shooting at the stuff coming towards him, whilst I took out his fast stuff that could tank shock me off my objective. I ended up holding my objective and contesting his.

So, what did I learn and what is next for my list, remembering that I am in no hurry to start spamming everything for the most 'competitive' list around. I still want to try and win, of course, but I am quite happy to just play test the units and have some fun whilst doing so.

OK, so onto the list and the HQ slot. My list is based around the ever popular Imotekh the Stormlord. In my game against Tau I managed to hit three units with a six for the lighting attacks which was great, but sadly I rolled a one for the Storm to fail to continue on turn two. His storm ability is a bit random, which is fun, but also means that a Solor Pulse Cryptek is going to be mandatory, so that you can keep the Night fight rule in play if it fails, or indeed, if you have the correct opportunity, to turn the night fight off for you to start shooting.

It is pretty obvious that Crypteks are going to be the bread and butter of most Necron armies, and with the Eldrich Lance/Solar pulse ability, the Harbringer of Destruction was now in mine. It also became pretty apparent to me, that if I get an opponent that is in my face quickly, my foot troops are going to go down quite easily, even with Night fight. At this stage I am staying away from transports as I am just using the models I have, don't worry, I have my Christmas list done, but until then I am going to have to settle for the good old Veil of Darkness to get me around. Harbringer of Despair with Veil, now in my list!

My first list had five Lychgaurd in it and they did absolutely nothing! They literally just stood there in front of my troops the whole of the game! Although I will give them a try again at some point, it was evident that they do have a big lack of fire power. I originally took them as a sort of Pariah roll, but with no shooting attack they don't work that way. So what to have instead for the 225pts? Obvious choices for me in my Necron case would be either a Monolith or a unit of Destroyers, both of which have taken a big whack from the GW Nerf bat, but still...

I have the models, so I want to use them! Destroyers are no longer the unit they used to be, no need for me to go on anymore about why, however, what is needed with Destroyers, is to start thinking about them as a totally new unit. They do have AP3 guns, which is not to be stiffed at, and up to three of them can be upgraded to Heavy Destroyers. OK, AP3 isn't a great benefit with everyone getting cover saves, but that's why I have the C'tan in my list. Give him Writhing Worldscape to try and force your enemy in the open, and give him Stealth so he can sit behind the Destroyers for a 3+ cover save.

I had a unit of Wraiths and a unit of Scarabs in my first list, of which I am going to stick with. I am certain I will probably end up with two units of Scarabs in the future as it would definitely be a benefit to have a unit on each side of the board advancing forward, but at the moment I am just loving Wraiths too much to drop them. It's obvious that the Fast Attack slot is where it is in the Dex, Scarabs and Wraiths being the key units of choice, and I can see that spam type lists could have an issue over this slot.

Spyders will back up the Scarabs as in the previous list, and my Monolith will have to wait until next time to come out and play. As for Troops, without the Lychgaurd I opted for a bigger unit of Gauss Blaster Immortals for the Stormlord to join, with two five man Telsa units for the two Crypteks to join. Warriors have been relegated to a small five man unit to be reserved and come on for objectives.

Now my list looks like this:   

1 x Imotekh the Stormlord (225)
1 x Cryptek Harbringer of Destruction/ Eldridge Lance/Solar Pulse (55)
1 x Cryptek Harbringer of Despair/Abyssal Staff /Veil of Darkness (60)

1 x C’Tan Shard/Spirit Dust/Writhing Worldscape (240)

10 x Immortals (170)
5 x Immortals Tesla Carbines (85)
5 x Immortals Tesla Carbines (85)
5 x Warriors (65)

6 x Canoptek Wraiths/2x Particle Caster/4x Whip coils (260)
10 x Canoptek Scarabs (150)
5x Necron Destroyers/3x Gauss Cannon/2x Heavy Gauss Cannon (240)

2 x Canoptek Spyders/1x Gloom Prism (115)

Points 1750

Battle report to follow

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