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16 December 2011

Necron Immortals - Tesla Vs Gauss

Nick speaking,

So how do you choose? Should your Immortals have Guass Blaster's or Tesla Carbine's? I have been messing around for a while now with both versions of the Immortal guns to find out how they perform on the battlefield. Obviously the Gauss Blaster is not what is used to be, getting the Nerf bat down to a Rapid fire weapon, but still maintaining auto Glancing hits on a roll of a six against vehicles. The alternative Tesla Carbine has a new ability of getting two additional dice that auto hit if you roll any six's to hit, but no glance on six's to wound!

My first Necron lists involved using all the models I have instead of the new toy's, which meant losts of foot Immortals and Warriors. I also experimented with lists without Crypteks, but of course now they are always in my list! In those lists where I was lacking in the anti-tank department, like Eldritch Lances, I found having the ability to glance vehicles very useful. Most of the time I was standing still for the 24" range, and having the ability to advance forward to Rapid fire anything close was a bonus. I also found in those early games Tesla didn't really offer me anything the Blaster didn't do! I suppose the other thing to consider is how many Immortals you have in a unit, as this will have an impact on the squads ability with certain guns as well!

Since then, my overall list has changed and I have found that with enough anti-tank guns/Scarabs to get those troops out of their tanks midfield, the Tesla weapons really start to come into play. Being able to move into position and shoot 24" with a few six's coming into play, they can be pretty good. Obviously, when you start to put your Immortlas into transport or have a character leading them to give them the relentless special rule, the benifits of each gun changes as well. 

In reality, I think this new gun swap, which has no points difference, is a great idea for this troops choice. I have come to the conclusion that both guns have their place, depending on the build of the rest of your army, and it is difficult to pin point which gun is actually better, which is great really, as it means both guns are a useful option in there own right.

So what has your experience been? Please comment and vote on my poll, as I would love to hear your opinions...


  1. Tesla, unless they are accompanied by a Phaeron. The ability to move and shoot 24" is too valuable to give up.

    Gauss is great if you're relentless, though; shakes tanks all day long and lack of AP- means you can actually do some potential damage to AV10 and 11.

  2. I have to echo abusepuppy's comment.
    Tesla all the way unless accompanied by a Phaeron.
    In my games, the T-Immortals have outperformed the G-Immortals easily by a factor of 2 to 1 or more.

  3. And all the other armor values if you're including AV11...against AV11 you glance on 6's, which is the same for every armor value Guass goes against.

  4. That sounds like solid advice on the immortals.  Personally I think a mix of tesla immortals and warriors would be ideal.  Use the warriors for their auto-glance and the immortals to pump out lots of (slightly) higher strength hits.  Gets really fun if your warriors are able to pop a transport and the immortals zap the unit inside.

  5. I like the tesla carbine

  6. I must admit I am totally swinging towards the Tesla unless I have a Phaeron


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