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1 December 2011

Real 13th Company Space Wolves - Initial List

Nick speaking,

I know it's been a while since I started to look at making a Real 13th Company army, but my three weeks holiday and Necron Codex release put a few delays on the project. So for those of you that missed my first post, you can check it out here if you wish. In the original post I go through the old 13th Co. units and compare them to the current Codex. I try to get a feel on how a new styled 13th Great Company army might look, and here is my progress so far...

There seems to be two main stand out options for a fluffy type, 13th Company army based around your initial first HQ choice. The first one, and the one I want to concentrate on in this post, is Logan Grimnar. I suppose you could say a sort of Loganwing list, but I want to make sure I keep it within the boundaries of 13th Company.  Logan unlocks Wolf Guard as troops, which if you take Logan, you SHOULD be doing. I think this alone puts you into the smaller elite category anyway, and seems to match a 13th Company themed army very well.

The second main HQ option would be a Wolf Lord, either on a Thunderwolf mount, or a bike. Join him to a unit of Thunderwolves or Wolf Guard bikers, take lots of Grey Hunters and back them up with Long Fangs and Scouts. One of the big things that 13th Company lose in the new Space Wolves Codex, is the army wide (except bikes) Scouts ability. With Logan making Guard a troops choice, that leaves me the Elites section free for Scouts, and just out of principle, my first Real 13th Co. list is going to have three Scout packs.

Three packs of Long Fangs are going to be mandatory, as that's my only Heavy support choice for these guy's anyway, so that leads me onto Troops. With some guidance from Purgatus and his Loganwing Troops post, I am going to start with his basic Troops choice and work my way from there as I progress. So that's the troops section sorted with multiple  packs of five Wolf Guard, one with Terminator armour and Cyclone Missile Launcher, and one with a Strom Bolter. With all that taken and a few Wolf Guard for the Scouts to give them a bit of extra clout, I can have five packs of Wolf Guard and just have enough points left over for some Fenrisians Wolves, to just sit in terrain and go to ground until the opportunity arises for them to be used...

1 x Logan Grimnar (275) 

5 x Wolf Scouts/Meltagun/1x Wolf Guard/Combi-Melta/Wolf Claw (123)
5 x Wolf Scouts/Meltagun/1x Wolf Guard/Wolf Claw (118) 
5 x Wolf Scouts/Meltagun/1x Wolf Guard/Combi-Melta (108)

5 x Wolf Guard Pack/1x Storm bolter/1x Terminator/Cyclone missile (138)
5 x Wolf Guard Pack/1x Storm bolter/1x Terminator/Cyclone missile (138) 
5 x Wolf Guard Pack/1x Storm bolter/1x Terminator/Cyclone missile (138) 
5 x Wolf Guard Pack/1x Storm bolter/1x Terminator/Cyclone missile (138) 
5 x Wolf Guard Pack/1x Storm bolter/1x Terminator/Cyclone missile (138)

5 x Long Fangs/4x Missile Launcher/1x Pack Leader (115)
5 x Long Fangs/4x Missile Launcher/1x Pack Leader (115) 
5 x Long Fangs/4x Missile Launcher/1x Pack Leader (115)
10 x Fenrisian Wolves/1x Cyberwolves (88)


I have also been toying with the idea of adding a pack of five Wolf Guard Bikers and dropping two units of foot Guard, or maybe dropping one pack of foot Guard and one pack of Fangs, but I think I will have to see how this initial list goes first, and expand it from there. My first impression is that the list should do what Wolves do best, by having a lot of long ranged missiles, whilst keeping hold of midfield. The three packs of Scouts should put enough pressure on the board edges to help pull the army together!

Any thoughts, ideas and suggestions welcome.

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