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30 January 2012

Necron Traveller Battle Report

Nick speaking,

After playing my Traveller list against Grey Knights a while back and not getting a chance to see the Traveller in action, I wanted to have another go with the list. I know I really need the Traveller in a Command Barge, and I am working on that at the moment. Until them though, it's a Veil of Darkness Cryptek that has the job of getting him into position. At the very least the game gave me a chance to put down my newly painted green stuff Scarabs, and my repainted Tomb Spyder...

My list:

1 x Anrakyr the Traveller (165) (Joins Troop 1)
1 x Necron Overlord/Phaeron/Resurrection Orb (150) (Joins Troop 2)

1 x Cryptek Harbringer of Despair/Abyssal Staff/Veil of Darkness (60) (Joins Troop 1)
2 x Cryptek Harbringer of Destruction/Eldridge Lance (70) (Joins Troop 2 and 3)
2 x Cryptek Harbringer of Destruction/Eldridge Lance/Solar Pulse (110) (Joins Troops 4 and 5)

1) 5 x Necron Immortals/Telsa (85)
2) 10 x Pyrrhian Eternals (170)
3) 5 x Necron Warriors (65)
4) 5 x Necron Warriors (65)
5) 5 x Necron Warriors (65)

6 x Canoptek Wraiths/2x Particle Caster/4x Whip coils (260)
10 x Canoptek Scarabs (150)
3 x Necron Heavy Destroyers (180)

3 x Canoptek Spyders/1x Gloom Prism (165)

Points 1750

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27 January 2012

How to Magnetise a Trygon, Mawloc and Trygon Prime

Nick speaking,

Still working towards my Fritz styled big bug Tyranid list, I know it's coming along slowly, but all good things come to those who wait! Anyway, I had trouble with my first Trygon, in that, I wanted to make it interchangeable, but couldn't work out how to do it! I am pleased to say though, that I did manage to fully magnetise up my second and third Trygons very successfully. When I built my third Trygon, I did a video of the progress in hope to help others...

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24 January 2012

Is Finecast Fine Now?

Nick speaking,

It has now been quite some time since Finecast was launched upon us, and up until recently, I have never actually purchased my first Finecast mini. Now with all the new Necron models coming out, I thought it would be a good time to try it out. It's been long enough that all the teething problems should have been ironed out, and the excuse of using the old metal casts being the problem, wouldn't be the case with a brand new Finecast model, would it?

So, there you have it, my first Finecast model purchased, Imotekh the Stormlord. Now I have to admit, when I opened it I was looking for issues, I have heard all that has been said about Finecast, so I started looking for imperfections! So much so, that I convinced myself that the holes on his cloak were air bubbles?

No problem, I said to myself, that's what liquid green stuff is for anyway, but then, when I took a closer look at the Lords staff, I was disappointed to see that it didn't look quite right either! I double checked with the picture on the packet, and yes, there was a massive junk missing on the staff blade...

OK, I could cut the other side off a bit to match it in, but why should I have to do that? I then started to look at the main body itself, and low and behold, I found real air bubbles...

Time for a quick trip back to GW for a replacement! I got it replaced with no trouble at all, they even opened a new one up in the shop so I could check it out for imperfections. The second one still had a few air bubbles on the body, but nothing I couldn't sort out. The replacement also had all the holes in the cloak the same as the first one did, so we assumed they are meant to be there?
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21 January 2012

Next Canoptek Spyder Done

Nick speaking,

Like most Necron players using the old Codex, Tomb Spyders weren't a major part of my army ideals. I had a couple, and I did use them now and again, but of course, things are different now. A few weeks ago I found myself a nice cheap second had Spyder in my local hobby store, which I quickly purchased. It had a half decent paint job i.e. it was dry brushed silver, but it didn't match the rest of my army. Time for a quick strip down, repaint and a bit of extra detail to the base, including a few of my green stuff Scarabs to bring it all together...

So, that gives me three Spyders in total, not bad, but how many Spyders should I aim for? Nine sounds good, and with my green stuff scarabs working out so well, I could easily get together sixty Scarab bases, but is that over the top? What is the ideal amount of Spyders/Scarabs in a 1750/2000 point list?

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18 January 2012

Eldar Vs Daemons 500pt Picture Report

Nick speaking,

More five hundred point fun, this time with Eldar...

My List:

1x Farseer/Jetbike/Spear/Doom/Fortune/Stones
6x Jetbikes/4x Cats/2x Cannon
1x Warlock/Jetbike/Embolden
5x Rangers
1x Warwalker/2x Cannon

500 points on the nose...

Find out more about the Dunk Walker here...

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17 January 2012

Necron FAQ Query?

Nick speaking,

Just a quick query with the new Necron FAQ, which I have to say, overall l am very pleased with.

First it says this:

Q: Can a Veil of Darkness be used instead of moving onto the board when a unit arrives from reserve?
A: Yes.

And then it says:

Q: Can a unit of Deathmarks with an attached model from a Royal Court Deep Strike?
 A: No, every model in a unit must have the Deep Strike special rule for it to do so.

Is it just me or shouldn't this say:

A: No, every model in a unit must have the Deep Strike special rule for it to do so, unless the attached model has a Veil of Darkness

Have I missed something?

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15 January 2012

Necron Spinning Top!

Nick speaking,

OK, so i am going to throw this straight at you. I got this green plastic spinning top in my Christmas cracker, it looks just like it could fit into my Necron army somehow! I was thinking somewhere on the Travellers Command Barge or something? It's about an inch in diameter, any ideas?

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12 January 2012

Green Stuff Scarab Unit Done

Nick speaking,

To my surprise, it didn't take me long to knock out fifty green stuff Scarabs with my home made cast. As usual with Necrons, it was even quicker to paint them, and in the end, I only had a couple of rejects. The rejects were still good enough for me to use on a base I made for my next project, re-painting a second hand Tomb Spyder that I purchased. Overall, although not perfect, I think they generally came out well. So, here are the final results of my first unit of ten Scarabs Swarms, all made out of green stuff...

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9 January 2012

Green Stuff Scarab Progress

Nick speaking,

Continuing on with the progress I have made with my green stuff Scarab project, and I have now made about thirty seven Scarabs. Still plenty to make, but not far away from my first unit of ten bases. I ran out of green stuff, so I have continued the project on with my Gale Force Nine 'grey stuff'. Here is a picture of some of the ones I have done so far, can you spot the real Scarab?

I have my first ten bases all ready and dry brushed...

I've got all my 'Necron' rocks done and ready for the bases...

The end result should look something like this...

Now to continue with the Scarab making process...

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6 January 2012

Eldar Dire Avengers Painted with Magnetised Exarch

Nick speaking,

Last time I posted about my Dire Avengers it was to say that I had finally worked out the paint scheme that I had planned for them. So, in this post I am please to announce that they are now all finished. The Exarch has his arms fully magnetised with the three options available to him, and I have also magnetised the banner so I can take it off and put it on his base as a Blade Storm marker. Another big thank you to Ron over on FTW for his great post on line highlighting techniques.

Here is my usual Painting project video that I did for YouTube, where you can see the process I took in getting to the end results...

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