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24 January 2012

Is Finecast Fine Now?

Nick speaking,

It has now been quite some time since Finecast was launched upon us, and up until recently, I have never actually purchased my first Finecast mini. Now with all the new Necron models coming out, I thought it would be a good time to try it out. It's been long enough that all the teething problems should have been ironed out, and the excuse of using the old metal casts being the problem, wouldn't be the case with a brand new Finecast model, would it?

So, there you have it, my first Finecast model purchased, Imotekh the Stormlord. Now I have to admit, when I opened it I was looking for issues, I have heard all that has been said about Finecast, so I started looking for imperfections! So much so, that I convinced myself that the holes on his cloak were air bubbles?

No problem, I said to myself, that's what liquid green stuff is for anyway, but then, when I took a closer look at the Lords staff, I was disappointed to see that it didn't look quite right either! I double checked with the picture on the packet, and yes, there was a massive junk missing on the staff blade...

OK, I could cut the other side off a bit to match it in, but why should I have to do that? I then started to look at the main body itself, and low and behold, I found real air bubbles...

Time for a quick trip back to GW for a replacement! I got it replaced with no trouble at all, they even opened a new one up in the shop so I could check it out for imperfections. The second one still had a few air bubbles on the body, but nothing I couldn't sort out. The replacement also had all the holes in the cloak the same as the first one did, so we assumed they are meant to be there?


  1. Hey man,
    This echoes something i was wondering the other day. I had really bad early experiences with air bubbles etc but my recent tech marine with sevitors and high marshall helbrecht were absolutely flawless. I there for assumed all was well at last in the world of finecast.

    Then i got given Lilith for xmas and all the tips of her hair were missing amd the hooks in her hair were missing so off she went back to the local gw. As for the bubbles in the cape id look for a reference in WD or on GW's site (if youre bothered) - i wemt through FIVE Boss Zagstruk's before getting one without the same bubble fault on his rokkit pack.

    It's still a shame they haven't got it right. Liquid green stuff is something of an insult really - buy this, it's for filling bubbles and imperfections - there shouldn't be ANY bubbles or imperfections!

  2. Some rubbish spelling in there! My apologies - phone typing for you!

  3. Ha ha, no problem, I appreciate the comment and it's good to hear your experiences

  4. I some chaos daemon flamers the other day. Apart from a few bubbles they were okay and the large surfaces were much smoother than their metal counterparts so I can't really complain there. 

  5. Nice to hear a positive report thanks

  6. Maybe I should do a little review and a comparison with the metal models.

  7. That sounds like a great idea

  8. I don't have any finecast right now, but have you tried tossing a piece of fine cast sprue into green stuff for a week?

    Wondering if it will melt.

  9. No, I have never tried that...I wonder!

  10. If you try it post it up.
    I can't my finecast sprue I was going to test, and it will be a few weeks before my next finecast purchase.


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