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2 February 2012

How to magnetise a Necron Annihilation/Command Barge

Nick speaking,

Like most people do, I want to get the best value I can out of my models. So having all the bits in the New Necron Annihilation/Command Barge box to make both models, it was time for me to get my magnets out. This is a tutorial on how I made a fully magnetised Barge including the under slung gun. You will need sixteen 2x1mm magnets, a 2mm pin vice, super glue, clippers and a small piece of green stuff.

First you will need to cut the tabs off and drill five holes in the section pictured below. I would recommend that you drill the one at the back before you glue it together, as it is a bit tricky afterwards. The front four holes can be drill all the way through the piece, with the back hole just deep enough for the magnet. When you glue the magnets into place, put a small piece of green stuff in the hole first, as it makes it easier to get the magnets to hold, and of course, it goes without saying that you need to make sure all the magnets go in the correct way so that they will magnetise.

Next is to put three magnets into the piece picture below, you will have to drill the original holes out very slightly, so that the magnets sit flush, but be careful not to drill too deep and come out the other side.

Now for the command barge section. All you need to do is drill two holes as pictured below, you will need to be careful as there isn't much room. It is best to have the hole nearer to the inside section, so if you don't get it quite right, you won't be able to see it afterwards.

That's the top section all done, so next is the under slung gun. Luckily, the picture below speaks loader than words, but basically, I filled in the hole on the right piece with green stuff and then placed a magnet in it. I then cut the tab off and drilled a hole into the left piece and put a magnet in that.

Lastly, was to magnetise the guns themselves, again cutting the tabs off and drilling holes for the top magnets, and then putting another magnet in the holes at the back of the guns. You will notice the hole at the back of the Tesla gun is very deep, so you will need to fill it with green stuff first.

That's it really, I am sure most of you will just look at the pictures anyway, but hopefully everything all makes sense. The green bits in the pictures are just me going over the mini with some liquid green stuff. Any questions just let me know, or maybe they will be answered in this video I made of the procedure...


  1. 16 magnets... it always amazed me at the number of magnets we go through when doing things like this. You don't think you'll go through that many and then when it's all said and done, you count them up and are surprised.

    Ron, From the Warp

  2. Ha ha, yes I know what you mean, just counted up how many magnets i used on my Trygon after reading your comment, came to 33! =)

  3. Thanks buddy, hope it will help someone out there :-)

  4. You've helped me with all your magnet guides, I'm seriously looking at buying some magnets once me and wife have paid off a couple of bills over the next month or so, then I'll be getting my hands on some! Looks like I'll need fists full of them! lol


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