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27 February 2012

Necron Annhilation Scarab List

Nick speaking,

OK, so onto a list for my Annihilation Barges, and this time I want all my green stuff Scarabs in the list as well. I recently saw a Necron list over on Fritz 40K featuring thirty Scarabs that he took to Conflict GT a few weeks ago. It has some interesting concepts to it, so I thought I would build on that list as a starting point for my Annihilation Scarabs. Fritz didn't use any Annihilation Barges, so I had to switch a few things around here and there to get my two Barges in it. Please check out this post by Fritz to see his take on the list.

1 x Stormlord (225)
Royal Court:
1 x Cryptek Harbringer of Eternity/Cronometron (40)
1 x Cryptek Harbringer of Despair/Veil of Darkness/Nightmare Shroud (70)

1 x C’Tan Shard/Spirit Dust/Writhing Worldscape (240)
5 x Flayed Ones (65)

10 x Necron Immortals/Tesla (170)
5 x Necron Warriors (65)
5 x Necron Warriors (65)
5 x Necron Warriors (65)
5 x Necron Warriors (65)
5 x Necron Warriors (65)

10 x Canoptek Scarabs (150)
10 x Canoptek Scarabs (150)
9 x Canoptek Scarabs (135)

1 x Annihilation Barge/Tesla Cannon (90)
1 x Annihilation Barge/Tesla Cannon (90)

Points 1750


  1. Why don't you put gauss blasters on the Immortals, better AP and can damage tanks, plus Stormlord is a phareon so they would be relentless.

    Not sure the point in 5 Warriors on foot? It appears only one unit will have a Cryptek and then a unit of 5 isn't a huge amount of fire power to veil about with.

  2. The Veil Cryptek with Warriors are just there as a last minute objective grabber. Ideally I would like Ghost Arks, but I have to wait for a couple of weeks until it's my birthday ;-)

    Yeah, you are right that Gauss Blasters are better if you have a phareon attached. The reason for Tesla, is in some missions (annihilation) or against some armies, the Crono Cryptek and Stormlord would go with Warriors, Whilst the Veil would go with the Immortals as a veil and shoot unit, which of course, Tesla would be better for.

    This list is more of a list to just get my Annihilation Barges on the table and I thought it would be fun to try out the ideas Fritz had. I beleive he had a bad time with this list at the tourney though! Still, it's fun :-)

  3. I'm not keen on this list tbh mate, I just don't see where it's going to damage your opponents as it has quite limited ranged fire power, granted, it's quite a tough list to clear from the table, but those troops a squishy until they're in a Arks or full of crypteks.

    I would like to see a few bat reps to see how the list does, because I might be pleasantly surprised and proved wrong! I really like the idea of a C'tan though and if I where to pick up some necrons I would like to use one with the same loadout.  Good luck mate :)

  4. With the Stormlord and Crono Cryptek, the chances are neither side is going to be able to shoot at long range due to nightfight going on for a good few turns. hence no Lance spam. The Scarabs move centre table and bunker into terrain, going to ground as needed. So first you have to hit the Scarab wall, which is then backed up with the Immortals and C'tan behind them. Yes Warriors in Arks are probably the way forward, and will be when I get my Arks ;), but hopefully getting to my Warriors with this list will be a bit of a stuggle.

    Of course there are certain armies that can bypass the tactics, especially if your opponent is ready for Necrons! Battle report against a Jump Blood Angels army coming soon, and it's not a pretty sight! As for C'tan, he is still good, but to get the best out of him, the list has to work around him and his abilities. Got a Cities of Death coming up which I think he is going to excel in. All terrain dangerous and a 3+ cover save. it's a hame he can't go to ground as well!

  5. Don't forget that Pulse can be used to get rid of night fight in your own turn.. Your tactics seem very sound, I'm not sure my Paladins would like to face all those Scarabs with that entropic strike... The you'll have to be careful going to ground with the Warriors behind, if I had a unit that was infront of the scarabs and you went to ground, I would be tempted to try to shoot the warriors as they'll be save the following turn.

    Also without having the necron codex infront of me... do you have the Cryptek with the one re-roll be turn? I would strongly recommend you take him for the storm lords re-roll of nightfight ;).

  6. I don't like using Pulse when Stormy is around as you then lose the lighting attacks. You are right about the Scarabs, I wouldn't go to ground with all three Scarab units, probably just the one which has the most shots coming in on it. Yes the Crono Cryptek (Cronometron) has the re-rolls ;-)


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