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21 February 2012

Rescue Mission Battle Report (not video)

Nick speaking,

Been digging up some of the old missions lately and found one of my favourites from 4th Edition, Rescue! I have had a lot of fun with the old Rescue game over the years and when my buddies and I decided to have a 800pt four way game, I jumped at the chance to play it again. In case you don't know the mission, basically you place down six counters that have hidden numbers on them, roll a dice and the result of the roll is the hidden number you have to rescue. Whoever is holding the objective at the end of the game wins. Here are my objectives to give you an idea...

In the original mission anyone could pick up the counter, but to bring it up the fifth, we decided to played it that only troops could. Well, now that Phase Out for the Necrons has gone, playing a multi play game with the 'Crons isn't an issue anymore, so that was going to be my army. Two Overlords with relentless and Orbs, two full units of Gauss Immortals, two Veil Crypteks and a Cronocryptek with the spare forty points. My plan is to reserve, Veil on the objectives until I get the marker and then keep Veiling out of any trouble.

Terrain and objectives are placed and we roll a three for the marker we have to find. I end up on the right hand side of the table with four objectives on the left. To my left I have Daemons, Blood Angels are opposite and Grey Knights are over in the other corner to the left. You are only allowed to deploy troops in this mission, so every one reserves all except for BA who deploy two Rhino's. Using the old Random turn rules and Blood Angels are up first moving out to an objective...

Turn one for Daemons and some Blood Letters and Pink horrors come in next to an objective.

Turn two and Blood Angels get pulled out first again. His reserved Mephiston doesn't come in. He then disembarked his guy's onto the counter, but it's a six and is disregarded. Next turn two is Daemons who's reserves also don't come in. He moves his Blood Letters on the objective and turns it over, a three and he has now picked it up. All the other counters are disregarded and Necrons are pulled out for the next turn!

My turn two and one group comes in from reserve. I Veil them in and shoot out the Letters who drop the counter. Grey Knight are next and two of their reserved Rhino's come on from reserve shooting my Immortals, killing just one...

We all fight it out a bit and on turn three Daemons brings down a Fateweaver who scatters the full distance into my Immortals. He then throws a two on the mishap table, ouch, that had to hurt! Grey Knights teleport in a unit of ten troop Terminators next to my Immortals, taking them out in the assault next turn. Mephiston eventually comes in for Blood Angels who are a bit out of it now with all the guy's too far away to do anything after being annoyed by some Flamers...

Now it's turn four and I am last, using the old rules means that the game is going to end on turn six. My second group becomes available from reserve and I have one chance to Veil in and grab the objective next to the Terminators which still hasn't been picked up by anyone. I will then have to rely on the random game turn and hope that I come out before the Knights, so that I can teleport out again on turn five! I scatter a bit with the Veil, but manage to run onto the objective and pick it up...

Turn five and I hold my breath as we start to draw for who has first turn, Blood Angels come out first who are unable to do a great deal and the next turn counter is drawn. If it's me, I Veil out for the win, if it's Knights, I get assaulted and the Knights win! The counter is drawn and it's the Knights first, no one has the ability to take them out and get the objective in the turns left, so we call it a victory for Grey Knight. Really enjoyed the game, and if you haven't played this mission, it's worth a go.


  1. Awesome report, I love games when more than 2 players are involved! That mission REALLY lends its self to more than two player games really well! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks mate, yeah we often play muliple player games, they are great fun and let you experiement with some fun only armies. We also like playing the old battle of the camp mission, where one HQ from each army meet in the middle for tea and biscuits whilst the rest of the army sits in your deployment and only gets activated on a certain dice roll

  3. Some of my most 'fun' games and challenging games have come from multiple player games, the one with the HQ in the middle is an awesome mission, one of my favourites!


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