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4 March 2012

Necron Annihilation Scarabs Battle Report

Nick speaking,

My first game, and maybe my last, with this version of my Annihilation Scarab list, was against a Jump Pack based Blood Angels list. Right from the outset, I knew It was going to be an up hill struggle. Necrons, in a spearhead, annihilation mission, against a Dante based deep strike list with loads of FNP re-rolls, was always going to be hard. I was also hit with two Flanking Baals on my side of the board, which really didn't help. I learnt a lot from this game, and it really was nice to see my Annihilation Barges in action for the first time. They perform really well and I am now thinking that I need to get myself a couple of Ghost Arks as well! What do you think?

Here is my list and the Battle report, if you dare watch it!

1 x Stormlord (225) (Joins Immortals)
Royal Court:
1x Cryptek Harbringer of Eternity/Cronometron (40) (Joins Immortals)
1 x Cryptek Harbringer of Despair/Veil of Darkness/Nightmare Shroud (70) (Joins Warriors)

1 x C’Tan Shard/Spirit Dust/Writhing Worldscape (240)
5 x Flayed Ones (65)

1) 10 x Necron Immortals/Tesla (170)
2) 5 x Necron Warriors (65)
3) 5 x Necron Warriors (65)
4) 5 x Necron Warriors (65)
5) 5 x Necron Warriors (65)
6) 5 x Necron Warriors (65)

10 x Canoptek Scarabs (150)
10 x Canoptek Scarabs (150)
9x Canoptek Scarabs (135)

1x Annihilation Barge/Tesla Cannon (90)
1x Annihilation Barge/Tesla Cannon (90)

Points 1750


  1. Ouch, that was nasty, deploying on the flank with the Baals was a big mistake and most likely cost you the game. Against another army that wasn't deep striking you would of stood a much better chance! Due to storm lord as his powers seemed totally ineffective! :(

  2. Yeah, it hurt lol. being Spearhead, I knew I was taking a chance deploying in the corner, I thought about reserving, but I thougt it would be best to have all my guns on the table for when he deep striked in. I totally forgot the flankers were Baals! (we never look at each others lists before the game, we just keep them as a surprise) and thought a row of Scarabs would protect me from them! I may of had a chance if at least one Baal came in on the wrong side, but that's the way it goes. Keep watching though, as I will be getting some revenge on this Dante list in a few posts time :-)

  3.  Oooh revenge! Sounds good mate!

  4. Dude, I haven't watched the bat rep (at work), what is the game result?

    I am still struggling to see what use a veil is with 5 Warriors and units of 5 Warriors at all. Don't they just like get their face beat in? Ghost Arks would definitely help you btw and add more armour saturation ;)

  5. Mmm, 11-3 Kill points loss for the Necrons!! but it was against an army that seemed to be ready for my Crons, all deep strikers and flanking Baals with AP3 flamers. Imotekhs nightfight was totally overridden! 5 Warriors and the Veil, has one me a game before, always nice to have the last minute contesting, but I think that's the Eldar player in me lol. Usually night fight protects the Warriors very well and they would go to ground anyway if shot at. It's the usual MSU theme here, so what if you take out a unit of Warriors, I still have five more scoring units! and with Wraiths, Scarabs, C'tan or whatever in front of them, they are usually last to be targeted anyway.

    Totally agree with you on Ghost Arks though, and I will be getting myself a couple for sure

  6. Bad luck on the loss.

    I see what you mean on the veil, though wouldn't anyone who knows you have a veil know you're going to do that trick in a objective game and blast the unit to pieces?
    If the Warriors are going to ground to survive, then they will be pinned, so what's the point in them? If they are just going to ground all the time or be shot up it would be perhaps wiser to invest those points into other areas of the army.

    Subject: [idicbeer] Re: Necron Annihilation Scarabs Battle Report

  7. You will be surprised how easily the Veil is forgotten about, and with night fight and all the other toys in front of you, it's usually the last thing you are thinking about blasting ;) Warriors won't do much anyway, so being pinned isn't really a problem, they are just there to hold objectives anyway. Of course, when I get my Arks, they won't have to go to ground :D

  8. Put it this way, dude, I don't forget about objective scoring units or units which can contest easily in my games ;) lol. Skimmers, jump units, shunting units etc all will be blown to pieces - die, you fools! lol.
    Arks ftw dude. They can knock out a lot of fire power and work nicely in concert with the Warriors too. The two units combined can knock out 30 S4 gauss shots, I think that's pretty decent :)

    Subject: [idicbeer] Re: Necron Annihilation Scarabs Battle Report


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