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29 April 2012

New Necron Wave - My Thoughts!

Nick speaking,

Just a few of my thoughts on the new wave of Necron models...

The HQ's look cool, shame they are Finecast! As the cloak of my Stormlord has broken off three times already, I can see no hope for the cloak on this dudes arm at all!

The new Spyder does look sweet, but I already have six old ones already! I still haven't decided if I should splash out for three new ones or find three old ones on eBay for the last unit, I think I will wait and see them in the flesh before I make my mind up. Not sure why they have put them on small flying bases though? I see the Tomb Blades are on small bases as well? I think I will up size all mine to match in with the rest of the army. The Tomb Blades look exactly like everyone has converted them to be, which is great all round.

Same for the Stalker really, all those ghost Ark conversions were spot on. I have to admit, I never did like the idea of the Stalker walking on the spine things, I am not a fan of the model design really, I would prefer something hovering like the rest of the army.

Again the Wraiths look nice, but the Whip Coils look like such a weak point and very vulnerable, at least they are not Finecast! I will again, wait to pass full judgement until I see them in the real. I already have six old Wraiths, so another unit of the new minis is not out of the realms of possibility.

So what do you think? Will the new Wraiths and Spyders match in with my old models? Or is it time to start stalking eBay?


  1. I love the new models and if I had seen this before I went on a nid shopping spree there is a strong possibility I would have started Necrons instead, I love the spider and the wraiths, they look awesome.

    As for your problem I think i would go down the ebay route, with the new models people might start a bit of out with the old, in with the new and you may get some bargains :)

  2. I think you might be right about eBay, although I have just had an intersting thought. I have my Spyder groups as two normal and one Gloom Prism, rather than have two groups of old models and one group of new ones, I could model up three Gloom Prisms from the new kit and have one in each group, might help the army look more uniform. I could even do the same with the Wraiths, I usually have four Coils and two normal, so I could use the new models as normal and say the old ones have the Coils. Then I won't have to use the the new flimsy Coils :D

  3. Good idea, the whole army is uniform and you get your grubby mits on some of the new toys :D

  4. I wont touch lead any more, I just use standins.   GW should look at this problem more seriously.  Not only do they fall apart easily they chip easier than plastic.  When playing they are always falling over on a slight slopes...   In my opinion they are rubbish to play with great to paint as long as you keep them in a glass case!!!  GW sort it out!!   sorry   I love the game and painting the models but this gets me...

    Nick ur models just keep getting better and better.. cant wait to hit them with tau ordinance..  lol..

  5.  I like this idea, it gives you the excuse/reason to justify getting new models while still making it work with the older models in the list so you don't have to start again by getting completely new models. :)

  6. Happy with this idea, this exactly what I am going to do, well, unless I spy some megacheap old ones ;D

  7. I know what you mean about metal, it's just a shame they have stopped production of it for Finecast, which in my experience so far, is terrible! Glad you like my recent run of minis, thanks mate. I look forward to facing your anti Scararb Tau list soon ;D

  8. Not really interested in special characters, though I will see that Szeras looks pretty damn cool.

    Not sure on the Spyder, looks very busy. 

    Tomb Blades look alright, I guess, I just aren't a fan of them full stop.

    Onto the more juicer meat; Canoptek Wraiths and Triarch Stalker. I did two conversions of the Triarch Stalker, which is a decetn size model. I think the G.W looks smart and spot on the artwork, though how big is it actually? Canoptek Wraiths I am not sure on. I've got 12 Puppetswar Wraiths and dare I say they look better? Ok I might be biased, I just think the faceless expression of the Wraith could have been better as the artwork look more like a insect head. I am not a fan of the whips either, look more Dark Eldar like with that spiked tip. 

  9. Those Puppy Wraiths certainly are cool, will you be able to use them OK in the tournies you go to? Don't you think the Spyder looks like something from the Matrix? That tenticle flying thingy! The new Crons certainly are a bit different now.

  10. TBH bud I don't go to any tournaments, and if I did it wouldn't be G.W ones, so I expect they would be ok. The Spyders does look a bit matrix like actually, a Sentinel.

    Subject: [idicbeer] Re: New Necron Wave - My Thoughts!

  11.  Oh, OK mate, for some reason I thought you did, maybe it's your spammy army lists! ;D LOL

  12. Lol! I think tournaments are a waste of money, for how much they cost and you only get bragging rights.

  13. The stalker and tomb blades fit the art work spot on and fit the over all look of of the new Necron line, but I think they could have done better. But it has not stopped me from perodring 3 boxes of each.

    I like the wraiths and spiders but I already have 15 old wraiths and 12 old spiders (thank to one too many Aopc games). So I am not jumping to get the new ones myself, but I did order 1 spider to play with.

    The named characters in crap cast I can live with because I am only going to deal with one each. But I do like the look of the .

  14. Thanks for your views Rattler, nice to see your building up your small collection of minis!! LOL I will check out Page 78 thanks, I may have flicked through the end of the mag a bit quick before I shelved it.


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