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1 May 2012

Necron Help!

Nick speaking,

I had this email in the other day asking me for some Necron help...

Email in:

Hey IDIC can u help me and give me some advice on my Necrons? I've got around 1200 points and I'm looking for some help played 4 games won one 1 of them =p

Thanks you soooo much, ok so right now I'm just playing friendly 1000 point games with this pretty mechanised army 

Necron 1000 point

Overlord 90
Res Orb 30
Mindshackle 15
Pharon 20
Warscythe 10
Phylactery 15
Weave 15

Royal Court:
Lord 35
Res Orb 30
Gauntlet Of Fire 5
Mindshackle 15

Cryptek 25
Nightmare Shroud 10
Veil Of Darkness 30

15 Warriors 195
15 Warriors 195

Heavy Support:
Annihilation Barge 90
Doomsday Arc 175

I also own:
Another Overlord,
5 More warriors,
5 Scarabs,
5 Death Marks

The problem is usually my big bad doomsday arc get blown up first turn, any ways to prevent this?
And another question i have is should i take scarabs and if i do what should i take out, if i should is it worth taking some tomb spiders to go with them?

Email out: 

OK, I have had a good look over your list and the problem you have with the Doom Ark....

So, lets start with the Ark, as you know the gun is nasty, so it will be a priority for your enemy to take out! The reason why it is going down early game is that you do not have anything else on the table that is threatening enough to take your enemies attention away from the Doomday Ark. Your Lords/Warriors are just sitting around at the back and the Annihilation Barge, although good, is not going to be a target priority over the Doomsday Ark.

There are two options, you could get another unit that will be a distraction, I would suggest Scarabs. The Scarab Farm with Spyders isn't really going to work at this points level, but trust me, even five Scarabs munching on a tank is amazing, and once your enemy sees how good they are, they will become a target priority! They may not be around for long, but they should help keep your Doomsday Ark up for a few turns! Keep the Scarabs in cover for the 3+ cover save and push them forward as a total distraction unit.

Option two is to use deployment to help the Doom Ark! Try and get those cover saves from terrain or maybe put the Anni Barge in front of it for cover! You could also try taking second turn and reserving the Doom Ark, that way it will be able to come on from reserve and shoot it's gun right away, albeit not at full strength. Sadly reserving will give you the random element of when it will come on, but it will help it survive! There is also another way of keeping it alive a bit longer with a Cryptek, which I will come to later..


OK, so you have thirty Warriors, I would be tempted to change the configuration to one unit of twenty or so depending on the points, and two units of five. Again, there is a reason for this when I come to Crypteks in a moment. The Large group will have the Overlord joined to it and move forward shooting as it goes. The two smaller groups will hold back for taking objectives etc.


The Overlord is a good choice, you could cut down on points if needed by dropping Phylactery, as it's a bit of a luxury at 1000pts, you could even lose Shackles, although it is nice to have.


Get yourself a Harbringer of destruction with an Eldritch Lance for long range shooting and a Solar Pulse to pop off night fight when needed to keep the Doomday Ark/Scarabs alive for a turn. Put him with one unit of five Warriors. I like the idea of your Veil Cryptek, he is great for last minute objective contesting/grabbing, also he can Veil out of trouble if the enemy closes in on you. I would drop the Nightmare Shroud though to save some points for Scarabs. Failing that, another Lance Cryptek would be a good option. So now we have two small units of Warriors we are in a better position for Crypteks, and the overpriced Lord is not needed as we are going to use the last two units of Warriors in a different way.

What under slug gun are you using on the Ann Barge? Depends on your enemy really, if on foot then Gauss, but if they are more mechanised then Tesla!

OK, so I will leave you with that, hopefully some of it was useful



  1. "
    What under slug gun are you using on the Ann Barge? Depends on your enemy really, if on foot then Gauss, but if they are more mechanised then Tesla!"

    ... wouldn't the be better the other way around? (tesla has AP-, so would be less effective against vehicles, where as Gauss not only is AP3, but can auto glance a vehicle on a 6)

    As for the list, I hope you have your Doomsday Ark magnetized, as it will be MUCH better served as a Ghost Ark (split the two units of Warriors 20/10. Put the 10 in the Ark and have it follow around the large brick of Warriors, replacing any who die and don't get back up).

    And why is the Harbinger of Despair in this list? If you're going to run one of those, I would HIGHLY recommend he accompany a small unit of Deathmarks (so as to abuse the Hunters from Hyperspace combo).

    In fact, if I may make a suggestion, try this-

    HQ:Overlord 90Warscythe 10 Mindshackle 15Phaeron 20Res Orb 30Weave 15 Royal Court:Cryptek 25Harbinger of Despair 5Veil Of Darkness 30Cryptek 25Harbinger of Destruction 10Solar Pulse 20 Troops:20 Warriors 2605 Warriors 65Ghost Ark 115Elites:5 Deathmarks 95 Fast Attack:5 Scarabs 75 Heavy Support:Annihilation Barge 90The Overlord goes with the big blob of Warriors, the Harbinger of Destruction goes in the Ghost Ark wit the other 5 Warriors, and the Harbinger of Despair goes with the Deathmarks to go hunting particularly difficult enemy units.
    Your army is woefully incapable of dealing with close combat, so I would recommend picking up a couple boxes of Wraiths when they come out on May 5th.

  2. ugh, god, what happened to the formatting?!

  3. Thanks for your comments. I have been a bit undecided regarding Tesla Vs Gauss to be fair, I can see where you are coming from, but I think 1000pts, the extra strength on the Tesla, and being able to pen most vehicles you will see, is better than auto glance on sixes from Gauss, even with the AP-. For me, the AP3 of the Gauss cannon is better suited for those pesky Marines on foot, I do agree with what you are saying for larger point games, where you will probably see more AV13/14. I did base the advice specifically on the units that are currently available to him, and in particular the Doomsday Ark that I think is not magnetised, and he wants to use. Your Ghost Ark idea is a good one though for future reference.

    I have heard back from this guy after he made the changes I suggested, and he won three out of the next four games he played at this level :D. Don't worry, I have already told him to get some Wraiths in for the next step in the list ;)


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