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20 May 2012

Nids Vs Whirlwind Blood Angels! 1750pts

Nick speaking,

More Nid action, but will my newly painted Doom of malan'tai actually do something this time?


  1. Great report and a good win! I'm glad the doom managed to do some damage this game lol. One thing I did notice when the speeder immobilised itself you charged it with preferred enemyl, I don't think preferred enemy works against vehicles :-p 

  2. Thanks mate, glad you liked it. Yes, you are correct about the Preferred enemy, well spotted. I didn't explain it very well though, I gave it to them from Swarm Leader, just because I could! LOL, but I was only hitting the skimmer with Adrenal Glands to make the Gaunts strength four on the charge.

  3. Fd Minipainting20 May 2012 at 13:18

    nicely newly painted stuff always dies prematurely its sods law lol im sure u know this thou lol
    fd minis

  4. Oh absoluteley mate, it's always the way =)

  5. Care to give me a low down, dude?

  6. Sure mate

    It was Seize Ground with four objectives and DoW, I went first and deployed my
    Swarmstar unit (Swarmy, 3x Guard) with some Termagants in front and a Tervigon
    behind. I had a Carnifex and DoM podding in with some Y-Stealers laying Dormant. I
    also had two groups of three Spore mine clusters to try and confuse my opponent
    to where the Y-Stealers would come from. I then brought on a Tyranid Prime who
    joined the Swarmstar and two groups of Adrenal/Toxin Gaunts turn one.

    Blood Angels came on turn one with a Librarian on a bike with a group of bikes,
    two Baals, two Skimmers, two Whirlwind and Las devs. He then combated down his jump pack troops to deep strike.

    From then on DoM came in and took out the bikes, Carnifex went back field and
    Y-Stealer flanked. I then Spawned and held the mid-field area where most of the objectives were, whilst his troops started to
    arrived. In the end I destroyed all his troops and ended up capturing two
    objectives to nil with my little bugs :D

  7. Combat squading probably wasn't the best choice here and should have started everything on the board. Assault Squads move up behind the vehicles and then pop out and assault, their weight of numbers will make them for 'Nids to handle. How does a Tyranid Prime join Swarmy and two groups of Termagants? Do the Termies get glands and sacs from a Swarmy special rule or because of the Tervigon?
    Subject: [idicbeer] Re: Nids Vs Whirlwind Blood Angels! 1750pts

  8. Yes I agree with you about the Jump guy's, and my buddy also made a comment about that as well after the game.

    The Prime joins Swarmy and three Guard to make the Swarmstar. I only had one group of Termagants who went in front of the unit for coversaves, I then had two brood of Hormagaunts on either side of the Star with Adrenal gland and toxin sacs. Swarmlord then buffs what it can with preferred enemy as well :D. Tervigons special rule only works on the Termagants within six inches

  9. Ah cool, I was a bit confused as your first comment said the Prime joined Swarmy and two units of Termies, I was like eh! Hormies are badass with pref enemy and toxin sacs aren't they. I never found glands worth it, Hormies are already quick enough as it is and glands make them that bit expensive. I think, depending on how you run your list, that a normal Tyrant with hive commander and single Guard would be fine and would save you some points too.
    Subject: [idicbeer] Re: Nids Vs Whirlwind Blood Angels! 1750pts

  10. No prob, The Glads are there to make them S4 on the charge, so against Marines with the Sacs and with preferred enemy from Swarmy, they will be re-rolling to hit and then re-rolling to wound :D. I know what you mean about the points, but nothing like super Guants :D

  11. Super-Gants are cool because they get their upgrades for free from Momma bug :) . Hormies on the other hand, meh, glands makes them cost 10 points a bug (if I remember right), which is quite expensive.
    Subject: [idicbeer] Re: Nids Vs Whirlwind Blood Angels! 1750pts

  12. Yep, 10 points each, but they do have a much better threat range than Gants, especially with the 3D6 run! It does depend on the rest of the list or at least the tactics behind the list as a whole, but personally I have had great success with them :)


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