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9 May 2012

Tyranids Vs Grey knights 1750pts Battle Report

Nick speaking,

Time to get my newly painted Trygon and Doom of Malan'tai on the table against Grey Knights. This Annihilation game was very exciting to play in, I ended up being so many kill points down, the only way I was going to win was by tabling the Knights, but could I do it? If you want to find out more about Grey Knights and in particular, the Paladin build, then go and check out the posts over on Embolden 40k, and don't forget to press the follow button...


  1. What's the skinny then, Nick? Can't watch videos at work :(

  2. Aye mate, can't have the sound up at work :/ I'll have to wait until I get home (it's only 9 am here in the states...) Otherwise it's just a bunch of hands moving about lol.

    The nid models are looking gorgeous by the way!

  3. Nick- Finally got home and a chance to watch the battle report. I love how you used venomthropes- they killed 3 terminators on the dangerous terrain rolls! Awesome! That's why I use them! Cracking good show! It was unfortunate about the DoM- that's the problem with him, he's pretty much a suicide unit. Nice to see SitW shutting down the force weapons, nids have one of the best anti FW abilities in the game against GK's in that respect.

    Your trygons really pulled their weight this game- I also use three of these guys and I'm never let down by them. Only suggestion I would have for your list would be a few Hive Guard- they would have been great for knocking some wounds off of those Dreadknights early on.

    All in all, great report and you picked a nice win! Cheers!

  4. Ha ha, you need a new job lol. I ended up 14-6 KP's down, but managed to table the Knights pretty much on the very last dice roll for the win :D

  5. Thanks mate, glad you like them, still got a bunch more to paint, but I am getting there :)

  6. Thanks for taking the time to watch, glad you enjoyed it. You are correct about the Hive Guard, I do usually have one unit of them in with the Venopthropes protected blob, but DoM was making a special guest appearance as I had only just paint him :) He may have done a lot better if I had known about the Coteax guy's ability, although I am still not 100% sure of his rule? He can shoot at anything that deep strikes within 12", so if I hid DoM behind the pod, would he be safe or would he have been able to shot at the Mycetic Spore first and then shot at DoM? Or can he only shoot at the unit that disembarks from a pod?

    I also have another list to try out where I swap the Hive Guard group for some infiltrating Genestealers and a Brood Lord, which I think will also be a bit of fun :D

    1. Both the pod and the unit that gets out will be shot at per the faq.

  7. Good work on the come back ;)

    Subject: [idicbeer] Re: Tyranids Vs Grey knights 1750pts Battle Report

  8. Nick, that was impressive!! To keep your head in the game and knowing you HAVE to table your opponent to win is not easy! Great report and I love the "live" rolling to see if the game ends, kept it tense all the way.  Shame about the doom, Coteaz is nasty and has a number of tricks, but I guess you won't be forgetting he has that ability any time soon.. :-p, other than that you played pretty much the perfect game! :) great battle report.

  9. Thanks mate, glad you enjoyed it, yeah first time I have come across Corteaz, won't be forgetting what he can do lol


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