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23 June 2012

Lukas the Trickster Tactics

Nick speaking,

Now that I have my Lukas the Trickster mini painted up for me by PaintingXoan, it's time to look at getting him on the table. I am aware that you will not find this dirty fighter in most competitive lists, or indeed even his Blood Claw brothers, but even so, for casual fun games, he surely can bring something to the table. So how are we going to use him?

Lukas has a few things going for him, he is not an IC so he generally cannot be targeted out. When he is left standing by himself and can be hit in CC, your enemy will have to re-roll all of their successful hits against him, and then when he finally dies, he has a chance to have the last laugh and kill all the models in base contact with him! He comes with a Plasma pistol and Power Claw, and with his Tooth Necklace will always hit on a three, sounds like fun to me!

The way I see it you have four ways of using the Trickster...

Lukas Mini Bomb

1 x Lukas the Trickster (155)
5 x Blood Claws (75)
1 x Rhino/Extra Armour (50)
(280 Points)

The Mini bomb is totally based around Lukas and his Last Laugh, and is something you should be able to add into your normal styled list. Five basic Blood Claws and a Rhino with extra armour to help get him to your target. We will be aiming for the most annoying unit your enemy has and sending him into it to die. With a lucky roll off, hopefully you will be able to take out the majority of that unit as he dies. 

Lukas Mod Bomb

1 x Wolf Priest/Runic Armour/Tooth Necklace/Saga of the Hunter (140)
1 x Lukas the Trickster (155)
8 x Blood Claws/Meltagun/Power Fist (150)
1 x Rhino/Extra Armour (50)
(495 Points)

The Mod bomb is similar to the Mini bomb, but has a moderate amount of bodies to go with the Trickster. The much needed Wolf Priest is there to give the unit preferred enemy and and a plus one to it's cover save. He will also make the unit fearless and help with the Tricksters Rebellious rule. The end result and mission of this unit is still to try and use the Last Laugh as best as possible, but it should have a better survival rate if the Rhino gets taken out before you get to your target. If your transport gets you into the heart of your enemy safely, you should have enough bodies to do a reasonable amount of damage before you roll off for the Last Laugh. 

Lukas Mob Bomb

1 x Wolf Priest/Runic Armour/Tooth Necklace/Hunter (140)
1 x Wolf Guard Terminator/Combi-Melta/Chain fist (53)
1 x Lukas the Trickster (155)
14 x Blood Claws/2x Meltagun/1x Power Fist (240)
(588 Points)

The Mob bomb is a foot based unit maxed out as best as possible, so that it can slug across the board and take a few casualties along the way. The Wolf Guard is added to the unit to take on those AP3 shots along with the Priest, but don't forget not to allocate any instant death shots on the Priest when doing so. 

Lukas Mega Bomb

1 x Wolf Priest/Runic Armour/Tooth Necklace/Hunter (140)
1 x Lukas the Trickster (155)
14 x Blood Claws/2x Meltagun/1x Power Fist (240)
1 x Land Raider Crusader/Storm Bolter/Hunter-Killer/Extra Armour (285)
(820 Points)

The Mega bomb is taking Lukas the Trickster and building a Death Star type unit around him. Forget about slugging the unit across the board on foot, lets put them in a Landraider Crusader and charge at our enemy with all guns blazing!

Supporting the different bombs is going to be the next step. The Mini bomb should fit right into any list with maxed out Grey Hunters in Rhinos. Whereas the points of the Mod bomb would probably mean replacing a Thunderwolf pack to get them in! The Mob and Mega bombs are a totally different story with their points values. You would be much better off building a list from the ground up, rather than fitting them into your current list, and that's where I am going to start my first list for a bit of fun, the Lukas Mega Bomb!

More to come...


  1. How did they work? Lucas just sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. You can catch a battle report here buddy...


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