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14 June 2012

Necron Super Scarabs Vs Orks BatRep (not video)

Nick speaking,

With Nemesor making my Scarabs, Super Scarabs. I take on Orks for the first time with my Necron Scarab Farm list...

My List:

1 x Stormlord
1 x Nemesor
1 x Cryptek/Chronometron
9 x Immortals/Tesla
5 x Warriors
5 x Warriors
2 x Ghost Arks 
10 x Scarabs 
10 x Scarabs
10 x Scarabs
3x Spyders/1x Gloom
3x Spyders/1x Gloom

The Orks list was something like this:

1 x Trukk with Thraka, 5x Nobz a FNP dude
1 x Trukk with 4x Mega Nobs and a Big Mek
20 x Shoota Boyz
20 x Slugga Boyz
15 x Rocket Boyz
10 x Kommandos and Snikrot
10 x Lootas

Mission: Seize Ground, three Objectives, Pitched Battle


Orks won the roll off and put me in first, which was fine by me, as it meant I could start spawning from the off, and maybe get a couple of lucky lighting strikes on his Trukks. I new my Immortal group was going to have trouble with the Kommandos coming on from my rear, so I put a unit of Scarabs in a ring around them on my board edge for protection. I then put two groups of Scarabs as far forward as I could with the Spyders behind them and the two Ghost Arks either side of my group. Orks just lined up ready to charge, as you would expect them too. 

The Plan

To be honest I was a bit concerned with what I was facing, but I set out a plan as best as I could. I would make as many Scarabs as possible on the two groups in front until the horde got close. Then go in for as much killing as possible with the Scarabs, using the Spyders as a back up. The Scarabs at the back would have to deal with the Kommandos, so that the Immortals could take the objective on my side of the board, whilst the Ghost Arks would have to survive to contest the other two objectives...

Turn One


I spawn three Scarabs in each of the front two groups and move them up into terrain. The Ghost Arks move out to the flanks and the Stormlord lighting attacks kill a Shoota Boy


Both Trukks move forward fast, with everything else moving and running toward me. The Rocket Boys go behind terrain to my right flank, and the Lootas try to shoot me, but fail their night fight roll.

Turn Two


I generate more Scarabs on the front groups and look to take out both Trukks. I give one group furious charge from Nemesor and they take on one Trukk each, exploding both. Thrakas group failed their pinning check, which I was very happy to see. Night fight continues but the storm hits nothing.


Kommandos don't come out, and everything gets close enough to shoot out large quantities of Scarabs. I end up with six left in the group next to Thraka, and the other group gets assaulted by some Boyz and Mega Nobs to leave three bases left. The Rocket Boys come forward and assault one group of Spyders, the Spyders hold but are reduced to one wound each.

Turn Three


The centre of the board is starting to look a bit thin of Necrons now. I give furious charge to the Scarabs on the left and assault the Thraka unit hoping to take away a few saves on the Nobs. I generate three Scarabs on the back unit with the second unit of Spyders and send the Spyders in to assist the other Spyders in the assault with the Rocket Boyz. I wipe them out and one unit of Spyders get reduced down to one model, I then consolidate the single Spyder forward as bait to save the rest of my backfield. The storm continues thanks to the Cronocryptek, but does no damage and the two Arks stay out of trouble staying on the flanks. One Ark takes out half a unit of Boyz on the right flank.


The Kommandos come out this turn and with my Immortal group protected still, they come on the board next the Ark on the right. They manage to destroy one Flyer Array and stun it, of which I fail to stop the result with my Living Metal. The Mega Nobs take my bait and assault the single Spyder killing him without any problems. Thraka leaves the Nobz on the left objective to chase after my Ark on the left, but even with a Waaagh roll, comes just short to assault it.

Turn Four 


I roll a five for the storm to continue and get three sixes causing two wounds on Thraka, a wound on a Nob and a couple on the Lootas who haven't been able to do anything all game. I generate three more Scarabs and shoot the Immortals into the Mega Nobs, before sending in the Furious Scarabs. I kill the Big Mek and one Nob leaving three left with one wound each and a couple of Scarabs die. I keep the Spyders near the Scarabs and in front of the Immortal group for protection. The Ark on the right was still locked in combat and this time is immobilised by the Kommandos, and the left Ark moves away from Thraka, but in range of left objective, ready for the next turn. 


Five Boyz bunker into terrain next to the objective on the Ork side and the Shoota Boyz hold the middle ground in terrain ready to take any objectives next turn. Nothing happens from shooting because of night fight, and Thraka tries to get the Ark again, but rolls a one and two for is terrain roll and fails once again to assault. This time the Kommandos destroys the Ark, and the Warriors bail out losing one in the explosion and failing their pinning check. The assault with the Mega Nobs continues and one Nob survives.

Turn Five 


It is currently two objectives to Orks and none to me. The storm finally stops and I generate three more Scarabs and move the Spyders up. I was hoping to contest the Ork objective with the right Ghost Ark, but with it gone the Spyders need to make a long hard slog towards it, in case game goes on. Nemesor takes away Furious charge on the central Boyz as his Immortal group moves behind the Spyders to claim the objective on my side. The left Ark moves 12" and contests the objective the Nobz are holding, and the last Mega Nob dies for me to consolidate the Scarabs to contest that objective as well.


With night fight gone, the Lootas open up on the last Ark taking of a weapon. The Shoota boyz can't get to my Immortals as the path is blocked by the Scarabs and Spyders, so they spread out for the other two objectives. Thrakka finally gets into assault with the Ghost Ark and destroys it, killing one Warrior in the explosion. Both the Warriors and Scarabs are still contesting that objective and we have one each of the other two.

We look at the time and decide we would be in trouble with the Wives if we carried on any longer, so call it a day with one objective each and the third contested, a draw!


This was certainly a fun game, and I was a bit surprised how well I did. The Scarab ring worked a treat at protecting my Immortals and if I had negated the stunned roll on the Ark, I would have moved it 12" away from the Kommandos and may have had a chance to contest the last objective. I am wondering if I made an error sending in both units of Scarabs to the Trukks at the beginning, as maybe if I had multi assaulted both Trukks with one group of furious Scarabs, it may have been enough to take them both out, but needing sixes to hit from them moving fast was reason enough for me to send in both units, It  certainly would have been very annoying not to have taken both Trukks out when I had the chance! More farming experiments needed..


  1. Looks like the seed has been sown for the beginnings of an amazing farm list! :p

  2. Yay! A battle rep to read, lol.

    On your deployment you should put the Ghost Arks so rear armour is facing each other, you have your rear armour exposed, which units which can scout or even reposition can then get rear armour shots.

    When the Orks charged did you take away furious charge from them?

    Ghazgkull has move through cover as he's a I.C so should have rolled for 3D6 when moving through cover to assault ;)

    If possible, on turn five the Lootas should have fired at the Scarabs and I.D'd them, this would stop Scarabs contesting the objective - I presume something was on it in order for them to contest it?

  3. Just for you mate lol, what did you think of the report itself, layout etc please?

    Good point re the Arks deployment, will take thaton board :D

    Oh yes, I denied them the charge whenever I could, I found Z to be a pretty sweet character

    Move through cover, yes indeed, we forgot that, and it probably would have made a difference. That's what omes from not using IC's by themselves very often =)

    Yes, I had the Warriors that bailed out of the Ark contesting as well as the Scarabs. I had about 14 Scarab bases in cover for a 3+ save, so that's why he probably didn't shoot them.

  4. Cheers mate, I like the Farm, but boy do I miss my Wraiths =)

  5. Just for me? Ah you're a sweetheart, lol. I thought the layout was good, but split the assault phases for each player turn and movement as well. Makes it easier to read and see what is what. Cool, wasn't sure about Zahn as you didn't mention.
    Looks like we're both rubbish with I.C move through cover and skilled rider rules, lol. Ah sound, didn't notice the Warriors. In that case I would have dakka'd the Warriors and wiped them out as deffguns are AP4, then used that Ork unit on the objective to assault the Scarabs.
    Subject: [idicbeer] Re: Necron Super Scarabs Vs Orks BatRep (not video)

  6. Sadly your plan wouldn't have worked as the Warriors didn't get out of the Ark until it was destroyed by Thrakka in the assault. The Warriors would have gone to ground in the Wreck even with your Dakka anyway and then kept there metal fingers crossed lol

    Thanks for the comment on the report, I might try that. I have another one coming up in this format in a few posts time

  7. Ah a sneaky bail out, that's another thing great about open topped vehicles.
    Subject: [idicbeer] Re: Necron Super Scarabs Vs Orks BatRep (not video)


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