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24 July 2012

Eldar 6th Edition Battle Report

Nick speaking,

This was the very first game I had with my Eldar, and it was against my buddies Blood Angels. We were just playing a 1k game, to try and familiarise ourselves with the new rules as best we could. The whole game was just taken as a bit of fun, so I had a go at swapping my Psychic powers for the first time to see how it all worked...

Eldar List

1 x IDIC Farseer Jetbike/Guide/Mind War/Runes of Warding/Spirit Stones (160)
(cheapest psychic powers ready to swap out for new ones)
1 x IDIC Warlock Jetbike/Witchblade/Embolden (50)

6 x IDIC Guardian Jetbikes/2x Shuriken Cannon (152)
3 x IDIC Guardian Jetbikes/1x Shuriken Cannon (76)
3 x IDIC Guardian Jetbikes/1x Shuriken Cannon (76)
5 x IDIC Pathfinder Rangers (120)
5 x Dire Avengers (60)

2 x IDIC Vypers/2x Scatter Laser/2x Shuriken Cannon (140)

1 x IDIC Falcon/Scatter Laser/Shuriken Cannon/Star Engines/Spirit stone (165)

Points 999

Blood Angels list

1 x Dante
8 x Sternguard/Rhino
10 x jump Troops (2x Melta/Powerfist?)
10 x jump Troops (2x Melta/Powerfist?)

Mission: Big Guns Never Tire (four objectives), Vanguard Strike


Before we deployed we rolled for our Warlords, we both got the same trait, and we both forgot to use it all game, sadly I can't even remember what trait it was now! I swapped my Powers, and ended up with the 4++ save and the Primaris re-roll to hit power, on the Divination table. We then rolled for Night Fight and it didn't happen. Blood Angels put out the Rhino with the Sternguard in and reserve the rest for deep striking. I reserve the two small Jetbike units and deploy the rest of my army in my quarter. I was then suppose to infiltrate my Pathfinders, but I totally forgot to do it!

Turn One and Two

Blood Angels moved the Rhino fast up to about mid table. I was happy with the 4++ save for my jetbikes, so cast it up on the Mini Seer Council. I then decide to go all out for First Blood with my twenty seven strength six shots and two strength eight shots. I should be able to glance the Rhino and maybe kill a few of the Sternguard when the bail out! I know I needed fours to hit, and hitting wasn't a problem, sadly though, I only rolled one glancing hit of a five and the rest were fours or less.

Turn two for Blood Angels and everything comes in from reserve, deep striking right in my face. I once again roll terribly and don't make a single cover save. Both Vypers go down, four Jetbikes and the Warlock die, even with their 4++ (no fortune sucks), and the Farseer is down to one wound after Dante automatically reduces her by one wound anyway.

I am feeling a bit down now, and to make it worse, I finally realise that I forgot to infiltrate the Pathfinders! Both Jetbikes come in from reserve, but the Pathfinders sulk and stay there. I move 48" with all three jetbike units over to the other side of the board, and use the Falcon to try and kill something my side. All it's shots just kill two jump dudes.

0VP Eldar 1VP Blood Angels

Turn Three and Four

Blood Angels then move over to my Falcon for a Big Guns Victory Point, taking it out with a single Melta shot as I fail my Jinks cover save. Then everything else shoots and kills the five Avengers who bail out. He then has two pop shots at my Farseer and her two bikes and I fail my 3+ save, rolling a one and a two, leaving only the Farseer left! My Pathfinders come on to the right, away from the Jump Angels, shooting Snap Shots but doing no damage, whilst my two bike units and the Farseer hide behind a big rock.

Blood Angels start to spread out over the board and try shooting my Pathfinders, getting his first piece of bad luck, killing nothing. I then continue to hide, destroying the Rhino with my Jetbike Cannons, and killing a Melta gun guy standing at the front of his unit, with my Pathfinders.

0VP Eldar 2VP Blood Angels

Turn Five, Six and Seven (Night Fight does not happen for any of them)

Blood Angels now have the game in the bag, BUT! I think he starts to get some Blood Rage thinking about how I tabled him the week before with my Necrons, and with only a few bikes left, he goes for the table. The Sternguard kill a few Pathfinders with their no cover save bullets, and he moves everything forward towards my bikes to shoot me down, but does nothing. He then realises he is now no longer holding any objectives! I turbo-boost one group of bikes onto one objective, and the rest turbo-boosts to the other side of the table, well out of range to the Blood Angels guns. If the game ends now I win 4VP to 3VP, including the Line Breaker, but the game goes on...

The Sternguard kill the rest of the Pathfinders, and the rest of the army takes one objective and shoots at my Scoring bikes, killing nothing. I then turbo-boost the Farseer to contest his objective, giving me 4VP to 3VP again and we see if the games goes on...

Turn seven, The Farseer loses her last wound from shooting and the Jump guys get into assault range of my Scoring bikes, I hold up in the assault, only losing by one, but failing my leadership and getting sweeped. I now only have one unit of bikes left, and the Blood Angels are holding two objectives. I turbo to a free objective for a bit of respect, and it's all over.

Blood Angels wins 9VP to 4VP


I am just going to put this one down to bad luck with dice rolling! Although I probably should have moved the Falcon over to the other side of the board with the jetbikes on my turn two, when I had the chance. I could have consolidated my loses their, so I would have had another unit to score/contest at the end, plus I wouldn't have given up a Heavy Support Victory Point.

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