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8 July 2012

Necron 6th Edition Battle Report (not video)

Nick speaking,

After playing a few 500 point test games with my son to see what 6th Edition was all about. It was time to move up to 1000 points and get a game in with my main gaming buddy, and his Blood Angels. We weren't expecting anything but a fun night whilst we tried out and learnt how everything is running. I chose Necrons as my first 6th army as they are the easiest to use and don't have any Psychic powers to worry about.

My Necron list was:

1 x Destroyer Lord, Warscythe, Scarabs, Weave (160)
5x Destroyers (200)
10 x Warriors (130)
11 x Warriors (143)
6 x Immortals (102)
1 x Annihilation Barge, Tesla (90)
1 x Doom Scythe (175)


Blood Angels list was something like this:

1 x Dante
5 x Honour guard
8 x Sternguard/Rhino
10 x jump Troops
5 x Jump Troops

Mission: Crusade (five objectives), Hammer and Anvil Deployment


Blood Angels
I won the roll off and chose to go second, Blood Angels combat down the ten Jump Marines and put Dantes group and two Marine groups into reserve to deep strike. He then deploys the Rhino with the other unit of Jump Marines behind it. Dantes Warlord trait was one that only worked in the Blood Angels deployment zone so was pretty much useless to him.

I deploy the Lord and destroyers to the left, with the two groups of Warriors and Immortals on an objective in a large piece of area terrain, which turns out to be +1 to my cover save, bonus! I stick the Annihilation Barge on my right flank, and reserve the Doom Scythe as per the rules. My Warlord trait was Move Through Cover, which was reasonable for me.

Turn One

Blood Angels
The Rhino Moves 12" and the Jump Marines follow it up, The Marines then run into a ruined building whilst the rhino moves flat out 12" right into my face.

I Destroy the Rhino with the Annihilation Barge for the First Blood Victory Point, and then kill a couple of Sternguard who bail out so my Destroyers can't target them. The Destroyers are out of range to the Jump pack guys and have nothing to shoot at. One unit of Warriors shoot at the Jump guys, killing two of them, and the Sternguard fail their Morale check and start running.

Turn Two

Blood Angels
Dante and one group of Jump guys come down right behind my Destroyers, killing them all and bringing the Lord down to one wound with all their Plasma and Melta. The guys in the ruin assault the Annihilation Barge but do no damage, and the automatically regrouped Sternguard shoot my Immortals, who go to ground and stay standing.

I move the Lord and join him to the Warriors on the left, as the Doom Scythe comes in from reserve. The Scythe shoots out a few Honour Guard and wound Dante, whilst the Lord/Warrior group wipe out the Jump unit on the left, making good use of Preferred enemy on the unit. Over on the right flank I shoot everything else into the Sternguard killing them down to three dudes and the other Jump unit down to two.

Turn three

Blood Angels
The last reserves come in on the right flank, and it, and the other few guys who are left, shoot my Warriors on the right side, They then assault me, but my Overwatch kills nothing, I loose a few Warriors but hold up in the assault. On the other side of the table, Dante and his two dudes assault my Lord/Warriors, but fail to kill anything! No challenges were done as my Lord was not within the locked in combat range.

With only one Jump unit to shoot at, I shoot all my guns into it to kill everyone. I then lose my Warriors on the right to the sweeping advance. My Lord offers a polite challenge to Dante, who fails his Mind Shackle Scarab roll and kills himself, to give me my second Victory Point. The last guy standing fails his leadership and runs away.

Turn Four

Blood Angels
The running Marine automatically regroups and every last marine left shoots and assaults my Lord/Warrior group. I lose the combat by five or so and the unit is wiped out in the Sweep. Blood Angels now consolidate on the objective I was controlling.

Blood Angels only have a power fist troops dude and two Sternguard left now, and I am already 2-1 Victory Points up with Secondary Objectives, but now all I have to do is kill three Marines for the table.  I move my Immortals onto one of the other objectives, as I shoot out the last three guys with shots to spare, a total wipe out for a Necron victory.

Warriors still get wiped out in the sweep, as you would expect, but they have got a whole lot better for the points. Tesla Immortals are nice, especially for Overwatch, but after my first three games, Warriors are coming out on top with their Rapid Fire guns (not tried Gauss Blaster Immortals yet though). Loved the Destroyer Lord, Shackle Scarabs are amazing for Challenges, and he soaks up wounds easily when he is up front (except when you get a dump load of Plasma in your face). I think Plasma is going to be everywhere now, that AP2 is going to be real handy for getting rid of the 2+ save guys. Doom Scythe was fun to use, and I will be using it a lot until everyone has Skyfire! As for playing with the new book, we found the game very free flowing, except for rule checking of course. I did forget that you can still fire Snap Shots when you go to ground, but otherwise I think it went well.

More reports to come...


  1. That would've been nuts if that Rhino survived after being driven right up to your face like that.

  2. Yeah, 24" moving Rhinos! Who cares if they blow up easily, as long as they get you where they need to be


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