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2 July 2012

Reading 6th Edition - Characters & Challenges

Nick speaking,

So let's have a look at the new rules for Characters. Characters and Independent Characters both follow these sets of rules, but Independent Characters are able to join and leave a units, unlike Characters. So what is new? Characters now have the 'Precision Shots' and 'Precision Strikes' Special Rules...

Precision Shots:
If a Character rolls a six to hit when shooting, these are called Precision shots. Wounds from Precision shots are allocated against a model (or models) of your choice in the target unit, as long as it is in range, rather than following the normal rules for wound allocation. 'Snap shots', 'Scatter' weapons and weapons that do not roll to hit can never be Precision. Characters are still able to 'Look out, Sir' any incoming Precision shots.

Precision Strikes:
If a Character rolls a six to hit in close combat, these are called Precision strikes. Wounds from Precision strikes are allocated against an engaged model (or models) of your choice in the target unit, rather than following the normal rules for wound allocation. 'Snap shots', 'Scatter' weapons and weapons that do not roll to hit can never be Precision. Characters are still able to 'Look out, Sir' any incoming Precision strikes.

When it is a Characters turn to pile in, in the assault phase, and there are other friendly models at the same initiative step, they must try and pile in to base contact or as near as, as soon as possible. Next, we then move on to a brand new concept rule, called Challenges...

Challenges can be issued by a Character at the start of the 'Fight Sub-phase', before any blows are struck. Only one Challenge can be issued per close combat. The side whose turn it is, has the opportunity to issue a Challenge first, if they choose not to, the other side can issue a Challenge instead. You issue a Challenge by nominating one Character in your unit that is locked in combat. Only one Challenge is allowed at a time in that combat.

Your opponent can choose either accept or refuse the Challenge. If they refuse to the Challenge, you are able to select any Character that was engaged and able to fight, and they will be unable to strike any blows that turn, as they are hiding from you. However, the Challenger is able to fight normally. A unit with a Character in it that has refused a Challenge, will not be able to benefit from the Characters leadership value if any tests are required.

If the Challenge is accepted, you proceed to move the two Characters into base contact even if it means swapping them with friendly models to do so, as long as they keep unit coherency. The Characters then proceed to fight it out together and are unable to use the 'Look out, Sir' rule, as they are only in base contact with each other. Regardless of initiative order, the two models can only attack or be attacked by each other that turn. If you had a Character and his unit in combat with a single Character like a Daemon Prince, the models that cannot attack the Prince (bystanders) can give Moral support. Every five bystanders there are in your unit, your Character can re-roll any one dice in that combat phase. Any wounds caused in a Challenge will go towards the end combat resolution results.

If both Characters survive the first round, they are still considered to be in a Challenge, it is then possible for a new Challenge to be issued in the next players turn, by whose turn it is. This is known as Glorious Intervention. After a successful initiative test, the second Character takes the place of the first friendly Character in an ongoing Challenge, and the first Character is able to fight normally. Only one Character can attempt Glorious Intervention per turn.

It is possible to roll the Challenge dice after all other blows are struck, regardless of initiative order. This is to add dramatic encounters to the narrative of the game, which GW seem to try to get across often. I have to say, reading this rule along with what I have read so far, has really got me excited about playing my first game. The rules sound like they are going to be very fun to play, and I think that is something that the book gets across to you very well, 40k is all about fun.

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Next up, Psykers...


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