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3 July 2012

Reading 6th Edition - Psykers

Nick speaking,

Right, now onto Psykers, and this is the page that the built in book mark is on when you first get the book, very interesting! Psykers now have different levels from 1-4 or very rarely, even more. A Psykers Mastery level is usually one, unless it states otherwise in their Codex entry. In an older Codex the level is worked out by how many powers they can use. Psykers that do not need 'Warp Charge' to use their powers, like an Eldar Shadowseer, have a Psyker Mastery level of zero...

Warp Charge:
Each Mastery level grants the Psyker a single Warp Charge per turn. Each turn a Psyker will automatically genrerate Warp Charges equal to their level, just make a note or use a counter to keep track of how many Warp Charges you use, any unused Warp Charges are lost at the end of the turn. This is just a way to keep track of the powers you have used, and it is worth noting that some powers can use more than one Warp Charge.

When using a Warp Charge to manifest a Psychic power, and the power requires a target, unless otherwise stated, the Psyker must have line of sight to this target. This means embarked Psykers can only target themselves and there unit or the transport they are in. Likewise, a Psyker outside a transport cannot target a unit inside a transport...

Psychic tests are done exactly as before, except when you have a Perils of the Warp wound, the wound is taken with no saves of any kind allowed. Interesting wording for Eldar, their Farseers Ghosthelm ability just prevent the Perils of the Warp attack from happening on a roll of 3+, it is not an actual save of a wound, so I assume it still works? There is nothing in the new FAQ that clarifies that though.

'Deny the Witch'
If a Psychic power is generated and used on a target, the target is able to attempt to Deny the Witch. Roll a D6, on a result of a six the power is nullified. If you have one or more Psykers in the target unit the pass result can be improved. If a target psyker has a Mastery level equal or less than the attacker, you pass the roll on a 5+, if the target Psyker has a Mastery level higher than the attacker, you pass the roll on a 4+.

'Psychic Hood'
A model with a Psychic hood is able to help a friendly unit when being targeted with a Psychic attack. He is able to do a 'Deny the Witch' roll for any model or unit within 6" of himself, regardless if he is joined with that unit or not.

There are many types of powers that determine when a power is used and what condition it needs to work. If a power does not have a type, it will be clearly expressed in its entry. Here are the categories listed and a very basic description of them...

Powers that are done at the start of the movement phase. They grant extra abilities to the Psykers allies, such as character boosts and abilities, even if they are locked in combat.

Powers that are done at the start of the movement phase. They allow a specific number of units to be conjured on the battlefield via deep strike.

Powers that are done at the start of the movement phase. They have the ability to target a unit to reduce the unit's abilities, even if they are locked in combat.

Powers that are done during shooting phase. Also known as Psychic shooting attacks, some of these attacks will be listed with a sub-type category with different restriction...

Drawing a 1mm thick line the same as a Space Wolves Jaws of the Wolf power.

'Focused Witchfire'
The same as Witchfire, but you are able to target a single model in a unit.

A power that automatically targets and hits any friendly and enemy units that are in range.

A power that automatically targets and hits any enemy units that are in range.

The new Psychic Discipline rules are right at the back of the book, so we will come to them in a future post.

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Next up, vehicles...


  1. My bookmark was in the terrain section when I received mine. Other than that, great posts you have going here. Played a game yesterday where Inquisitor Coteaz was pretty close to an Eldar psyker as he had Misfortune and the ignores cover power from Divination if I remember correctly.

  2. Really, I just assumed the markers were in the Psyker section on purpose, being the latest GW favorite and all lol. I have a feeling Eldar trickery is going to be everywhere now! =) Glad you like the series thanks Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device


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