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4 July 2012

Reading 6th Edition - Vehicle types

Nick speaking,

Following on from my Previous post Vehicle basics, where we looked at the rules that are common for all Vehicles. Let's now have a look at the Vehicle type rules...

Vehicle Squadrons
The first change is for when moving Flat out, is is possible for some vehicles to move flat out and not the others in a Squadron, but they still have to keep their 4" unit coherency. All hits are resolved one at a time on the closest model until it is 'Wrecked' or 'Destroyed', the same as when shooting at infantry units. If one of the models in the Squadron is immobilised, the other models are able to abandon it by moving out of coherency. The immobilised model is then treated as a separate unit from then on.

There is a lot of stuff here that is the same as it was, including for 'Dedicated Transport', but there are a few different things as well. It is noted that models embarked on a Vehicle are classed as 'Fearless' whilst they are embarked. The big change though, is disembarking! A unit is able to disembark when a Transport does not move more than 6". The models can then disembark within 6" of the access points keeping coherency. The transport cannot move if it has already moved, but can move normally if it was stationary. Either way though, you are unable to perform a 'Tank Shock' or 'Ram' that turn. OK, we then move onto the biggest change of all, disembarked units are only able to shoot (counting as having moved) or run, BUT they are not able to assault, even if the transport stayed stationary! Wow! I was really looking forward to painting my Howling Banshee's and getting them on the table, but what is the point now?

Assaulting Transports:
Passengers in a transport that is being assaulted, can use fire points to perform 'Overwatch'

Effects on Passengers are now as follows...

Crew Shaken:
Can only make 'Snap shots' in the following shooting phase.

Crew Stunned:
Cannot shoot in the following shooting phase.

Disembark 3" and 'Pinning' test

Same as the rules were before, but it indicates the model owning player can allocate any wounds to any models he/she wishes.


Ariel Support:
Flyers must begin the game in reserve

Measuring and other models:
Measure from the vehicles hull and guns as usual, ignoring the base. The base is only used for when it's being assaulted, along with the hull, or when you are embarking and disembarking. Other models are able to go underneath a Flyer, as long as they are 1" away from it's base (unless assaulting).

Flyers can usually only make a special kind of move, called Zoom, although some can 'Hover'. Zooming has a movement of Combat Speed 18" and a Cruising Speed of 36". A Flyer needs to keep its speed up to stay in the air, so it can never Zoom less than 18". If it is forced to, it will Wreck itself automatically! When Zooming you have to move in a straight line, only being able to pivot on the spot ninety degrees before you move. Zooming Flyers always ignore all terrain checks and are unable to embark and disembark when they are zooming. They also cannot, or cannot be 'Tank Shocked' and Ramed'. A Flyer can move at 'Combat' and 'Cruising' speeds and still fire up to four shots the same turn at their normal ballistic skill.

Zooming Flyers can only be hit with weapons that can shoot 'Snap shots' unless the model or firer has the 'Skyfire' Special Rule.

Models with the 'Skyfire' Special rule or a weapon with the Special Rule, uses its normal ballistic skill when shooting at Flyers, Flying MC and Skimmers. Unless it also has the 'Interceptor' Special Rule, it can only fire at other targets using 'Snap Shot'.

At the end of the enemy movement phase, a model with the Interceptor Special Rule may fire at any one unit that is in range and has line of sight after it has deep striked. The weapon that shot cannot be shot again in the next turn, but a different one can be. A weapon with the 'Skyfire' and 'Interceptor' Special Rules can fire at any unit at its normal ballistic skill, unless shooting 'Snap shots'. A Zooming Flyer that is hit may 'Evade' before the penetration roll is made. Evading grants you the 'Jinks' Special Rule, but you can only fire 'Snap shots' the following turn.

A Zooming model that moves 'Flat Out' must move forward in a staight line between 12"-24". They can never be assaulted. If a Zooming Flyer ends up going off the table edge it goes into ongoing reserve and must re-enter at zooming speed even if it can 'Hover'.

A Flyer that is of the 'Hover' type can choose to Hover instead of Zooming. Declare if you are Hovering or Zooming before you move, Hovering Flyers are treated as a fast skimmer which we will come to in a bit.

You use the following exceptions for immobilised, Wrecked and Explodes results, when applying the damage chart to a Flyer...

Locked Velocity:
If a Flyer is immobilised, its velocity is locked and it can only move at the same speed it was moving when it was immobilised. It also cannot 'Evade' or move 'Flat Out'
Now FAQ'd to say they can only move 36" when locked

Crash and Burn:
If a Flyer is 'Wrecked' or 'Explodes', centre a large blast marker over the Flyer and scatter it 2D6". Any model under the blast suffers a S6 AP- hit, and the Flyer is removed. If the Flyer is a transport Flyer, the hits are resolved at S10 with no armour saves allowed. Surviving models are placed within 3" of the final position of the large Blast marker.

Flyer Special Rules...

A Flyer may choose all its weapon to have the 'Skyfire' Special rule at the start of each of its shooting phases.

A Flyer with missiles can shoot two of them each turn even though they are once use only. However, the missile shots count toward the number of shots fired.

Bombs and Bombing runs:
A Flyer with bombs can drop up to one bomb in the movement phase, this is called a bombing run. Dropping a bomb in the movement phase counts as firing one of your weapons in the shooting phase, but your other weapons can shoot at a different target. To drop a bomb you have to be moving at Zooming speed, centre the large blast over a single model that the Flyer moved over and Scatter it D6", any models under the blast are hit at the bombs specific profile. A Flyer that makes a bombing run is unable to move Flat out in the shooting phase


Chariots are personal war machines for high ranked Characters, like an Overlord in a Command Barge.

A chariot moves the same as their vehicle type, but if it is a skimmer, the rider can make a Sweep attack.

Sweep Attack:
Pick one unengaged enemy unit the Chariot moved over and roll a D6 equal to the number of attacks the rider has. The attacks hit on a 3+ if it moved a Combat Speed, and a 4+ if it moved at Cruising Speed. Each hit is resolved with the weapon and bonuses of the riders melee weapon. Vehicles are always hit on the side armour and any sixes rolled have the 'Precision Strikes' Special Rule. There are no cover saves allowed against sweep attacks even for vehicles.

Shots at a Chariot can never hit the rider itself and and are always resolved against the Chariot itself. If a Chariot did not move Flat Out, it may declare an assault using it's hull and base for ranges. The rider is classed as being in base contact with any model engaged and can strike and be stuck in the assault. The rider will get a +1 to his armour save when in close combat from a Chariot, but the Chariot and rider will not be locked in combat, and the rider can not perform or accept any challenges. The crew of a Chariot are always ignored.

Chariot Special Rules...

The Rider is fearless whilst embarked on a Chariot and the Chariot itself has the 'Hammer and Wrath' Special Rule, however, its Hammer and Wraith attacks are D6 attacks rather than one, resolved at S6 AP-, unless otherwise stated.


The open-topped rules have not changed, you still add plus one to the vehicle damage charge and they have the new 'Assault Vehicle' Special rule, allowing them to assault after disembarking. 

Heavy Vehicles

Heavy vehicles can never move faster than combat speed and can never move Flat Out. They are always counted as remaining stationary when working out how they shoot.

Fast Vehicles

Fast Vehicles can move up to 12" when moving Flat Out. Fast Vehicles can shoot all their weapons at normal ballistic skill if they move at Combat Speed, and two weapons if they move at Cruising Speed with any other weapons shooting at 'Snap Shots'


If a Skimmer is also 'Fast' it may move up to 18" when moving 'Flat Out'. Skimmers have the 'Jinks' Special Rule.


I don't actually own a dreadnought and rarely get my War Walkers out (although that may change now). So to be honest I am not amazingly familiar with Walker rules. As far as I can tell, they are pretty much the same as they were, except Walkers are now able to fire 'Overwatch' if they are assaulted.


Tanks are still able to 'Tank Shock' and 'Ram', the rules again are pretty much as they were before for both, except in clarifies that a unit already falling back will automatically fail a tank shock test. and a Tank coming in from reserve is also able to perform a tank shock, as long as you declare it before it moves on. A Tank that has performed a Tank Shock is unable to move Flat Out the same turn, and units cannot embark or disembark the same turn either. This also means, if a tank embarked or disembarks a unit before it moves, it cannot perform a tank shock. Death or Glory looks to be the same as it was, as do Ramming rules. 'Jinks' Vehicles are able to get a cover save against hits caused by Ramming, and Ramming has the same restrictions as Tank Shocking.

Vehicle Upgrades

All the vehicle upgrades like Dozer Blades, Extra Armour, Searchlights, and Hunter-Killer Missiles are the same as they were. Smoke Launchers now offer a 5+ cover save with the same rules as it was before.

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Next up, Terrain...


  1. Don't those two statements about flyer movement contradict each other though: "A Flyer needs to keep its speed up to stay in the air, so it can never Zoom less than 18". If it is forced to, it will Wreck itself automatically!" and "A Zooming model can move between 12-24" flat out, but must move in a straight line."??

  2. Moving Flat Out is done in the Shooting phase mate :D

  3. Ah OK, I missed that part, I thought it was just a 3rd level of movement after Cruising Speed....

  4. Also how do Flyer Transports work when "Zooming Flyers always ignore all terrain checks and are unable to embark and disembark when they are is zooming."?

  5. I think that bit is covered in the Codex/FAQ, the Necron FAQ says a Night scythe can use Invasion Beams so that you can disembark at certain speeds Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device


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