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1 July 2012

Reading 6th Edition - Weapons

Nick speaking,

Right, now let's have a look at weapons and any changes, and once again, any Special Rules that I do not list what they can do here, can be found in my previous posts listed at the bottom. The first thing that is new are weapons with a profile range of  '-', are melee weapons. If a weapons strength is classed as 'User', it uses the wielders strength value, after any bonuses. Standard 'Close combat weapons' have no AP value. If a model has no specific melee weapon, it's classed as having one CCW. Pistols can be used as a close CCW as above, ignoring it's pistol profile. If a model has more than one shooting or Melee weapon, it can only shoot/attack with one weapon, you cannot mix and match what weapons you use. Two or more melee weapons grants a +1 attack.

There is a new Gunslinger rule that lets models with two pistols fire both guns. Rapid Fire weapons can now move and shoot one shot up to its maximum range, and there is a new 'Salvo' weapon, which is basically larger Rapid Fire weapons that use a similar rule to the old Rapid Fire rules, where if you move you cannot shoot at the longer range.

Template weapons can fire 'Overwatch', even though they cannot fire 'Snap shot'! You do not need to use the template, as it will automatically inflict D3 hits on the charging unit resolved at its normal strength and AP. Template weapons ignore the 'Focus fire' rule and resolve their hits and wounds etc. as normal...

There is then a two page list of the most common (or notorious) ranged weapons in the 40k universe. This is where you can find out what new abilities your weapons have...

Quad-guns have 'Interceptor' and 'Skyfire'
Icarus Lascannon have 'Interceptor' and 'Skyfire'
Flakk Misiles have 'Skyfire'
Sniper Weapon rolls to hit of a six, have 'Precision Strikes'

Precision Strikes:
Wounds from these attacks are allocated to any model of your choice, but Characters can still use the 'Look out, Sir' Special Rule

Tank Hunters:
If a unit contains at least one model with this rule, you are able to re-roll failed armour penetrating rolls against vehicles (both shooting and assault), and can choose to re-roll glancing hits, but must accept the second roll.

Lastly, there is a three page list of the Melee weapons in the 40k universe, where you can find their Special rules listed as well...

Chainfists are AP2 and have 'Armourbane', 'Specialist weapon' and 'Unwieldly'
Chainsword is AP-
Eviscerator is AP2 and have 'Armourbane', 'Two handed' and 'Unwieldly'
Heavy Chainsword is AP5 and is 'Two handed'
Dreadnought CCW is AP2
Force Sword is AP3 and has 'Force'
Force Axe is AP2 and has 'Force' and 'Unwieldly'
Force Staff is AP4 and has 'Force' and 'Concussive'
Lightning Claws are AP3 and have 'Shred' and 'Specialist weapon'
Power Klaws are AP2 and have 'Specialist weapon' and 'Unwieldly'
Power Fists are AP2 and have 'Specialist weapon' and 'Unwieldly'
Power Sword is AP3
Power Axe is AP2 and 'Unwieldly'
Power Maul is AP4 and 'Concussive'
Power Lance is AP3/4 depending if it charges or not
Rending Weapons are AP2 (shooting and assault)
Thunder Hammers are AP2 and have 'Specialist weapon', 'Unwieldly' and 'Concussive'
Witchblades are AP- and have 'Armourbane' and 'Fleshbane'
Unusual Power Weapons with unique rules are AP3

Roll 2d6 for armour penetration

Specialist weapons:
No +1 attack unless you have two of the same weapon

Fights at initiative one unless it is a Monstrous Creature or Walker

Same rules as the old Force weapon rules, and cannot be saved by 'Deny the Witch'

Models who take any unsaved wounds from this weapon are reduced to initiative one until the end of the following assault phase.

Re-rolls failed to wound rolls in close combat and shooting

Always wounds on 2+ in close combat and shooting, and has no effect on vehicles

Lastly in this section are Grenades. Some grenades can be used against vehicles and Monstrous Creatures, except grenades that do not have a profile and use a special rule instead. There has also been a few changes/additions...

Assault Grenades:
Works the same in assault, but one model can choose to throw a granade if it has one instead of shooting at 8" S3 AP- A1, Blast

Plasma Granades:
Works the same in assault, but one model can choose to throw a grenades if it has one instead of shooting at 8" S4 AP4 A1, Blast. They can also be used against Vehicles and Monstrous Creatures in the assault phase at S4 AP4.

Defensive Grenades:
Works the same in assault, but the unit gains the 'Stealth' Special Rule as long as they are within 8" of the unit firing at them and they have not gone to ground.

Haywire Grenades:
One model can choose to throw a grenades if it has one instead of shooting at 8" S2 AP- A1, 'Haywire'. In assault against Vehicles they are S2 'Haywire'

When a weapon of this type hits a vehicle, roll a D6 for armour penatration
1     - No effect
2-5  - Glancing hit
6     - Penatrating hit

Krak Grenades:
One model can choose to throw a grenades if it has one instead of shooting at 8" S6 AP4 A1. They can also be used against Vehicles and Monstrous Creatures in the assault phase at S6 AP4.

Melta Bombs:
Can be used when assaulting Vehicles and Monstrous Creatures at S8 AP1 and have 'Armourbane' and 'Unweildly'

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Next up, Characters and Challenges...

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