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7 July 2012

Reading 6th Edition - Your army & Allies

Nick speaking,

Isn't it interesting how quickly you get used to something! I had a look at the old 5th Edition book just a minute ago, and boy does it look old, it looks like it was a 3rd Edition book or something? Just goes to show how great the layout and ease of reading 6th Edition is, as I come to the Choosing your Army section...

Choosing your army is very much like it used to be, but there are a few things of note. The Force organisation chart now has a 'Primary Detachment', exactly the same as we always had, plus an 'Allied Detachment', which we will come to in a bit. There is also an optional, single 'Fortification' choice. There are four Fortifications listed, and they are the current GW terrain pieces such as a Skyshield Landing Pad and Imperial Baston. All four pieces have there own points values and Special Rules listed, other Fortifications are going to be released in White Dwarf or on the GW website in the future.

In games over 1999 points, you are able to take two Primary Detachments, also unlocking another Allied Detachment, but not another Fortification. However, taking two Detachments still does not make it possible to take more than one 'Unique' Character.

The Warlord

One HQ from your army has to be chosen from your army to be your Warlord, and to gain an additional ability. The Warlord has to be your HQ choice with the highest Leadership, if you have more than one in your army, you are able the select which one it is. As you would expect, an Allied HQ choice is unable to be your Warlord! There are then three types of 'Trait' categories that you can give them, and each category has six different traits that are randomly selected. The 'Trait' categories are, 'Command', affecting an area around your Warlord, 'Personal', combat skills that influence them and their unit, and 'Strategic', which affect your entire army with tricks and gambits.


If you wish, you are able to choose Allies for your army. You are only able to choose Allies from one Allied Codex in any one list, even if you are using two Primary and Allied detachments. An allied detachment has a compulsory selection of one HQ and one Troops for each detachment taken. You are then able to take another Troops, one Fast and one Heavy choice. Obviously, there are some limitation to which armies can Alliance. Some cannot alliance at all, like Tyranids, whilst others can alliance, but at different levels of confidence. These different Alliances range from 'battle Brothers' to 'Desperate Allies', and have their own Special rules listed.

Personally, my four armies don't seem to form alliances very well. Nids can't do it at all, Necrons and Eldar can't do it, and Necron and Space Wolves are only Desperate Allies. The best my armies can do is Eldar and Space Space Wolves, and that is only as Desperate Alliance. Of course, I could buy a few models from an army I don't already own, hang on, now I am thinking about starting a new army? Well done GW, your plan to introduce me to a new army and spend more money is working!!

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Next up, missions...

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