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30 August 2012

How will 6th Edition effect my Harlequins?

Nick speaking,

As many of you already know, my Harlie army is totally inspired by Fritz and his Harlequin build. Thirty Harlequins, Eldrad/Maugan Ra, three Wraithlords and two groups of Pathfinders. The army was quirky and used a large amount of Eldar Tricknology, but it was a blast to play and I didn't invest a lot of money into the army, just using some old Harlequins, Wraithlords and Ranger minis that I found cheap. I do plan on bringing the army up to date and painting it all up at some point, but with only a single game under my belt with the Harlequins in 6th, how is the army going to change?

I know Fritz has been putting in some work on adapting his list for 6th, and it has been interesting to see what changes he is making. So, lets have a look at some of the key units of the list and see what effect 6th has had on them. The main theme of the list was that everything was hard to hit. Veil of Tears stopped the Harlequins being targeted from a distance, the Pathfinders had a 2+ cover save and the Wraithlords were generally hard to hit at toughness eight with three wounds. Throw in Eldrad with guide, doom and fortune and the only way you could do any real damage was to move in close, and that's when the Clowns would hit you.

Obviously, the thirty Harlequins are in the list as standard, as that's the whole point of the theme. The Veil of Tears rule has had a bit of a tweak now, and it no longer stops the unit from being targeted, as compensation though, it gives you both the Stealth and Shrouded special rules, so they will have a 4+ cover save in the open, beating their 5++ save that they had before and a 2+ cover save in cover, this actually seems much better than it was, as long as you don't roll any ones!

Eldrad has always been the standard choice for the army, with doom and fortune being a key part of its operation. Eldrad would normally join the Pathfinders in cover for a re-roll 2+ cover save, whilst being protected by the Harlies and Wraithlords. For fun games Eldrad was replaced for Maugan Ra to run with the Harlies, or in bigger games both would make an appearance. I am still currently playing 1750pt games, but even at that level I am thinking that Eldrad and a second Farseer is the way forward. Moving up to 2k brings something totally different to the army, as it will then be possible to have four Farseers in the list! So with the Harlequins and HQ choices pretty much fixed, what else to take? The main issue with a themed list like this is having enough points to fill out the troop slots. Previously, two small groups of Pathfinders did the trick quite well. Leaving enough points for three Wraithlords with Brightlances and Missile Launchers, but is this system going to work in 6th?

I know Fritz has switched over to Guardians with Scatter Platforms and dropped the Wraithlords for Support Weapons and I can see the logic behind his thoughts. Harlies up front with two waves of Guardians behind them, backed up by three groups of Support weapons does sound good. I don't currently own any Support Weapons and only have one unit of Guardians, so I am unable to jump right in and try this out for myself. I have to admit, the Pathfinders are going to be a weak point of this themed list now more than ever. Although they are a good unit that have some nice new rules in 6th like Precision Shots, there is no way they can be the only troops choice in the army and fulfil the mission goals that are needed in 6th, like they were able to do in 5th.

Although I haven't play tested the Wraithlords in 6th edition yet, I am not convinced they should be so easily dismissed from the list. 6th has given these guy's some bonuses like easier cover saves, being Characters and having two flamers for Overwatch. I will need to gain a few extra points for the second Farseer in the new list and I can see the Bright Lances and Missile Launchers being dropped for a Scatter Lasesr and Shuriken Cannons to gain the points. Three groups of Harlequins, Eldrad and a second Farseer comes in at about 1150pts, so that leaves me with about 600pts left for troops and support units in a 1750pt list, just enough points to squeeze in three Wraithlord and two groups of Pathfinders if I wanted to stick with the format and models I already have for the army.

So what if you had 600 points to spend on troops and support for the Harlequins, what would you take for troops? Jetbikes, Storm Guardians, Dire Avengers? How about for support? Fire Prisms, Walkers, Warp Spiders? Or should I look at allies? How would you make a Harlequin themed army work?
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27 August 2012

Harlequin 6th Edition Battle Report

Nick speaking,

For my last 1k point game of 6th Edition before I moved up in points, I got out my Harlequins. I wasn't expecting too much from them at this point level, but I was interested to see how they would run with the new Veil of Tears rule granting them a 2+ cover save, after all, how  many ones can you roll?

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24 August 2012

Eldar Wave Serpents Painted

Nick speaking,

Finished painting my Wave Serpents at long last. All three tanks have been fully magnetised with all five weapon options and upgrades, and have been converted with the Forge World type two extension pieces, Spirit Stones, turrets, removeable Star engines and Vectored engines...

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22 August 2012

Flying Stem Please!

Nick speaking,

Right, it's no good, I just have to get a new Stem for my Flying base! It has been bugging me for a while now, that stupid 'burn' I have at the bottom of my stem on my flying base. Obviously, I just put too much glue on it when I glued it. At the time, I just accepted it, but now I want to replace it with a new one, as I think it ruins the final mini. I can buy a replacement stand from GW for £6.15, or if I could find one in stock from one of the other on-line bitz companies, for a couple of quid less. Before I dig deep into my pockets though, I was just wondering if anyone out there has a spare stem, or knows where I could order a spare stem from at a reasonable price?

Any help on this would be most appreciated, please comment or email me if you are able to save me a few pennies...

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20 August 2012

My 6th Edition Painting list

Nick speaking,

Although I don't have a rigid painting list, I do like to have a choice of a few units that I know I will paint next. It's always good to have some sort of long term goal for what needs to be painted, but sometimes you just have to paint whatever excites you at the time. When 6th Edition hit, I had just started painting up my three Forge World Wave Serpents. I have already painted my Dire Avengers for one Serpent, and my Fire Dragons and Howling Banshees were top of my painting list for the other two.

Things are a bit different now though. 6th Edition now makes it impossible for the Banshees to assault from a transport, and that really puts a dampener on things for them. I am still going to paint the girls up at some point, but their priority has just dropped down my list. Luckily, the Fire Dragons are still epic in 6th, so they aren't going anywhere, which is great, as I have been looking forward to painting those guys for a while.

So what has moved up to the top of my painting list? Well, sticking with Eldar for a bit, I only have one painted Farseer at the moment, so I will be looking at getting my other Seer painted, four Farseers at 2k sounds good to me! Other Eldar moving up the ranks are the Avatar, Shining Spears and the once voted worse Eldar unit in a poll I did, the Swooping Hawks. It's really great to be able to get excited about painting some units that I never thought I would get around to painting anytime soon...

As for my Tyranids, apart from needing to convert and paint my Tyranid Prime. I am now really looking forward to finally having a reason to paint my old Winged Hive Tyrant and Ravener models. I am still not convinced that the Flyrant is the best HQ choice, but it's good enough to warrant a paint job. I have wanted to paint her up for quite sometime now, so that's brilliant, but I will have to take off the dual Talons and replace them with dual Devourers first though, as that seems like a much better option these days! So what units has 6th Edition inspired you to paint from your army case?

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17 August 2012

How will 6th Edition effect my Tyranids?

Nick speaking,

Time for me take a closer look at my Tyranids for 6th Edition, and as in my previous posts in this mini series, this is not going to be an in depth step by step guide of Nids. It's more about what I am thinking and have learnt so far regarding 6th Edition and what the starting point is going to be for my Stinger Hive Fleet army...

I had a lot of fun with my Nids when their new Codex hit in 5th Edition, no need to go on about all the negatives it got as a 'competitive' Codex. Personally, I found the book great fun, with some funky units to choose from. I don't think I have had one game with the bugs where I haven't enjoyed myself, unlike some of my other armies! Getting your bugs killed is actually quite rewarding, as long as you have the mind set for it, and a plan to go with it of course.

I think out of all my armies though, Tyranids are going to need the biggest changes to my lists. Most of my list concepts and ideas are just not going to work anymore, due to the rule changes. No assault from the reserve or the flank! No reserving everything and then there is Overwatch! Most of these things can be overcome, but it is unlikely that I will be able to throw any of my previous lists down on the table with any success. So where to start with a new list?

Well, for me and for most of you probably, Nids are all about lots and lots of bugs swarming towards you. In the past, this hasn't generally been the case for Nids, but I am starting to think that things are going to change now. The new Fearless rule for when you are in Synapse range is the single most best rule that Nids now have, no fearless wounds from losing an assault is going to have a huge impact on our army and how it works.

I still think there is room for some of the other bigger bugs of course, as you always need a good mix of things, but I seriously think that lots of big groups of Hormagaunts and Termagants as Troops choices in Synapse range, are going to be a force to be reckoned with and a good place to start our army builds. Twenty plus Gants in the assault will hold up a group of Marines for a good few turns, with plenty more Gants spare to back them up.

As for Genstealers, the Genestealer shock is now on themselves as they can no longer assault from the flank. Most people have written them off it seems, but I'm not going to stick them at the bottom of my case just yet. Small groups infiltrating could be a nice distraction and there is also the Broodlord and his Psychic Power abilities to take into consideration. Worse case scenario, they will just have to morph into Ymgarl Stealers.

Most of the bigger bugs on offer will be very similar to what they were before with the exception of the Winged stuff, I'm very happy to see the Winged Hive Tyrant get a buff, as I have been wanting to paint mine up for ages. I've had my Tyrant a very long time and I originally modelled it up with dual Talons. I think I will magnetise its arms before I paint it to give me some gun options. I am also very pleased to see Ravener get a bit better with the new Beast rules, ok they still suffer from instant death when hit by strength eight missiles or better, but they are definitely better than they were before.

Overall, I am now actually really looking forward to developing my army for 6th. I say now, because it's fair to say that I was a bit disappointed with how 6th had treated Nids at first. In reality though, I think 6th has just made the army more realistic. Tyranids will have to be played like I have always wanted to play them, as many bugs as possible with a few big ones thrown in for good measure. Oh lets face it....just like Starship Troopers!
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15 August 2012

Beating Overwatch!

Nick speaking,

In the battle report I just posted up, where I was playing my Nids against Blood Angels. I ended up in a position where I had some Genestealers and a group of Hormagaunts ready to assault some Sternguard. It was at this point in the game that an article I recently read over on Embolden40k popped into my head. His article was about Beating Overwatch as a combat army, and funnily enough he was using Genestealers and Gaunts as an example in it, almost in the same position as I was in.

The point of his tactica was to be prepared for Overwatch, and it was one of those great articles that stuck in my mind and made me think about what I was doing, a big thank you to Rob for sharing his 40k skills with us and bringing his thoughts into my own. So here I am, ready to do my assault and take advantage of what I had learnt. In Rob's example, he was using the Gaunts as the fodder unit to assault first and take the Overwatch hits, with a big brood of Genestealers making their assault move after Overwatch had been resolved on the Gaunts. The Genestealers get to assault the unit without taking any shots, as a unit can only use Overwatch once per unit

My scenario was slightly different as I only had four Genestealers left in my Brood after taking casualties from shooting and my Gaunts were twenty strong with their Scything Talons. I figured the Gaunts would do more damage in their numbers than the Genestealers, so I used the Stealers as the Overwatch Fodder group. In the end I only lost two Stealers from Overwatch and it didn't really make a difference, but if the Sternguard had got lucky and rolled a bucket load of sixes, the best he could have done was kill my almost dead group of Stealers, keeping my Hormagaunt Brood at full strength.

It's fair to say that in reality, Overwatch is nowhere near as scary as it first seemed when 6th Edition hit. I actually like the rule, as it's always nice to have something to do other than remove models in your opponents turn and brings a bit of realism to the game. Of course, if we are able to reduce Overwatch going into our key units, all the better, especially for Nids!
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13 August 2012

Tyranid 6th Edition Battle Report

Nick speaking,

It seems like most of my previous army lists for my Tyranids are going to have major problems with the new 6th Edition rules. We all know the reasons for this, no assaulting from Reserve or the Flank, no full reserves, Overwatch etc. I will have a closer look at these sort of things in a future post where I will talk about how 6th Edition is going to effect my Tyranids. For now though, and for my first game with the Nids against Blood Angels, I wanted to have a bit of fun and try out some of the new rules. My first list is designed to get as many little bugs down as I could, although I did also want to have a go with some Ravener as well. I did originally have two units of Genestealers in the list, but I swapped them out for DoM in a pod at the last minute to bring a little extra distraction to the army...

1 x Tyranid Prime/Lash-Whip and Bone Sword/Regeneration (105)

20 x Hormagaunts (120)
20 x Hormagaunts (120)
20 x Termagants (100)
20 x Termagants (100)
10 x Genestealers (140)

Doom of Malan'tai (90)
Mycetic Spore/Cluster Spines (50)

5 x Ravener/Scything Talons/Rending Claws (175)

1000 Points: Model Count 98

The Blood Angels list was something like this:

1x Dante
10x Jump Troops/2x Plasma Gun/Powerfist
10x Jump Troops/2x Plasma Gun/Powerfist
10x Sternguard/Drop Pod

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10 August 2012

Fortifications, are they worth it?

Nick speaking,

So we all know the main reason you are now able to purchase your own Fortifications for your army in 6th edition. GW just want to sell more terrain and that's fair enough, they do actually make some cool looking terrain that can easily enhance the look of our battlefields. The question is though, is it worth buying Fortifications for your army? Well, lets have a look at what is on offer and see if we can come to any conclusions...

The first and lowest cost fortification, is the Aegis Defence Line. It is only fifty points for eight pieces of Line, four short and four long sections. The Defence Line is basically a portable barricade that uses the standard barricade characteristics. So, any model in base contact and any models within 2" of them, will gain a 4+ cover save. In addition to this, any unit using the Defence line gains a 2+ cover save if they go to ground and Bikes and Jetbikes assaulting a unit using the Line will have to test for Dangerous terrain. So far, it seems to be the most used fortification that I have seen being played, and I can see why. It's cheap points wise and offers your back field units or weaker units some consistent cover, which could be very useful for those armies that don't get a 3+ armour save as standard.

You can also purchase one of three extras for the Defence Line, including two different Skyfire guns, an Icarus Lascannon for thirty five points and a Quad-gun for fifty points. Or if you don't need Skyfire, you can buy a Comms relay for twenty Points, allowing you to re-roll any reserve rolls. Overall, for just fifty points, or no more than one hundred points, the Aegis Defence line can offer a lot to an army, especially if it's lacking in some areas, like good saves, Skyfire bullets or reserve bonuses.

Next is the Skyshield Landing Pad, which is going to set your army back seventy five points. The Skyshield had two landing pad configurations which can be changed once per turn by a model in base contact with it, as long as the enemy doesn't also have a model in base contact. The configurations are Shielded, giving any units on top a 4++ save against shooting attacks, or Unfurled, where deep strikers, jetbikes and jump infantry etc. do not have to take any dangerous terrain tests for landing on in. Personally, I can't really see the point of spending the extra points on a Landing Pad over having the Aegis Defence Line, apart from maybe giving your long range backfield shooting units some height advantage.

For the same points cost as a Skyshield Pad, you can buy an Imperial Bastion for your army. The Bastion is an armour fourteen Building that comes with four different facing Heavy Bolters, as well as some fire points for any units inside to use, plus you can add any one of the same two guns that are available on the Aegis Defence Line. You can also opt for a Comms Relay if you should so desire. The Bastion also has a roof for a unit to bunker in, so Overall, it can bring a lot to an army that need to hold a decent defencive position.

The last Fortification you can buy comes in at a hefty two hundred and twenty points, The Fortress of Redemption is a set of two armour valued fourteen bunkers and a tower all joined together. One bunker comes with a Missile Silo and the other has a twin linked Skyfire Icarus Lascannon. You are then able to upgrade the Missile Silo to also have a choice of firing a strength eight Krakstorm Missile instead of shooting the strength four Fragstorm, for thirty points. Ten points will buy you four Heavy Bolters, which does seem like a bargain, but with all the extras this Fortress is going to set you back a total of two hundred and sixty points! The Fortress is expensive, but then again it does offer a big area of defencive barricades, with some nice long range fire power.

For me, the best two pieces are the Defence Line and the Bastion. I plan on getting myself a Defence Line at some point, as I think both my Eldar and Nids could make use of it without it being too expensive, points wise. The Bastion is just a bit over the top for me, plus it's not exactly cheap a model to buy, money wise. The Landing pad is interesting, but it seems a bit like something and nothing to me! So what do you make of Fortifications?
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7 August 2012

6th Edition Night Scythe Tactics

Nick speaking,

There is no beating around the bush, the Necron Night Scythe has got a massive boost with the new Flyer rules in 6th Edition, or at least, it now does what GW intended it to do when they first introduced it into our robotic army. So what is the best way to use the Night Scythe? I am not talking about making a spammed out Scythe army with Night and Doom Scythes all over the place, that is more like a themed army as such. I am talking about fitting one or two Scythes into a generic army, and how best to make them work...

From my point of few, and from what I am seeing from other Necron players, the Rapid Fire Gauss Flayer is too good, and too cheap, for Warriors not to make a massive come back as the number one troops choice. Sixth edition seems to dictate that you need to be maxing out with five or six troop choices, with less cover saves and more objectives to hold in most missions. This is great, as there is nothing like having a mass of 60+ Warriors in your Necron Phalanx walking towards your enemy. It just looks epic, but where does this leave the Night Scythe in our army?

Well, I am thinking that just one or maybe two Night Scythes is the way to go, Warriors are cheap enough to allow for this and still maintain their numbers. A single Night Scythe is going to be annoying enough for anyone, even if they are Skyfire ready. Talking of that, if you are facing an army that has lots of Skyfire, and you only have one Scythe in your list, at least that's only one thing they can take down with the points they have spent to get the Skyfire, unlike if you had six or more Scythes. Plus, if our single Scythe does go down, at least we have the benefit of the unit inside just go into reserve if it is destroyed. Moving a Flyer is probably the only thing that you need to worry about, when it is zooming, you have to be moving at least 18" and you can only pivot on the spot 90 degrees, so most of the time you are going to have to circle your enemy to be able to shoot the Tesla Destructor. So what is going to come out of your Night Scythe portal?

For me, the obvious choice is a big group of Immortals, I like the idea of having troops in it for a start, and the Immortals stronger gun and better save is going to win over Warriors, as you never know where you will need to get out and what you will need to take down. The Scythe movement is where we are going to be able to take full advantage of having troops in it. Being able to unload and Rapid Fire our Immortals to target isolated groups is the number one use, or if that is not needed, we can just unload them in the last few turns to take objectives.

The Necron FAQ states that we can move 36", disembark and shoot Snap Shots, or Disembark at 24", shooting at normal ballistic skill, not forgetting we can move the unit six inches as well from disembarking. This means we can effectively move and Rapid Fire anything that is 42" away at full ballistic skill, nothing to stiff at! The only issue with the portal is you cannot embark back on the Scythe once you are off it, this is understandable, as the thing is moving very fast, so it does make sense. So now we are out on foot and have destroyed our isolated target, now what? Enter the Veil Cryptek!

The new FAQ now lets you embark on a Night Scythe, but I still think this Cryptek idea is valid and still works well...

The Veil Cryptek has just changed the one hit wonder Immortals, into a very mobile unit that can move around the board targeting and distracting other units, and if still up at the end, Veil in to hold or contest any objectives, including the Linebreaker. He also adds another dimension to the unit if the Scythe had been destroyed and the unit has been placed back into reserve. I know you cannot deep strike back in the next turn, but at least you will be back to full movement around the board the turn after that!
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4 August 2012

How will 6th Edition effect my Space Wolves?

Nick speaking,

As many of you already know, my Space Wolves are based on the 13th Company chapter from the Eye of Terror Codex. They were lost for so long that their Vehicles no longer functioned. A full foot army, except for a very small elite group of Storm Claw Bikers. As soon as I heard about the new Hull Point rules in 6th Edition, making it much easier to Wreck a Rhino, my initial thought was that my 13th Company Space Wolves would finally go back to their original Eye of Terror status, of having no tanks.

When the latest edition of the Space Wolves Codex hit, making my Eye of Terror Wolves defunct. I spent a lot of time trying to go down the foot list route, and to be fair, I had quite a bit of success, especially with the Loganwing variant, but lets face it, a Loganwing army is a Loganwing army, it's not really 13th Company Space Wolves! I ended up making my own bit of fluff up for the army, allowing them to have vehicles. I made my Space Wolves have a few expert engineers who could keep the tanks rolling, and If they were able to loot Chaos armour to adorn, why couldn't they loot a few Rhinos as well? So that's what I did, a 75/25% ratio of Space Wolves and Chaos vehicles, allowing me to MSU or Rhino Rush depending on how I felt.

So what is the current situation for Rhinos and Razorbacks in 6th? It is pretty obvious that the 6th Edition rules and mission objectives have been designed to change things up from what they were in 5th. Vehicles, and Vehicles with troops in, can no longer hold or contest objectives. I think the days of Razorback MSU have been numbered, making way for the Rhino to excel. Good job I magnetised my Razorbacks then! Even with all the problems the Rhino has of being easy to kill in 6th Edition, I still think it has a place in my army. The Rhino only has to stay up long enough to get you to where you need to be, which in theory, should be easier to do than if you were on foot. I am not saying foot Wolves are a total no no, as I am definitely going to have a go at making them work in the future, but I am going to have to give the Rhino a fair trial before I get my walking boots out.
I had already decided that I found MSU Razorback Spam to be a bit boring to play, so I was already playing larger units of Grey Hunters in Rhino's anyway. The only change will be to switch from Melta to Plasma for obvious reasons. As for the Wolf Guard pack leader, I am thinking the Combi-Melta/Power Fist combo has to go, no point being initiative one in a Challenge is there? I can see my Long Fangs also getting a switch up, with a few Missile Launchers being switched out for Lascannons to help bring down any AP2 dudes. Not sure if we still need three groups of them either yet, maybe only time will tell on that one. I also can't really see me using Wolf Scouts anymore in great quantities either, they still have a place mind you, but nothing like they were before!

I think it's very early days for me and the Wolves, but overall, I don't believe 6th Edition is going to have a massive impact on my army. There will be some changes of course, but being Marines, it's going to be nothing like the changes I will have to make for my Xenos armies, in particular my Nids, which I am going to have to have a look at next...
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1 August 2012

Space Wolves 6th Edition Battle Report

Nick speaking,

Time to get my Space Wolves on the table for their first 6th Edition game. Once again, we were playing a small 1,000 point game, so I thought I would give the good old faithful Rhino a chance to prove their worth. It was a very enjoyable game for the both of us, although we did find there was an unusual lack of assaults, due to everyone wanting to rapid fire their Plasma guns instead...

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Allies (3) Annihilation Barge (5) Anrakyr (3) Archon (1) Arjac (2) Army List Clinic (10) Artillery (1) Assault Phase (1) Attack Wing (1) Autarch (3) Avatar (10) Bases (10) Battle Reports (194) Belial (2) Bikes (11) Biovores (3) Bjorn (3) Black Legion (1) Blood Angels (9) Broodlord (7) C'tan (19) Canis (1) Canoptek Harvest (8) Carnifex (7) Cases (1) Challenges (17) Chaos Space Marines (18) Characters (3) Cities of Death (15) Command Barge (5) Community Cryptek (12) Crimson Hunter (4) Cryptek (13) Daemons (13) Dark Angels (7) Dark Eldar (25) Dark Eldar Conversions (1) Dark Elf (3) Dark Elves (3) Death Company (1) Deathmarks (3) Deceiver (2) Defence Line (3) Destroyer Cult (4) Destroyer Lord (4) Destroyers (11) Detachments (3) Dire Avengers (3) Display Board (1) Doom of Malan'tai (4) Doom Sythe (6) Doomsday Ark (7) DreadBall (3) Dreadnought Conversion (7) Drop Pod (3) Dwarfs (2) Eldar (207) Eldar Army Lists (22) Eldar Battle Reports (52) Eldar Conversions (25) Eldar Flyer (6) Eldar Tactics (9) Eldar Terrain (4) Eldar Webway Portal (2) Eldrad (2) Emperors Children (8) Empire (3) Endless Swarm (3) Falcon (5) Farseer (5) Fenrisian Wolves (2) Finecast (6) Fire Dragons (4) Fire Prism (6) Flayed Ones (34) Fluff (1) Footdar (2) Forge World (18) Formations (21) Free Hand (6) Games Day (1) Gargoyles (3) Genestealers (9) Ghost Ark (3) Gothic (15) Green Stuff (34) Grey Hunters (13) Grey Knight Battle Report (2) Grey Knights (2) Guard Battle Reports (6) Guardians (3) Harlequin Battle Report (8) Harlequin Tactics (1) Harlequins (14) Harpy (4) Heavy Destroyers (1) Help for Heroes Salamanders (40) Help for Heroes Ultramarines (29) Hive Crone (4) Hive Guard (2) Hive Tyrant (11) Hive Tyrant Guard (2) Hobby (36) Hormagaunts (1) How to Magnetise (21) How to paint (14) Immortals (3) Imotekh (3) Imperial Guard (7) Jetbikes (12) Laser Cut Card (40) Lethal Terrain (1) Lictors (2) Living Tomb (9) Logan (1) Long Fangs (10) Lukas (6) Lychguard (4) Maelstrom (2) Magnetising (53) Maleceptor (3) Man O' War (13) Man O' War Battle Report (4) Markers (10) Maugan Ra (2) Mawloc (13) Mechdar (13) Mega Nobz (6) Missions (7) Monolith (11) Movement Phase (1) Mycetic Spore (14) Mysterious Objectives (4) Necron Army Lists (46) Necron Battle Reports (78) Necron Conversions (26) Necron Decurion (15) Necron Lord (4) Necron Tactics (19) Necron Terrain (49) Necrons (310) Nid Warriors (3) Nidzilla (7) Night Scythe (8) Nightbringer (3) obelisk (9) Objective Markers (7) Orikan (4) Ork conversions (6) Orks (18) Other (22) Outsider (1) Overlord (2) Overwatch (1) Painting Eldar (76) Painting Necrons (47) painting Salamanders (22) Painting Space Wolves (46) Painting Tyranids (53) Paints (7) Pariah (1) Phase Out (1) Polls (5) Psychic Powers (6) Pylon (3) Rangers (1) Raveners (4) Razorback (3) Reading 6th (18) Reaper Bones (1) Reclamation Legion (8) Rhino (2) Rippers (1) Rules (60) Rune Priest (3) Saim-Hann (20) Salamanders (38) Scarabs (15) Seer Council (6) Shadow Spectres (3) Shining Spears (1) Shooting Phase (1) Shrike (3) Skyblight (1) Space Marines (8) Space Wolves (111) Space Wolves Army Lists (12) Space Wolves Battle Reports (18) Space Wolves Conversions (16) Space Wolves Tactics (5) Special Rules (1) Spore Mines (2) Spotlight (44) Spyders (8) Super Phalanx (6) Supplements (1) Support Weapons (5) Swarmlord (4) Swiftclaws (2) Swooping Hawkes (1) Tactics (6) Tau (8) Termagants (5) Terminators (2) Terrain (48) Tervigon (7) Tesseract Vault (9) Thunderwolves (11) Tomb Blades (5) Toxicrene (5) Transcendent C'tan (5) Triarch Stalker (6) Trygon (13) Tyranid Army Lists (18) Tyranid Battle Reports (44) Tyranid Conversions (22) Tyranid Tactics (9) Tyranids (149) Tyrannocyte (8) Ultramarines (29) Unboxing (3) Unit Types (3) Veer-Myn (2) Vehicles (5) Venomthropes (2) Void Dragon (7) Vypers (1) War Walker (7) Warlocks (7) Warriors (8) Wave Serpents (9) We'll be Back (1) Weapons (3) Wolf Lord (4) Wraithblades (4) Wraithguard (4) Wraithknight (5) Wraithlord (1) Wraiths (14) Ymgarls (2) Zoanthropes (2)