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7 August 2012

6th Edition Night Scythe Tactics

Nick speaking,

There is no beating around the bush, the Necron Night Scythe has got a massive boost with the new Flyer rules in 6th Edition, or at least, it now does what GW intended it to do when they first introduced it into our robotic army. So what is the best way to use the Night Scythe? I am not talking about making a spammed out Scythe army with Night and Doom Scythes all over the place, that is more like a themed army as such. I am talking about fitting one or two Scythes into a generic army, and how best to make them work...

From my point of few, and from what I am seeing from other Necron players, the Rapid Fire Gauss Flayer is too good, and too cheap, for Warriors not to make a massive come back as the number one troops choice. Sixth edition seems to dictate that you need to be maxing out with five or six troop choices, with less cover saves and more objectives to hold in most missions. This is great, as there is nothing like having a mass of 60+ Warriors in your Necron Phalanx walking towards your enemy. It just looks epic, but where does this leave the Night Scythe in our army?

Well, I am thinking that just one or maybe two Night Scythes is the way to go, Warriors are cheap enough to allow for this and still maintain their numbers. A single Night Scythe is going to be annoying enough for anyone, even if they are Skyfire ready. Talking of that, if you are facing an army that has lots of Skyfire, and you only have one Scythe in your list, at least that's only one thing they can take down with the points they have spent to get the Skyfire, unlike if you had six or more Scythes. Plus, if our single Scythe does go down, at least we have the benefit of the unit inside just go into reserve if it is destroyed. Moving a Flyer is probably the only thing that you need to worry about, when it is zooming, you have to be moving at least 18" and you can only pivot on the spot 90 degrees, so most of the time you are going to have to circle your enemy to be able to shoot the Tesla Destructor. So what is going to come out of your Night Scythe portal?

For me, the obvious choice is a big group of Immortals, I like the idea of having troops in it for a start, and the Immortals stronger gun and better save is going to win over Warriors, as you never know where you will need to get out and what you will need to take down. The Scythe movement is where we are going to be able to take full advantage of having troops in it. Being able to unload and Rapid Fire our Immortals to target isolated groups is the number one use, or if that is not needed, we can just unload them in the last few turns to take objectives.

The Necron FAQ states that we can move 36", disembark and shoot Snap Shots, or Disembark at 24", shooting at normal ballistic skill, not forgetting we can move the unit six inches as well from disembarking. This means we can effectively move and Rapid Fire anything that is 42" away at full ballistic skill, nothing to stiff at! The only issue with the portal is you cannot embark back on the Scythe once you are off it, this is understandable, as the thing is moving very fast, so it does make sense. So now we are out on foot and have destroyed our isolated target, now what? Enter the Veil Cryptek!

The new FAQ now lets you embark on a Night Scythe, but I still think this Cryptek idea is valid and still works well...

The Veil Cryptek has just changed the one hit wonder Immortals, into a very mobile unit that can move around the board targeting and distracting other units, and if still up at the end, Veil in to hold or contest any objectives, including the Linebreaker. He also adds another dimension to the unit if the Scythe had been destroyed and the unit has been placed back into reserve. I know you cannot deep strike back in the next turn, but at least you will be back to full movement around the board the turn after that!


  1. Good article mate! The Nightscythe is certainly a strong flyer! I like the idea of the Veiltek as well makes for a dual purpose unit! nifty! :D

  2. Cheers mate, glad you liked it :D

  3. Nick, this article just got you a new reader! These where my exact thoughts for my necron 6th army! Any thoughts on how to exactly transfer this into a nice 1000pt Doubles list?

  4. Thank, that's great to hear. I suppose it depends on what army you are teaming up with? The Crons can work well as either the defending half, just holding back and taking objectives with some covering support, or you can use them to push forward and be the attacker from a midfield position. I would run with something like:

    1x Overlord/Warscythe/MMS/Barge
    1x Veiltek
    10x Warriors
    10x Warriors
    10x Warriors
    9x Immortals/Gauss
    1x Night Scythe
    1x Annihilation Barge

    Personally, I would use the Crons as the attacking half pushing forward to midfield and taking up all of your enemies time and effort while your team mate concentrates on the mission objectives. Although, if your team mate has an attacking army himself, just use the Crons to hold back for the mission. Either way, as long as the attacking player knows his army will be destroyed by the end of the game, it's all good

  5. Well, in the tourney I'm going to, there's a lottery every game to see which guy you play with.

    Why the barge though?

    I was more thinking:
    Overlord (Resorb, scythe)
    9x Warriors
    9x Warriors
    15x Warriors (go with overlord)
    8x Immortals
    1x Nightscyte
    --> Defence Line

  6. Interesting concept for the tourney and probably quite difficult to lay down the attacker/defender tactic I was thinking off. That's where the Barge came in, using the Crons as the attacking half, the Barge would make a great distaction unit to help protect your team mate.

    Sticking the Overlord with an Orb into a large group of Warriors is another very sound tactic and something I do very often. I always give him Weave and MMS, I also like to give him Labyrinth if possible and maybe even a Phase shifter, It does make him expensive, but boy it makes him good, expecially if your opponent goes after him for the Warlord VP with his Warlord :D


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