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4 August 2012

How will 6th Edition effect my Space Wolves?

Nick speaking,

As many of you already know, my Space Wolves are based on the 13th Company chapter from the Eye of Terror Codex. They were lost for so long that their Vehicles no longer functioned. A full foot army, except for a very small elite group of Storm Claw Bikers. As soon as I heard about the new Hull Point rules in 6th Edition, making it much easier to Wreck a Rhino, my initial thought was that my 13th Company Space Wolves would finally go back to their original Eye of Terror status, of having no tanks.

When the latest edition of the Space Wolves Codex hit, making my Eye of Terror Wolves defunct. I spent a lot of time trying to go down the foot list route, and to be fair, I had quite a bit of success, especially with the Loganwing variant, but lets face it, a Loganwing army is a Loganwing army, it's not really 13th Company Space Wolves! I ended up making my own bit of fluff up for the army, allowing them to have vehicles. I made my Space Wolves have a few expert engineers who could keep the tanks rolling, and If they were able to loot Chaos armour to adorn, why couldn't they loot a few Rhinos as well? So that's what I did, a 75/25% ratio of Space Wolves and Chaos vehicles, allowing me to MSU or Rhino Rush depending on how I felt.

So what is the current situation for Rhinos and Razorbacks in 6th? It is pretty obvious that the 6th Edition rules and mission objectives have been designed to change things up from what they were in 5th. Vehicles, and Vehicles with troops in, can no longer hold or contest objectives. I think the days of Razorback MSU have been numbered, making way for the Rhino to excel. Good job I magnetised my Razorbacks then! Even with all the problems the Rhino has of being easy to kill in 6th Edition, I still think it has a place in my army. The Rhino only has to stay up long enough to get you to where you need to be, which in theory, should be easier to do than if you were on foot. I am not saying foot Wolves are a total no no, as I am definitely going to have a go at making them work in the future, but I am going to have to give the Rhino a fair trial before I get my walking boots out.
I had already decided that I found MSU Razorback Spam to be a bit boring to play, so I was already playing larger units of Grey Hunters in Rhino's anyway. The only change will be to switch from Melta to Plasma for obvious reasons. As for the Wolf Guard pack leader, I am thinking the Combi-Melta/Power Fist combo has to go, no point being initiative one in a Challenge is there? I can see my Long Fangs also getting a switch up, with a few Missile Launchers being switched out for Lascannons to help bring down any AP2 dudes. Not sure if we still need three groups of them either yet, maybe only time will tell on that one. I also can't really see me using Wolf Scouts anymore in great quantities either, they still have a place mind you, but nothing like they were before!

I think it's very early days for me and the Wolves, but overall, I don't believe 6th Edition is going to have a massive impact on my army. There will be some changes of course, but being Marines, it's going to be nothing like the changes I will have to make for my Xenos armies, in particular my Nids, which I am going to have to have a look at next...


  1. Good post mate, you're completely right about Rhinos, MSU and Powerfists.... Rhinos will be used to get larger squads to where they need to be to capture an objective, then hope to be exploded creating a nice bit of 4+ area terrain (I think wreckages become both area terrain and grant 4+ cover save...)

    MSU, I think the days of mass marine MSU are fairly numbered, Razorbacks are still good, so I would still expect people to flood there troops with say 3 and then take 2 or 3 larger squads depending on points, small marine squads are no pushovers when hiding in a wreckage and all they have to do is score.

    Powerfists and challenges are something I've been looking to exploit with my Paladins, using a Halberd to cut down characters with MEQ armour and low initiative, like power fist sergeants and ork nobs in anything but Mega armour.

  2. Thanks mate, yes you are quite right about exploded vehicles being area terrain, it's still a 5+ save though, but you can get +2 for going to ground in area instead of +1, so it's well worth remembering :D

  3. Not sure on MSU; my D.E and G.K seem to both do quite well :)

  4. :D

    Subject: [idicbeer] Re: IDICBeer 40k: How will 6th Edition effect my Space Wolves?


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