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24 November 2012

Footdar First!

Nick speaking, 

Right, the next stage for the IDIC Eldar is a foot list. There are a few reasons for me taking my Eldar in this direction. First, I am still unsure how to run my Harlequin themed list in 6th Edition, where two groups of Pathfinders are just not going to cut it anymore. So, I want to try out foot Guardians and Dire Avengers to see how they fair nowadays. As previously discussed, I am also experimenting with Support Weapons at the moment, which could fit into my Harlie list as well.

I already have my 6th Edition Mechdar list tweaked and ready to go, which is where I am aiming all my painting time towards at the moment, getting the final few units finished. My fully painted 5th Edition Saim-Hann army is also in the process of being updated, but that will be for a future post. So why a different foot list? Why not concentrate on the Harlies?

Well, apart from my Harlequin army, which has little points left over after buying thirty Harlequins for experimenting too much, I have never really played a Footdar army, so that is the main reason. I’ve also had a bit of an itch for Footdar recently, after seeing a fair few armies around on the Blogs. One of those armies is based around a Foot Seer Council, with Eldrad and a Farseer rocking their stuff with them. A Footseer really appeals to me because I have never used my Warlocks on foot before, and as I have my Jetbike Warlocks all magnetised to go on foot, I would really love to try them out.

I hope I can gain some extra experience of playing Eldar through this new army concept.  Moving away from Wave Serpents and the like and having all the units on foot sounds like a bit of a Challenge to me, which I am sure will increase my depth of knowledge with the Eldar. Hopefully, this new footlist will also give me some inspiration to help me adapt my Harlequin list as well.

Here is my new list. The Farseers and Warlocks go up front with both Dire Avenger groups either side. Behind them will be two groups of Fire Dragons, with three groups of Guardians behind them. Two support Weapons will give some covering fire with a single Skyleaping Hawk unit. I also have a single War Walker with dual Scatter Lasers, who will flank as a cheap distraction unit. That’s a model count of eighty models compared to the forty four in my Harlequin list, so I am really looking forward to playing this army for the first time...

IDIC Footdar V1

1 x IDIC Eldrad (210)
1 x IDIC Farseer/Spear/Doom/Fortune/Guide/Mind war/Runes of witnessing/Stones (183)
8 x IDIC Warlocks/4x Spears/5x Destructor/2x Embolden/1x Enhance (297)

8 x Dire Avengers/Exarch/Power Weapon/Shimmershield/Bladestorm (138)
8 x Dire Avengers/Exarch/Dual Cats/Bladestorm (128)
10 x IDIC Guardians/Scatter Laser (95)
10 x IDIC Guardians/Scatter Laser (95)
10 x IDIC Guardians/Scatter Laser (95)

8 x Fire Dragons (128)
8 x Fire Dragons (128)

5 x Swooping Hawks/Exarch/Skyleap (132)

1 x IDIC Support Weapon/Shadow Weaver (30)
1 x IDIC Support Weapon/Shadow Weaver (30)
1 x IDIC War Walkers/Scatter Laser (60)



  1. Use to run a footdar list. One of my favourite tactics was, a 20 strong guardian squad held in reserve with an objective marker within 12-18" of my board edge. I would allow my oppenent to claim it then when the squad arrived from reserve they would move on and use their assault 2 weapons and scatter laser to blast them off the objective. Very fun and cheap troop choice.

  2. Sounded like fun, do you think it's worth the points to have Embolden Warlocks with Guardians?

  3. It's probably not cost effective but I enjoy a guardian squad, 20 strong with conceal and fortune them. They take ages to kill from shooting.

    Dear god don't get them in combat though.

  4. I was seriously considering the Avatar to make them all Fearless, but that means one less Psker and I am pretty sure the Avatar will go down quite quickly. Still, when I get my FW Speartar painted I will have to fit him in the list somehow :D

  5. Drop the farseer for him? then fortune him with eldrad?

    But yer the two farseers are useful. I love teh speartar... got one in bits my self, i jsut cant bare to put him together incase i paint him terribly.

  6. I know what you mean, he is scary to paint, but I am going to have a go at mine soon

  7. The only thing that worries me is the fact that Shadow Weavers make VERY easy firstblood targets, in the missions like Emperors Will and Relic where objectives are limited, Firstblood can be the difference (I have won my last 2 games by firstblood then drawing the primary mission). Other than that, I would also second an Avatar, I know you lose the Farseer, but IMO, making ALL those Guardians fearless is priceless, but Eldrad can Fortune him, Fortune the council and Doom/Guide/Mindwar something else.

  8. I know what you mean about First Blood mate, but the Shadow Weavers should be totally hidden behind terrain (hopefully). I will be trying to get first turn anyway with this list so that I can get my much needed Fortune off, and hopefully First Blood myself with my Guided Scatter Lasers. I do really like the Avatar, but I need the triple Fortune on the Seer and two DA units who will be pushing forward, I will defo be giving the Avatar a go at some point though :D


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