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1 January 2013

Happy 40k New Year!

Nick speaking,

This time last year I was posting about my New Years Resolution being to get more comments on the Blog, and thanks to everyone who has made that happen. I appreciate every single comment I have received, and with each one of them comes more inspiration to keep on posting. So, thanks so much everyone and a Happy New Year to all my long time readers and anyone else who happens to stumble upon this post.

My 40k plans for 2013 are to continue to paint up more of my armies. I am looking at my Fire Dragons, Farseers, War Walkers and Support Weapons for my Eldar. Maybe even my Avatar if I feel brave enough. For my Nids I want to paint up my other two Tyrgons, convert and paint up a Tyranid Prime, and finally get some Hive Guard conversions going. If money allows, I would like to get some 'real' Tervigons, and add some of the Necron units I still haven't played with yet to my army, like Triach Stalkers, oh, and few more Flyers would be nice.

I also really want to go to Games Day this year. I have only ever been once, and that was back in 2002, so I am long overdue to go. It would be cool to maybe meet up with a few of my followers as well as seeing how things have change, I might even consider entering Golden Demon. I'm also looking at entering a couple of tournaments this year if I can, so if anyone knows of any events happening in the Hampshire area of the UK that I could consider, please let me know about them.

So how about you? What are your plans for your 40k 2013?


  1. Hi
    I have just come across your blog via Natfka blog exchange.
    I am a long time gamer (nearly 20 years) and have collected alot of plastic crack over the years. 2013 will see my Dark Eldar reaching the dizzying heights of 10k points as I have just found all my old models in storage at my mums place. 2013 will also see my long overdue DA army being built (I have been collecting bits and peices for a while, but with the new dex out it seems like now is the time to build it). I also have my ever expanding Ultramarines army which is themed around 1st company that will always need more Veterans and support. This is going to be a very busy year.

    Happy New Year and looking forward to seeing how your armies come along.

  2. Wow, sounds like you have your hands full there buddy. Nice to see you still have the hobby bug. Thanks for dropping by, Happy New Year to you :D Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

  3. Hi Nick wow sounds like you have a bunch of stuff planned for 2013. Wanted to say thanks for all your inspiration and support on my personal hobby journey I have gained a ton of knowledge from you and your blog and vids. Thank you. Games day sounds. Like a good shout! Here's to 2013

  4. Good luck with your plans, I have done the same, setting out what I want to do. I doubt it will go exactly how we want but good luck anyway.

  5. Happy new year mate! As for a resolution, I want to do well at the tournaments I'm attending, maybe even place in the top3 at one event. I've just (like in the last hour), just finished painting my last infantry model out of 93. just 3 Vendettas to go! Lol.

  6. Cheers mate, hope you had a good one too, look forward too see some pictures of all those men. Good luck with the Vendettas ;) Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

  7. Happy new year! My resolution is to pick a single army and build a force for it :)

  8. Keep the excellent articles coming Nick I really enjoy reading them :) I myself am planning to complete my Space Wolves and the ThunderHawk and finish my High Elves and also get more games in with my Saim Hann :)


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