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12 January 2013

Rules Help! Tyranids and Quad Guns?

Nick speaking,

OK, so can Tyranids fire a Quad/Icarus Gun in a Defence Line?

The Tyranid FAQ's ruling for Nids means they are forbidden to manually fire 'Emplaced Weapons' in buildings, but there is no mention of 'Gun Emplacements', which seem to have their own distinct rules! So I am correct in saying that Nids CAN manually fire 'Gun Emplacements' (which are free standing) but NOT 'Emplaced Weapons' (guns in buildings)?

I have done a reasonable amount of searching to try and find out about this, but there seems to be a lack of a definite answer. Some say yes, some say no, I even went into my local GW store, who said you can't, but as you have purchased it for your army, you can, but only shooting it at BS2! This seems totally odd to me, and is obviously something they have just made up! So, what is the answer? Can I fire the gun with my Nids or not?


  1. I believe I have an answer for you.

    Tyranid FAQ:

    Q: Are Tyranid units inside buildings (i.e. the Bastion) subject to
    instinctive behaviour tests? Furthermore, are they able to manual fire
    emplaced weapons or weapon emplacements?
    A: No to both questions.

    You'll notice Emplaced Weapons are located in Buildings section 40k6 pg 92 to 97. You probably already know what I'm going to type next. Gun Emplacement is located in Battlefield Debris 40k6 pg 104-105. Since these are two separate sections I say they can fire a quad-gun in an Aegis Defense Line but not quad-gun from a Bastion.

  2. That's how I read it myself, but something which is slightly odd...if you look at the page of battlefield terrain pictures. I think it has text there that describes the Gun in a Defence line as a 'Gun Emplacement'?

    I have also heard this argument... "A gun emplacement is a type of weapon emplacement (but not an emplaced weapon)."

  3. so youre saying a gun emplacment is not a emplaced weapon?

    so were are the rules for gun emplacments????

    you cant use the emplaced weapon rules for it!!!! AS YOU STATED ITS DIFFRENT

    so no shooting it or operating it

    no killing it or anything realy

    since it has no rules you can NOT asume stuff

    to me this is clearly a case of rulebending

  4. I am not saying anything, I am just asking to get the correct answer! I am not assuming or trying to bend the rules, but as my local GW store is making their own rules up for it, there does seem to be an issue

  5. The Gun Emplacement rule is located in Battlefield Debris pg 104-105

  6. Rule lawwyering aside and reaching from my millitary background. A gun emplacment is a type of emplaced weapon. I know GW rules are rarly logical but I still side with Neil Gilstraps opinion on this from 11th Company. Additionally if nods lack the capacity to fire weapons from inside a building what makes us think that they can suddenly operate one on a defence line that sits in the section where you can buy other buildings?

    loves and kisses,

  7. seb, I thought the same thing when 6th ed first came out. That quad-guns can't be destroyed. I was very upset. Turns out they can. Friend of mine brought this to my attention.

    40k6 pg 105 Gun Emplacement: The gun emplacement can be shot at and attacked in close combat. It is hit automatically and has the following profile.

    WS - BS - S - T 7 W 2 I - A - Ld - Sv 3+

  8. seb, rules for Aegis Defense Line are located in Fortifications 40k6 pg 114. Aegis Defense Line Type is Battlefield Debris. From that what you will.

  9. Yeah, great catch. Tyranids can shoot it.

    40k6 pg 114 has "Gun emplacement with quad-gun." Gun Emplacement is located in Battlefield Debris pg 105 not Buildings pg 92. That resolves issue above.

    Looking at the bigger picture. Why an alien beast from another galaxy even think to use a gun emplacement instead seeing it as another part of terrain and crawling over it potentially damaging it is beyond me.

  10. Hypothetical: What if someone brought a custom Tyranid Aegis line that had an immobile [read quadgun/icarus lascannon] 'Nid biomorph that other 'Nids can be... symbiotic... with and control?

    Of all the Fortifications in the BrB, the defense line is the one that lends itself best to being carried around by the army that takes it, rather than being the "oh, this [insert defensive structure] is just sitting here empty, unused, and unguarded" implied in the rulebook fortification section.


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