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19 February 2013

Next Necron Project Results

Nick speaking,

Thank you to everyone who participated in my recent Poll about what Necron unit I should get next. I was using the poll to get your opinions of course, and had full intentions to go with whatever the poll results were. As you can see below, the top three results were a second Night Scythe, Deathmarks and a Triarch Stalker. It was very close between them with only two votes separating first and third. So my next purchase is going to have to be one of these three.

I wasn't surprised to see that a second unit of Wraiths received a good amount of votes, and it was also nice to see Tomb Blades got the same amount of votes as them. As my followers will already know, I have already managed to get my hands on some old Destroyers from eBay, who will be standing in as Tomb Blades for me anyway...


 Which Necron Unit Should I Get Next?

Tomb Blades                                9 (10%)

Triarch Stalker                             14 (16%)

Praetorians                                   1 (1%)

Lychguard                                    3 (3%)
Deathmarks                                  15 (18%)

A second unit of Wraiths             9 (10%)

A second Night Scythe                16 (19%)

A third Ghost Ark                        2 (2%)
A third Annihilation Barge          7 (8%)

Aegis Defense Line                     7 (8%)

So it's between a Night Scythe, Deathmarks and Triarch Stalker! I am currently using my Pariahs as stand in Deathmarks, so I don't think I am in any hurry to get them at the moment, and I have one Night Scythe that I am already playing. The Triarch Stalker a brand new unit that I have never had any experience with before, and as a long time Necron player, a new unit is just too exciting to turn down...



  1. good choice mate! always good to see new units, i've never faced one!

  2. Thanks mate, always good to play with a new toy :D

  3. I made two Triarch Stalker conversions and used them for a bit; they are ok in an av13 list and when using a lot of gauss i.e foot Warriors or Ghost Arks.

  4. Sounds like they will fit into my Super Phalanx list perfectly, what gun did you find the best?

  5. I used the multi melta thing. No way am I spending more money for a worse gun.
    Subject: [idicbeer] Re: Next Necron Project Results

  6. The strength seven large blast sounds quite good for five points? Could be good for shooting at infantry then shooting in with the twin linked Warriors, but yeah Melta is always is good, and it doesn't scatter :)

  7. meh, Necrons lack melta and should keep what they have got, remember it fires two shots as well.
    Subject: [idicbeer] Re: Next Necron Project Results

  8. Sounds good to me, but lets have a vote on it, new poll now up :D

  9. I prefer to run the heavy gauss cannon because the stalker has no reason to be in hand to hand combat. With the heat ray I found myself trying to get to 12"or less for the 2D6 melta hit/ flamer hit, which put the stalker in assault/ melta range. Using the gauss cannon gives you a twin linked S9 AP2 shot to 36", that kind of stand off range is hard to come by in the Necron codex.

    Also if you not sure witch weapons to go with the guns on the stalker are easy to swap with a few magnets.

  10. My initial though was the Heavy Gauss Cannon, but then I was thinking if I am shooting at long range it would mean that the rest of my short range weapons wouldn't get the twin linked benefit.

    I do plan to magnetise it, so I will be have to experiment if needed

  11. There is no reason the rest of you army needs to stay at long range. What I meant was for the stalker to act as a devastator squad siting safely behind the lines lighting up targets at range with the 36" cannon. The heat ray keeps it in the middle of the action where it will be easy to lock it in hand to hand combat or use melta weapons on it.

  12. Too true, it will be interesting to see what the poll results will be


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