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15 March 2013

Army List Clinic - Tyranid Help

Rob speaking,

Thank you to everyone who has already submitted their army lists to our Clinic, we hope that our responses have given you some pointers and were useful. Our very first army list in for review was from a reader called James, so I just wanted to take the time and say thanks for emailing in your list James, and lets have a look at it.
Email in: 

1 x Flyrant duel Devs, Old Ad.
1 x Tervigon 3 powers Toxin Sacs crushing claws – warlord
3 x Hive Gaurd
1 x Dom in pod
1 x Tervigon 3 powers Toxin Sacs
10 x Termagaunts
18 x Devour Gaunts in spore Pod

Thats for a 1250pt tourney in UK, any help would be appreciated.

Firstly, I want to say the list is very solid for its points level. Choosing to take the Tervigon as your Warlord may seem like a good idea, because it is tough to kill, but I don’t believe it is necessar. I think it is a much more sound strategic idea to take the Tervigon as another troops choice, this way you have 2 rock hard scoring Monstrous Creatures that can push forward when needed to take those objectives.

Without much information if this list is working for you or not, it’s quite difficult for us to critique, but if you’re looking for changes/improvements, I will give a couple of ideas where I think the list could be improved by changing wargear, but would require some more models. So, I would be tempted to drop the additional powers on both of the Tervigons, this frees up 60pts to start with, at 1250pts you don’t have many points to play with, the additional powers are nice and vastly increase the chances of Iron Arm, but we have to trim the fat at tournament level. The 60pts dropped can be used to give the first Termagant brood a Spore Pod and Devourers, this then gives you 3 units that will drop in the ever reliable pods right in your enemies face and with the Hive Tyrant Swooping to support them, giving them both Preferred Enemy, you will have a devastating alpha strike. To make this more reliable though, I would then be tempted to drop the crushing claws on the Tervigon that was originally your Warlord and invest the points in Hive Commander on the Hive Tyrant to make your alpha strike that much more reliable.

So with the minor tweaks mentioned above your list should look something like this:

Hive Tyrant w/ wings, dual devourers, old adversary and hive commander - 310
3 Hive Guard – 150
Doom in Pod – 130
Tervigon – 160
Tervigon – 160
13 Devourer Gaunts in Pod – 170
13 Devourer Gaunts in Pod – 170
Total: 1250pts

I hope this helps and thanks for emailing your list in!

Please post your thoughts and comments on helping James with his list, or if you felt I may have missed something, or have your own way to improve the list? Please feel free to comment and if you want to submit one of your army lists to us, you can do so here


  1. If anyone whats to add there pennies worth please feel free, would you take the list another way?

  2. just a thought. Devourers double the cost of the model for triple the firepower output. What do you think about keeping the fleshborers and simply maxing out the unit count? Sure that first-strike won't involve as many dice, but that squad will still exist the next turn...

  3. This list is all about the alpha strike so causing maximum damage on the drop is all important if anything survives that initial drops, thats a bonus, the Tervigons and the scoring Gaunts they spew out do the claiming, the Termagants in the pods are there to wreck face, I see what you're saying about the fleshborer, but the Devourer has a second advantage and thats range, now that the FAQ changed the way shooting works, range now has a much bigger say on things, plus things like Warp Quake are still a pain, so being able to drop that little further back and still give yourself shots is important.


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