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29 April 2013

Ork Glyph for Looted Vehicles by Laser Cut Card

Nick speaking,

I don't own any Orks, but even I wanted a pack of these new Laser Cut Card Orc Glyphs! OK, I am going to hand them over to my Ork playing buddy as a little gift, as I think he will love them, but before I do, lets have a quick look at them. For only £4.17 with free worldwide shipping, I say they are a bargain. They are the usual high standard Laser Cut Card product, with many awesome designs, perfect for either looting up your vehicles or for some Orky terrain...

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27 April 2013

Necron Void Dragon C'tan Painted!

Nick speaking,

Here are some pictures of the paint job I did for my Void Dragon conversion. I tried to get him as near to the artwork that I was following as I could, although I decided to paint the lightning the same colour as the energy section of his chest, as it seemed to make more sense to me that way. I have to say that overall I am very happy with how he came out, but please let me know what you think...

Now that I have my three C'tan ready to go, I need to get my army list sorted again. I think the 5th edition list I was using will need quite a number of tweaks, if not a total re-write! So there is still a lot more fun to come on the three C'tan front...

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25 April 2013

Necron Obelisks Update

Nick speaking,

There is nothing like seeing a company listening to customer feedback and then taking that feedback and making their products better! Well that is exactly what Neal from Laser Cut Card did with his 'Cyborg' Obelisks. I am sure you will all agree that the Obelisks he sells are pretty awesome, but it was a bit fiddly having to glue each individual circle into the Glyph section. Not anymore though! Neal has redesigned the template so that the circles stay attached to the Glyph after you remove the negative sections, except for two, making it so much easier and quicker to build than it was before. I plan on painting mine a bit different from my previous six, as I want to use it as a Mysterious piece of terrain...

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23 April 2013

Community Cryptek Project - Tomas Gessler

Nick speaking,

Here is a third Cryptek I received for my Community Cryptek Project, this time from TomasGessler, who painted this old Necron Warrior as a Lancetek for me. I don't own any of the OOP Necron Warriors, so this is going to fit perfectly into my army as a Cryptek. Tomas has recently got a new video camera for his YouTube Channel and has been making some very cool videos lately, so please go and check him out and subscribe...

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21 April 2013

Necron Void Dragon Conversion Finished!

Nick speaking,

Finally finished my Void Dragon C'tan conversion, if you haven't been following the series of posts, you can catch the first one here. I basically took an old Nightbringer model and tried to convert him up into the picture below. Overall I am very happy with how he came out, but what do you think?


Next is to get him painted...
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19 April 2013

Necron Scarab Farm Battle Report

Nick speaking,

Still having lots of fun in 6th Edition with my Scarab Wave, this time I am up against a double Landraider Blood Angels army!

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17 April 2013

Army List Clinic - Imperial Guard Help

Rob speaking,

Thank you to everyone who has submitted their army lists to our Clinic, we hope that our responses have given you some pointers and have been useful. In today's post we will have a look at a list submitted by our reader Adam and his Imperial Guard list.
Email in:

Hi chaps

It's my guard list!
I am looking to make my 1500pt list better please!
So here's the list and thanks for your efforts and time in advance lads

Dunks Guard

Company command squad

Vox caster
Grenade launcher
3 vets
In chimera


Platoon command squad
Platoon commander
Vox caster
3 guardsmen

3 infantry squads

Sergt combat weapon

Vox caster
Auto cannon
5 guardsmen

A commisar will be attached to only one squad in the middle to stop um running

Squads 2 & 3 as above without commisar

These sit behind my aegis defense line with quad gun

Veteran squads x2 both as below

Sergt combat weapon

3x plasma
Vox caster
5 vets
In chimera

Fast attack

2x vendettas twin las and h.v Bolters

Leman russ with hv bolter no sponsons mind



Think this is 1420 so have some to spend sentinel???? Perhaps

Let me know your thoughts and thanks again lads



I think your original list has a lot of things that don’t add much to the list, dropping these free up a lot of pts.

So going through the list, your list at present is on 1500pts exactly, but by dropping the commissar from an infantry platoon, it doesn’t add much if you don’t want to ‘blob’ up and combine multiple infantry platoons, have a squad hang around in combat could cost you in certain situations, the flamers on the infantry platoons don’t add much either, the rest of the list is solid.

Marbo is a tough one, on one hand he’s fantastic, the Demo charge causes all sorts of issues, the fact he doesn’t scatter, has stealth, is a single model, so can be easy to hide. But he is a one hit wonder, if he arrives turn 2, he becomes a first blood target in the KP game, so he’s also a liability. I personally prefer to use a more reliable choice.

Here is the list I would use:

Company Command – 4 Plasmaguns, Vox, Chimera – 175

Platoon Command – 3 Flamers, Chimera – 100
Infantry squad – Vox, Autocannon – 65
Infantry squad – Vox, Autocannon – 65
Infantry squad – Vox, Autocannon – 65

Veteran squad – 3 Meltaguns, Vox, Chimera – 160
Veteran Squad: 3x Plasma, Vox, Chimera – 175

Vendetta – heavy bolters – 140
Vendetta – heavy bolters – 140

Leman Russ – 150
Manticore – 165

Aegis Defence Line – Quadgun – 100


So whats changed?
Lots more special weapons, the command squad has Plasma, choosing plasma over melta gives you range, they are your warlord choice at 1500pts, melta means you have to get close and their job of popping tanks/MCs will basically be a suicide run, this will gift wrap your opponents Warlord, plasma makes it a bit more difficult to obtain and they can sit back a little bit.

Melta on a Veteran squad, these add a bit of variety to your Mech wing and will take some of the strain off the Vendettas which will be busy shooting down other flyers, the Platoon Command have been given flamers for toasting hordes, all the Chimeras should have heavy flamers as well.

Although you have lost as stubborn troops choice, you still have 6 scoring units and a lot of threats! The Platoons can all hide behind the Aegis, which can cover multiple objectives if your placement is right, so they should never need to leave the safety of the 4+/2+ cover, while they can still effect the game with the Autocannon in each squad.

Notes on changes:
If you’re not happy dropping the Marbo, I would drop the Platoon Commands Chimera, the platoon command can go in a Vendetta.

Please feel free to comment with your thoughts on Adams list, and if you want to submit one of your army lists to us, please do so here

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15 April 2013

Community Cryptek Project - Rebel Wargaming

Nick speaking,

Here is the second Cryptek I received for my Community Cryptek Project, this Cryptek was converted and painted by Dan from Rebel Wargaming. Dan is not only an awesome guy, but he is also a fantastic painter and I am very proud to have his Cryptek join my army. Dan is also available for commission work at very reasonable prices, so why not go and check out his Channel and see what he is currently up to...

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13 April 2013

Necron Void Dragon Conversion (part 4)

Nick speaking,

Continuing on with my Void Dragon conversion from the last post. I went in and extended the toes, cleaned up the inside of the cloak and added some shaping ridges ready for the cloak. The cloak section went really well which was helped with a lot of pre-planning and a template I made up before I set about the task. It is now looking a lot more like the picture I am basing it on, but I still have plenty of work to do...

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11 April 2013

Nid Bargain Box!

Nick speaking,

Sometimes a bargain comes past you that you just have to take up, so when I saw this box of Nids in my local gaming shop for just £20.00, my money was in the till right away...

So that gives me some Y-Stealers, eighteen Termagants to add to my spawn collection and three Warriors ready to convert up into Hive Guard. What a bargain :)
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9 April 2013

Community Cryptek Project - Introduction

Nick speaking,

It has been sometime since I received my Necron Cryptek painted up for me by my YouTube buddy Dunk, but ever since then I've had a little side project I've been wanting to do, sort of on the back burner as such. Basically, I thought it would be really, really cool if all the Crypteks in my army were all painted/converted by all my friends in the community, both on YouTube and here in the Blogosphere.

Now I know that this project may just sound like I am trying to get free models, but that is not the case, it is just something that I think would be very cool, and I am willing to buy the mini if needed. Having said that, I am currently in contact with several people on YouTube already, and it seems like there is a large proportion of very talented and generous people who would find pleasure in having a mini they did in my army, just like Dunk did...

The project is a little bit more involved than this alone, I would also like to build up a section on the Blog, where people can find loads of really cool Cryptek minis and conversions, after all, there is only one mini made by GW and there are five different Crypteks to choose from, with lots of different wargear options. So if you have any cool Cryptek conversion pictures of your minis, please feel free to email them to me or post a link below and I would be willing to do a shout out for you on the Blog.

Of course, if you wanted to convert and paint me up a Cryptek instead, I would not only be very happy and honoured to have him in my army, I would also do a YouTube video/Blog post with any links to your Channel/Blog as a little thank you. Here is an Introduction video to the project that I made, just in case you want to find out more...

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7 April 2013

Mech Grey Knight Tournament Report (day 2)

Rob speaking,

So, with two wins from day one, I was feeling very happy with the first days work, but if I wanted to finish in a good position at the end, I needed to win at least one game from two...

Game 4, Scouring Hammer and Anvil Deployment

I would be facing off against Blood Angels with Imperial Guard Allies, Reclusiarch Jump Pack and Power Maul, 10x Death Company with Bolters in Landraider Crusader, 2x 5 Assault marines meltaguns in Razorback with las/plas, and a Vindicator, Company Command with 2x Flamers, Platoon Command 2x Flamers, Chimera, Vendetta, 2x Platoons with Autocannons and a Manticore. The objectives where split pretty even, 3 on my side and 3 on my opponents. I won the roll for first turn and took it, upon revealing the objectives I have a 4,3,2 while my opponent has a 1,2,3.

The highlights of the game, basically all my rending shots did nothing turn 1 and 2, but I did take out a Razorback and the Vindicator turn 1 and 2, but a Strike squad was all but taken out (down to 2 guys) as was both Chimeras and a Razorback, the Manticore was bouncing everything off passing about 4 or 5 5+ cover saves from the Dreadnoughts. In the end I managed to immobilise the Landraider full of Death Company, then whittled them down to about 6, but then charged and took out the other 10 man Strike squad, but the Characters and reserves came in for the kill, finishing the Death company and Chaplain. In the meantime the Dreadknight came down and took out an infantry platoon with its flamer. In the end my opponent held his 3 objectives and I held my 3, despite a last ditch effort for the Vendetta which was shot down in my deployment zone.

30-1 win!

Game 5 Kill Points and Dawn of War Deployment

With no pressure last game, I had my 3 wins so was satisfied no matter the result, I was never going to win this game as my list has 18 KP's. I would be facing off against Dark Angels with Imperial Guard, Azreal, Libby on bike, Primaris psyker, 50x Blob with Autocannons, Power Axes and meltabombs, 2x 3 Bikes with 1x 2 Plasma, 1x 2 Melta, 5x Bikes with 2x Plasma, 1x 3 Bike Command with Banner of Dakka. 9 Kp's, I have 18 and most of them are squishy tanks/MSU infantry units.

Highlights of the game... Well I lost firstblood and the game went downhill from then on as my opponent hid all his bikes behind a massive hill in the centre, which left me with precious little to kill.. In the end the game was a none event as it was never close, after being about 4 KP's down after turn 1 and about 7 KP's after turn 2. The blob took out a tank per turn, then my infantry squads in combat with a LONG charge through cover (11”) turn 7. I lost 11/6 on KP's in the end. But the game was never close or even a contest really.

1-30 Loss! 

In the end I finished 25th out of 60, so dropped a good number of places last game, which was a shame, but I’m happy to have finished in the top half, with only 1 practice game before the tournament with the list and in my mind, it goes some way to show that mech lists can certainly compete at a top event.

My two loses were also against European Team Champion players (some of the best players in the country) and I certainly feel with a couple of tweaks to the list (dropping the 5 Strikes to make a 10 man Interceptor squad) I will have a list I’m FINALLY happy with after many, many months of playing and changing lists, trying to find that balanced list. As for my next tournament, I’m looking at 1 or 2 in May, June and July, so watch this space.  

Much more to come!
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5 April 2013

Necron Void Dragon Conversion (part 3)

Nick speaking,

I have been working on the leg section of my Void Dragon conversion recently, I think it's really starting to take shape now. Still have a lot of work to do, but this it what I have done so far...


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