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25 May 2013

Army List Clinic - Tyranid 1850pt Help

Rob speaking,

Thank you to everyone who has submitted their army lists to our Clinic, In today's post we will have a look at a 1850pt Tyranid list for a followers first 6th Edition game...
Email in:


Been following your blog for some time, and now my turn has come for 6 ed nids.....(1st 6 ed game also)

So can you help me?
For 1850 points I'm thinking

1 Flyrant with Twin linked Dev
Old adv.
Hive commander
Powers for fancy powers

Hive guard either 2x2 or 1x3

2 Tervigon with max powers for those fancy powers..Iron arm I think its called

10 termagants in spore with Dev
10 termagants in spore with Dev
15 or 20 homogaunts in spore for kicks

15-20 garg. to provide cover for for the Flyrant

3 Biovores

I feel I miss something to take up some firepower while the Flyrants get over the board, and the tervigons makes a kindergarden and hopefully doesn't spawn out.
Maybe trygon or two?
I haven't added points as I don't have my codex on me atm.

I got my hands on the same spores Nick has, even made some fancy critters out of the beasts inside :)
BUT...I have tried gluing them together....with 4 different kind of glue...
plastic glue, gel instant glue, instant glue and glue used for wood...
No now I tried with a 2 component epoxy glue...
Fingers crossed ;)

I was told by the glue guy that I may experience problems with painting the spore because of what its made off.

How did you do yours?

Hi there, thanks for taking the time to email the list clinic, here is the list with changes:

Tyrant – Wings, Hive Commander, Old Adversary 2x Devourers – 310
2x Hive Guard – 100
2x Hive Guard – 100
Doom in pod – 130
15 Termagants with Devourers, in spore pod – 190
15 Termagants with Devourers, in spore pod – 190
Tervigon – Catalist – 175
Tervigon – Catalist – 175
20 Gargoyles – Toxin sacs 140
Harpy – 160
2 Biovores – 90
2 Biovores – 90

Above is the list with similar units you’re using at present, so lets run through the changes:

Hive Guard – keeping them as 2x 2 over 1x 3 for tactical flexibility, Hive Guard are solid in 6th edition, so make a good choice.

Doom in pod – the doom is amazing, I would never leave home without one! They make a good choice for that distraction role you’re looking for. Don’t forget to swap out the Psychic power the doom comes with for the Telepathy Primaris power for double the psychic fun!

15 Termagants – much better than 10, not just the number of shots, but the durability, 10 can easily be removed, even in cover, but 15 make for a much more difficult task.

2 Tervigons with 2 powers each for biomancy fun!  

20 Gargoyles – again, great for that distraction roll, with toxin sacs to make them much better in combat which is where they excel!

Harpy – a good cheapish flying MC to go along with the Tyrant, more of a distraction, but still quite useful.

2x 2 Biovores – As they are barrage they are fantastic at sniping out special weapons/sergeants etc, I cannot rate these highly enough!

There you go, 1850pts

This list is a definite alpha strike army, with some solid scoring units backing up that alpha strike!

I’ve dropped the Hormagaunts, even if they are for fun, it’s no fun packing up models time after time without them doing anything. I’ve tried these myself, even 2 units of 20 landing, the squads will just be thinned so much before they can do any/much damage.

Gargoyles are great at providing cover/support for your army as it advances, but they are also great in combat when supporting a Tyrant or Harpy.

Nick Speaking,

Regarding the Spore Pods, I used super glue to glue mine together and it worked really well :) As for painting, just wash them with some nice hot soapy water first, then the primer will spray on with no trouble at all :D

Please feel free to comment with your thoughts on the list, and if you want to submit one of your army lists to us, you can do so here


  1. Trygons can be good too instead of the harpy, some biovores and the gargoyles maybe. Work best in pairs, and have the advantage that they can start in the table then either quickly redeploy or tunnel right up into your opponents face. Although the variant above is solid.

    Also, why do you need squads of 15 gaunts? Yes that's 5 more guys to kill, but really gaunts are easy to kill anyway if someone really wants to do so. Plus, considering they're in a pod, so I'm assuming either going to basically be sacrificial units, or are going to drop down on an exposed objective late game to ac as a placeholder, why put more points than necessary into them?

  2. Hi mate, thanks for the comment. I assume you mean Mawlocs rather than Trygons? I have two of them in my list, and tbh they hardly kill anything as they scatter a lot (well mine do lol)

    In my experience 15-20 Devilgants are what's needed to do any real damage when they drop, 45 shots on 15 of them is much more realiable than the 30 you would get from ten


  3. Yeah probably mean Mawlocs. Thing is it doesn't matter if they scatter or not if all they're doing is distracting ;). Better than flying some gargoyles across the board in some situations. Also even if you don't tunnel with them, there's always the potential that you might, which helps keep your opponent on their toes... Never a bad thing

    About the gaunts... What are they doing damage to? If its a squad of guardsmen or marines, they're stil, probably not going to kill them all even if you add on the extra 5 gaunts, although in terms of durability I agree with you - I just don't think they really need to be very durable if they're coming down in a pod :). Well otherwise, yeah, if you have the points I guess the more the merrier :), only thing is is if you're adding 5 gaunts to 2 squads wouldn't it be better to just add a whole new squad of 10?

  4. What are the spore models? Are they still available or are they OOP?

  5. You can find out about them here, but I think they are discontinued now, might find some on eBay though...


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