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7 August 2013

Necron Super Phalanx at 2k!

Nick speaking,

Time to move my 'Super Phalanx' list up to 2000 points. I have had a lot of success with the 1750 point version, but now that my buddies and I have moved up to 2000 points, I need to beef it up a little. With the tactics locked and loaded for the army, I don't feel like I really need to make too many changes to the list, but with the original list not having any Elite choices, I thought that would be a nice way to build up the list. Enter my recently painted and hardly used Triarch Stalker...

I think the Stalker will fit in the list quite well, as the army has a reasonable amount of AV13 already, and sort of making the rest of the army twined linked, sounds good to me. I know it will probably be a priority target, and that is why I have gone for the Heavy Gauss Cannon as the preferred weapon. The range of the gun will mean I can maybe hide it a bit at the back of the army or behind terrain, trying to get a good arc of fire. The extra range over the more popular Melta option, will also give me a much lacked long range gun for the list as well.

With one less Warrior, I have about one hundred points left over and an obvious second Elites choice, Deathmarks! I will move the Veiltek Cryptek from the Immortal squad in the Night Scythe, to join a unit of five Deathmarks, and the list is done...
Necron Super Phalanx (v1)

1 x Necron Overlord/Warscythe/MSS/Weave/Labyrinth/Orb/Phase (225)
Royal Court:
1 x Cryptek/Abyssal Staff/Veil of Darkness (60)
1 x Cryptek/Voltaic Staff/Lighting Field (35)

7 x Necron Immortals/Gauss/Night Scythe (219)
5 x Necron Warriors/Ghost Ark (180
5 x Necron Warriors/Ghost Ark (180)
5 x Necron Warriors (65)
17 x Necron Warriors (221)

5 x Deathmarks (95)
1 x Trarch Stalker/Heavy Gauss Cannon (165)

6 x Wraiths/6x Whip coils (270)

1 x Annihilation Barge (90)
1 x Annihilation Barge (90)

1x Aegis Defence Line/Quad Gun (100) 

1995 points

Battle reports to follow...

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  1. michaelgmartin247 August 2013 at 08:17

    Hi, Great site and videos!! The stalker is brilliant, looking at the composition of your list using it to target whatever your 17 footslogger unit are going to shoot at seems sensible. I quite like this list and may well give this list a play myself. Which unit do you veil around the board or is it for last turn objective snatching?
    Keep up the good work

  2. Hi, glad you like it, thanks for saying so. The Veil is there so that the Cryptek can deep strike in with the Deathmarks and use his staff on a marked unit :D

  3. Stalker is looking cracking, Nick.

    I would reduce the Immortals down to five and use those points to boost up the Warrior unit to 20 strong if possible. You certainly don't need the ADL with ABs, you could go triple ABs which are more effective and cheaper :)

  4. Thanks mate, always good to get your thoughts. I see where your coming from, but I only own two Barges. The ADL is there more for cover saves for the small Warrior group that hold my rear objective, the Quad gun is nice to have because of the long range, as well as the AA :D

  5. You shouldn't need the ADL for cover for Warriors if using the right amount of terrain ;) You can also keep them in reserve and let them walk on, that's 1-2 turns they are not being shot at. The range is nice on the quad gun along with skyfire, but a AB can move 12" and fire 24", it is twin-linked and every 6 gets 2 extra shots. You also get the arc off ability. This makes it awesome for anti air and you can get into range quickly. Only thing it lacks is interceptor over the quad gun. Subject: Re: New comment posted on IDICBeer 40k: Necron Super Phalanx at 2k!

  6. Most of our terrain is 5+, not usually much around with a 4+ save/2+ save, and I don't feel like the list is stretched by having it, and yeah Intercepter is nice. Glad you said about the Arc on the barges, I played my whole last game and forgot about it totally! lol Can't seem to get that rule into my head =)

  7. Go to ground in area terrain gives +2 to cover saves :)

    Subject: Re: New comment posted on IDICBeer 40k: Necron Super Phalanx at 2k!

  8. True, but my Necron Defence Line looks cool =)

  9. Yes, yes it does :)

    Subject: Re: New comment posted on IDICBeer 40k: Necron Super Phalanx at 2k!

  10. I like that troops heavy list and the paint job on the stalker is very nice mate

  11. CHEEEEESE! Cheese I say! And I say this as a necron player too :)

  12. Ha ha, no mate, it's just a solid Necron list ;)

  13. Not the list - the list is good. The old Abyssal-Staff-In-With-The-Deathmarks shenanigans. Shame on you! :P

  14. Well, after a few test games the unit just scatters too much, so I am planning on having that unit in the Scythe next time, is that cheesy enough for you ;) lol

  15. I pretty much always deliver my deathmarks by night scythe as i really need them to be in 12" to shoot twice but as a point of cybernetic pride I never ever EVER put a veiltek in with them.

    I normally have a lord with MSS and rezorb instead. His staff of light is useful at 12", the rezorb is there to help them survive the next turn's shooting and if they are charged (very likely) the MSS is there to accept the challenge if needed.

  16. Stalker looks great, nice paint job too.

  17. Just curious, is there a fluff reason why no cryptek+deathmarks? I don't know that much about necron background and like the sound of the combo.

  18. No fluff reason at all. But I don't think the game designers initially intended that the "wound on a 2+" was ever going to be paired with an AP2 weapon.

  19. But if that was the case, then why did they FAQ that Cryptek's can benifit from a Marked unit if they are joined?

  20. Because they are slackers. :)

    Look it is totally legal and not against the fluff. It is just something that I don't do. It's not just that ruling... it's the stacking of benefits with the night scythe. 5 deathmarks and a veiltek in a night scythe lets you deliver with pinpoint accuracy a unit that is going to devastate high value high armour enemy units with no chance for them to do anything back. There is not scatter, there is no cover save -there is very little they can do except take their licks. It would be different if you had to make a normal wound roll... then terminators or whatever would be wounded on a 4+ which is what balances the abystaff AP2. But once you have seen someone use 2 or 3 of these units to decapitate the main units in the opposing force (and ESPECIALLY if you have been on the receiving end) you will appreciate how irritating this is. This speaks to group dynamics though... if your local group has lots of WAAC players then sure.... go with the flow and look for every advantage. It's no fun to lose every game to netlist monkeys. My group is a lot more laid back and tend to try and make the game enjoyable for both sides. Even the one guy who really does like to go all out now and again (especially by using proxies) is actually quite laid back about it. He is an early adopter of netlists but discards them after a game or two because of peer censure.

  21. It's not that's worse, the stave is AP1! lol

    Fair play mate, I can see two or three units as cheesy, but not one. OK, they come down and will destroy a unit, but after that they will get shot out easily and die, especially the Cryptek, who will be placeed at the front to get the stave off.

    I see them as our Sternguard in a drop pod, they come in and kill a nasty unit, usually a big MC or something, and then get shot out the next turn.


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