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30 September 2013

HELP for HEROES 'Salamanders' SPOTLIGHT! RichterScale Termies

Nick speaking,

Time to show case another finished unit that will be included in our HELP for HEROES charity raffle. Tickets are now on sale at only £1.50 a ticket, so go and check out the official homepage to buy your tickets and to have a chance of winning these awesome Terminators, along with all the other fantastic units that will be in this massive army...

Terminators by RichterScaleStudios

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28 September 2013

Community Cryptek Project - Nerdopolis Prime

Nick speaking,

Another Community Cryptek for you today, and this time I have received a Stormtek conversion, built and painted by my buddy and fellow Legion of Gamza member Nerdopolis Prime. I think he has done a fantastic job on this guy, and I feel that he has captured my Stormtek request really well. Thank you Poku, I am very happy with him. Please go and check out his YouTube Chnnel and see what else he is doing...

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26 September 2013

HELP for HEROES 'Salamanders' Dread (part 4)

Nick speaking,

Time to put some paint on my Dreadnought for the HELP for HEROES 'Salamanders' charity army that we are raffling off. Don't forget to buy your tickets here to have a chance of winning, if you haven't done so already. I started by painting my Dread with several thin layers of Warpstone Glow over my pre-shaded work. It was at this stage that I realised the vents on his back seemed to be a bit 'plain' as such, which I can only assume is down to it being an Assault on Black Reach model...

After a quick scout around I managed to find some plastic tubing I had left over from a Laser Cut Card product, so I cut two pieces of that up and bevelled off the edges to make two vents and glued them on. Then I went over all the metal work with watered down coats of Boltgun Metal and Shining Gold, and based up a few of the other details. Now I am ready to wash and highlight...

Still plenty to do, so keep watching...
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24 September 2013

Genestealer Battle Report

Nick speaking,

I have been thinking about Genestealers for a while now, and I have played a unit here and there for some fun. So when I got a chance to play my son not so long ago, I thought I would give a big Stealer list a go and see what I can do with them. With the plan being to infiltrate all the Stealers upfront, I would need a distraction unit to go with them, so I chose a Flyrant as my Warlord and then two units of Y-Stealers to keep the theme going. Three Zoanthropes in a pod for some anti tank and a large unit of Hormagaunts to flank, thanks to the Flyrants Hive Commander, just for fun...


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22 September 2013

HELP for HEROES 'Salamander' SPOTLIGHT! Vanhammer Dread

Nick speaking,

Time to show case another finished unit that will be included in our HELP for HEROES charity raffle. Tickets are now on sale at only £1.50 a ticket, so go and check out the official homepage to buy your tickets and to have a chance of winning this awesome Dread with magnetised gun options, along with all the other fantastic units that will be in this massive army...

Dreadnought by Vanhammer

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20 September 2013

Forge World Avatar Painting Challenge (part 5)

Nick speaking,

With all the lava now painted, it's time to move to the details. I started off basing the purple and golds and then moved straight onto the spear. Considering I don't own an air brush, I was very happy with the result on the spear and he is really taking shape now. Next will be to highlight the purple and do the gemstones...

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18 September 2013

WIN AN ARMY! HELP for HEROES 'Salamanders' Tickets on Sale Now!

Nick speaking,

So, just in case you are not aware, I am helping to oversee a team of forty very talented wargamers from the YouTube community, to give you a chance to win a fantastic Salamanders army, all built up and painted. All the proceeds from this project will go towards the HELP for HEROES charity, which I am sure you will all agree, is a very worthwhile cause...

The army is not yet complete, but all the wargamers involved in the project are working as hard as they can to make the army look as amazing as we can get it. Not only that, but the list of units in the army is still increasing, and it will also feature a 'SURPRISE' Forge World model!

Tickets now on sale!

To have a chance of winning this awesome army, just visit the HELP for HEROES 'Salamanders' Official Home Page here on my Blog. The tickets are now available to buy at a cost of £1.50 GBP each and all the money made from the raffle will go to the HELP for HEROES charity. The raffle is a worldwide event and postage of the final army will be free to the winner. Sadly, we are unable to cover any addition charges that may occur, such as import tax etc. The final Draw date is still being finalised, but we will announced the draw details in the near future.

This is a list of all the models in the army so far, which as I said, is still expanding as I speak! 

Aegis Defence Line x1
Assault Squad x2
Bastion (scratch built) x1
Captain x2
Chaplain x1
Command Squad x1
Devastator Squad x1
Dreadnought x4
Drop Pod x2
Honour Guard x1
Jet Bike Squad x1
Land Raider x3
Land Speeder Storm x1
Librarian x1
Librarian Terminator x1
Master of the Forge x1
Objective Marker Set x1
Predator x1
Prime Vulcan x1
Razorback x3
Rhino x5
Salamander Riders x1
Scout Sniper Squad x1
Scout Squad w/Heavy Bolter x1
Second Company Captain x1
Sergeant or Hero x1
Storm Talon x1
Striker/Hunter tank x1
Surprise Forge World Model x1
Tactical Squad x7
Techmarine x2
Terminator Squad x3
Thunderfire Cannon w/Techmarine x1
Vanguard Veteran Squad x1
Vindicator x2
Whirlwind x1

Good Luck Everyone! 

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16 September 2013

New Laser Cut Necron Objectives Painted

Nick speaking,

An update from my previous post, where I reviewed the brand new double sided, Laser Cut Card 'Cyborg' Objectives, and here they are all painted up. I am sure you will agree that not only do they look awesome, they work really well as objective markers for any of the standard 40k missions, including Mysterious Objectives...

Oh, and by the way, Laser Cut Card also make Ork versions of these little beauties...

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14 September 2013

HELP for HEROES 'Salamanders' Dread (part 3)

Nick speaking,

With the pose all sorted on the Dread I am doing for the HELP for HEROES 'Salamanders' charity army. It's now time to go in with some green stuff and do some scales and flames. I have actually used 'grey stuff', but it is essentially the same. Here is the results of the work I did on the scales, which I made a tutorial of here, if your interested...

Next I started work on the flames, here is a picture of the flames on the top of the arm, which I extended down to the wrist section as well. Again, I did a tutorial of the flame work here, if your interested...

Here is the final work all completed, with the Dread glued onto his base ready for painting. I hope you like him...


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12 September 2013

New Necron/Ork Laser Cut Objectives Review

Nick speaking,

I know I have reviewed some Laser Cut Card Cyborg Objectives in the past, and they were very nice indeed, but those have now been updated, and the new ones look even better. The old objectives were fine for working out the values of each one, but had an issue marking them as mysterious, and this is where the new ones come into their own! So, lets have a look and see what they are all about...

As usual with all the Laser Cut Card products, they are really easy to make. There are three strong cardboard disks that all glue together, and just a couple of glyph circles. I would recommend superglue myself, as it dries quick and soaks into the cardboard making them even stronger.

Once built, you can easily see how you can use them for all of the standard 6th edition 40k missions...

Mysterious objectives...

Numbered Objectives...

See them all painted up in the next post, but as the titles of this post suggested, these little gems are not just available for Cyborgs! Check out these brand new awesome Ork Objects too...

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10 September 2013

Forge World Avatar Painting Challenge (part 4)

Nick speaking,

Continuing on with painting my Avatar, and I have now finished the lava effects all over the mini. Once I had done all the blending as discussed in the previous post, I did some white spot highlights on the yellow recesses. Still lots more to do, but it's getting there now...

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